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Monday, January 14, 2013

A Three Meal Birthday Celebration!

This past Saturday was Jason's birthday (one more year until a "big" one!!).  We had planned a nice dinner out, but one birthday meal turned into 3!  It's all good.  We don't eat out often and all the meals were thoroughly enjoyed.  It all started with lunch on Saturday.  Sarah was in a volleyball tournament and we had gone to watch one of her games, which wound up starting abut a 1/2 hour late.  This got us to the mall to have Noah's skates sharpened for an afternoon game over the lunch hour.  While we waited for the skates we hit up Thai Express for some shrimp Pad Thai:
Pad Thai has got to be in the top 5 of my favourite meals to eat.  I just love the stuff!  Noah didn't finish all his so guess what I ate for lunch today?  ;)

After a hockey game and some more volleyball....Sarah's school was the only elementary one out of 10 and they placed second in the tourney!!!....Jason and I made our way to Milestone's for a nice, quiet, AKA no kids fighting, meal out.  First up was a much needed peach Bellini:
It was bigger than that, but I realized too late that the flash ruined the first photo.  Can I just say that Bellini's are da bomb??  Milestone's has a small gluten free menu from which I usually order the salad with a salmon fillet.  This time I tried the Mediterranean chicken...
 It was stuffed with goat cheese and served with chickpeas, cherry tomatoes and bok choy.  I was a fan!  And gluten free options meant I ordered some delicious DESSERT!!
Chocolate Ganache Torte with a pecan crust and caramel sauce.  Silky, smooth, decadent....everything you could want in a dessert!  Jason had steak, shrimp, mashed potatoes, mushrooms and his birthday dessert, vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate wafer cookies:

His sparkler went out before I could snap a picture!  LOL  We basically went home and flopped on the couch afterwards!  We were up and at'er early Sunday morning for Noah's soccer practice.  No sleeping in for us!!  Seeing as the kids "missed" dinner, Noah decided that we should all go out for breakfast.  So here we have meal #3!
I munched away on a 3 egg mushroom & Swiss cheese omelette.  I traded most of my potatoes for more grilled tomatoes.....I like those much better!

So there you have our 3 birthday meals!  And just as a side note; my crack is back!
Bye for now!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Camera Randomness

Good morning!  Is everyone enjoying the weekend thus far?  This is a 3 day weekend for us thanks to Monday being family day!  Looking forward to NO alarm tomorrow morning.  LOL  Anyways, the kids are busy watching movies this morning so I decided it was high time to clean up the pictures that have been lingering on my camera.  Thought I’d share a few with you!
First, last Friday we went to Casey’s for dinner and I was (happily) surprised to see that they now have a gluten free menu!  I haven’t had pasta in a restaurant for ages so I dove right into a bowl of Jambalaya with corn penne.  The flash went off when I took the picture so I took another of the leftovers that I ate for lunch yesterday:IMG_6799  Nicely done!  I also enjoyed a PB ice cream/brownie “mini” dessert.IMG_6798 I’m not a fan of whipped cream so that went to Jason’s dessert, but I was all over the brownies!!  YUM!
Speaking of pasta, I’ve collected a few noodle-y meals on the ole camera:IMG_6595 IMG_5618 The above was from a bit ago, but I remember it because I had made a wicked seafood sauce!
IMG_5674 IMG_6192 ^^^Pad Thai; also from Casey’s back in the summer…^^^
IMG_6356 ^^^Rice noodles with homemade clam sauce^^^
IMG_6591  ^^^Rice pasta bakes with ground turkey, spinach and provolone cheese.
I’ve also seem to have collected many breakfast pictures over the last few months: IMG_0443 IMG_5499 IMG_5665 IMG_5676 IMG_5891 IMG_6276 IMG_6283 IMG_6323 IMG_6336 And eggs!  I seem to eat more eggs than I thought!  I’m a little quirky with my eggs in that I really don’t like them for breakfast.  I mainly eat them for lunch or, on occasion, for a quick dinner. IMG_0355 IMG_5752 IMG_5813  IMG_6222
Here’s a coupla kitten pictures!IMG_6793 IMG_6800 What a face!!   :)  I think I’ll leave the photos at that.  There’s plenty more, but I’d like to get them in some sort of order for a proper post!  :)
Before I go I wan tot remind you to check out the House of Tsang giveaway I’m hosting.  There’s still time to enter!!
Bye for now!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Back in Action...

Oh my goodness friends, it's been a while!  When I posted last Noah was home sick with the flu.  That stuck with the poor kid for 2 days.  Then Sarah got it, then I got it. times were NOT had!  We all seem to be back on track now, though.  Needless to say, my meal plan pretty much went out the window last week. So did hockey games, dance class and Zumba.  Eeek!  Looking through the photos on my camera I seem to have some from last week and all from the week before so this will be a bit of a hodge podge post.  So 2 weeks past the plan looked like this:
Turkey sausage, sautéed red peppers, green beans and millet.....
Roasted turkey breast, peas, polenta ans some smoky peach chipotle dipping sauce......
Lasagna, for the fam.  I had eggs on toast with mortadella.....
Thursday was pork chops, corn and basmati rice.....
And Friday was baked salmon fillets with broccoli and quinoa...
Pretty good week!  I've got to admit, I don't eat pork chops much and Thursday's dinner reminded me why.  I just don't like them!!  Guess I thought I'd give them another shot, but I won't be eating them again any time soon.

I don't even remember what last week was suppose to look like!  Here's what I got pictures of:
Noah had an out of town hockey game on Tuesday and I always try to get some sort of pasta into him before a game.  This is brown rice pasta which is always what I prepare for myself.
Whoa....dark photo!  This was Wednesday's dinner, which we ate late.  Well, 7pm is late for us!  We were out for this again...

 ....but over my lunch hour I put chicken thighs, sliced mushrooms, 2 chopped red bell peppers and a can of tomato sauce in the crock pot on low.  When we got back the kids ate theirs over leftover pasta while Jason and I had ours over quinoa.  It tasted SO much better than it looks!  I'm certain we had turkey sausage again on Thursday, but there doesn't seem to be any photo evidence!  Friday we decided to go out to dinner, but my camera was sitting pretty on the dining room table.  DOH!

I got some cool mail last week, too!  First up we have some Method dish and hand soap:
I haven't tried either yet, but I can't wait to get them started.  Method is one of my favourite brands of hand soap and I'm eager to try the dish soap.  These have seasonal scents, too!  Frosted Fir and Candy Cane!   Thank You, Method!!!  I also received my FREE Gevalia coffee for our Tassimo.

Somehow I managed to get to their Facebook Page before supplies were out! Too bad I'm blogging from Blogger right now and can't figure out how to rotate this picture!!!  Anyhow, this coffee is STRONG, but good.  I'll definitely buy more when I run out.

So, I think that's all I've got for now.  As always, you can check my meal plan out on my Facebook Page.....What's your favourite meal been this past month?  Or is it something that you will be eating over Thanksgiving?

Bye for now!!