Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Life Update

Hello!  I hope the weather has taken a turn for the better where you are because here it’s still quite chilly.  The sun has been shining, but the temps don’t seem to want to move in the right direction!  Sheesh!  April 9 will see DS’s first outdoor soccer game of the season so I hope it warms up by then. IMG_5411 That’s him and a teammate before one of their (indoor) soccer games a few weeks ago.  :) 
This past week has been more low key than what we’re used to and I’m loving it!  I’ve been able to take a little extra time preparing meals which I feel I’ve really been lacking in this winter.  I’ve still be enjoying oats for breakfast for the most part, but there has been some French toast and toast & eggs in the mix, as well:IMG_5370 IMG_5374 Lunches have been all over the place.  There’ve been salads:IMG_5508 IMG_5500 IMG_5519 sandwiches…IMG_5489 IMG_5400 IMG_5448 IMG_5336 and random items;IMG_5510 IMG_5353 IMG_5397 IMG_5477 I’m starting to get salad cravings more often now which is a good indicator to me that summer has got to be around the bend!  This new mango chipotle dressing from Kraft has been going down real smooth, too!IMG_5493 My hubby and I grabbed our first DQ Blizzards of the year yesterday as an after lunch treat.  Yum!  I went with my fave; a mini caramel pecan cluster:IMG_5511 We’ve been working at some home improvements, too.  Today  our new dining room set arrived so I’ll start with those pictures.  BEFORE:IMG_5487 IMG_5486  Pretty bare, eh???  AFTER:IMG_5521  IMG_5527    IMG_5523 IMG_5524  
I also bought (and my hubby installed) new curtains for the sliding glass doors in our dining room.  The before shot I’m going to show you is actually my front window, but it looks very similar to the back one; very traditional:IMG_5498 And here is the new, updated look.
I tired to get the whole window, but the sun was too bright behind it so I did each panel separate.  I still have to take them down and iron them.  Not something I’m looking forward to!!  LOL   We also bought (and hubby installed) shelving for our very disorganized kitchen pantry.  BEFORE:
WHAT A MESS!  There was a huge improvement in the space once the shelves were up and everything was put back it.IMG_5483
***sigh***  So, so much better!  Now I can see (and find) what I’m looking for instead of rooting through piles of stuff.  The last bit of “work” we did was to paint an old dresser that use to be in DS’s room when he was a baby.  It’s now in our computer room and holds items such as blankets, extra pillows, clothes the kids have out grown, etc.  I decided to paint it chocolate brown and add some simple silver hardware to finish it off.  Not professional by any means, but it looks so much better and is no longer a big, white eye sore! 
IMG_4293 IMG_5222 And that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to lately! :)  Well, I think that’s all for now.  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!
Bye for now!!


  1. Love those DQ Blizzards :)

    Love your home as well!

  2. Lots of yummy eats! Those shrimpy spring rolls and the pizza both look fabulous! I also always love a good salad. mango chipotle? I need to find this goodness. Your new dinning room table and the curtains are gorgeous. We're just starting to decorate the baby's room...I am NOT a decorator ;) Hope you enjoy the weekend and I hope it heats up

  3. Love all those sandwiches and that curtain, so pretty!

  4. such a great variety of eats! i wish mine looked that nice!

    i love the new dining set!!! the color is gorgeous!

  5. Great job on getting organized...send me some motivation!

  6. I agree with Veggie Girl above, Blizzards are AWESOME! It's been so long since I've had one, I think I may have to change that.

    Your new dining room furniture looks amazing. I love that dark wood color. I also really like your chandelier. We are in the market for a linen chandelier, which our decorator said would work well in our small dining room.

    Have a happy Sunday!

  7. All of your dishes look lovely and veggie-full and the improvements look great! :)

  8. Love the new table! It really brings the room together nicely. I've really been wanting to do some renovating to my house as if you'd like to make a trip all the way to AL I'll be happy to let you help. ;)

  9. love your after shots! lol...good luck with ironing the curtains though! sounds like a big job!

  10. Love all the home improvements! I'm glad I read your post before breakfast because now I want eggs! :)

  11. Hi love!!! Miss u!!!!

    I love the eats! those summer rolls are amazing, I think that is what they are called , right?! I love the peanut sauce you get to dip them in too! So yum!

    Hope DS has a great first outdoor soccer game this wknd!!! I love all the new house updates too! The table is pretty!!

    katie xoxo

  12. Glad things have been slowing down a bit for you!

    I love all your home improvement projects! Everything looks great!

  13. Your dining room looks fabulous! Love it! :) I hope it warms up soon too! It snowed here AGAIN today... :/ Blah!!

  14. Wow, new furnitures, that's really amazing! :) Anyway, I'm really curious about that shrimp roll you've got there. :) I like shrimps and how I wish I can have the recipe! :D

  15. Sounds like you've been one busy lady! And I know what your talking about not being able to cook meals and sit down to eat appreciate it more when you finally can again I think!
    And that mango dressing sounds amazing..I wonder if they have it in the states!

  16. Wow lots of delicious eats! That dressing looks beyond amazing! I am definitely going to have to watch out for it here.



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