Monday, May 31, 2010

Back To Our Normal

Oooh-eee! It’s been a scorcher out there today! Its suppose to storm later on, though. As much as I love the heat we really do need some rain. Everything is SO dry and this will make my plants happy. We’re back to our regular routine at the Krista’s Kravings household with my hubby back to work from a week’s vacation and the craziness of the ball hockey tournament behind us. It truly amazes me how utterly exhausted we were last night. I’m still feeling the effects today! LOL! DS, on the other hand, was wide awake when I went to bed at 10pm. He informed me that he still had enough energy for 5 more ball hockey games. WHAT? I need to bottle his energy and sell it. I’d be rich fast.

I hunkered down with my oats before going to work this morning:IMG_1884
-2/3 cup water
-1/3 cup Quaker oats
-hazelnut pieces
-coconut butterIMG_1883
My day at work was spent doing data entry. What a drag, but at least the time skipped along nicely. I packed my gym stuff but just didn’t have it in me to go today. Besides, a co worker brought me some perennials that I wanted to get home and watered before they died. Good excuse, right? I did eat my fruit cup from yesterday before heading out to save the plants! **giggle**
This was a pretty decent mix with the usual suspects; strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, kiwi, grapes, blueberries and honey dew.


Lunch was a big, fresh salad with spring mix, tomato, red pepper, chickpeas, cheese and blueberry acai dressing:IMG_1886
Then, later in the afternoon, I ate a coconut almond Kind bar:IMG_1887
We’ve been eating dinner out on the deck most nights, but tonight was extra pleasant because it was overcast and there was a nice breeze. We had spinach and feta turkey sausages, steamed green cauliflower and the fam also had mac n’ cheese. I dipped my cauliflower into some hummus.IMG_1889
Dessert was the very last coconut carob pecan oatmeal bar.IMG_1890

I dropped DD off at her last dance class for the year after dinner. Her recital is next week and I can’t wait! She LOVES the spotlight and always has a huge smile on her face for the whole performance. I usually take a video at her dress rehearsal and I’m hopping to be able to post it this year. I also got the grocery shopping done…finally. When I got home I munched on a few of these… IMG_1888

That’s a sneak peek of a product review that I’m working on. I’m hoping to have that post up over the weekend. I have to go to Toronto for a workshop for my job tomorrow which means I’ll be leaving earlier than usual. So for now I’m going to kick back with some Law & Order: SUV and a decaf. Hope you’re enjoying a relaxing evening!

Bye for now!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trillium Cup Champions!!!

Holy smokes! What a weekend!! DS had 2 ball hockey games yesterday and 2 today, but the won the championship so it was 100% worth it! The semi final game went into double O/T and then into a shoot out…..heart stopping, I tell ya! Here’s the boy with his coach after receiving the medal. You can see the cup in the background, too:IMG_1871

Back tracking to yesterday, I made a trip to the market Saturday morning so had a fast breakfast: IMG_1848

A toasted Ezekiel muffin with almond butter on one half, chocolate coconut spread on the other. At the market I bought strawberries, cherries and asparagus. IMG_1849

Vegan cookies: IMG_1850

And pineapple coconut granola! IMG_1851

We had a few hours between the games so we came back home. I made myself a smoothie for lunch with kefir, peaches and blueberries.


Then I enjoyed on of the vegan cookies called “Mountain Man”. IMG_1854

This was full of apricots, raisins, ginger,coconut…YUM!! The 2nd game was over the dinner hour so afterwards we stopped at Subway for a quick dinner. I decided on 6” sweet onion teriyaki on WW with lots of veggies:

IMAG0023 (1)

Sorry about the pic….it was taken with my cell. Dessert was a little coconut treat I picked up for myself:IMG_1855 IMG_1856

I was a little disappointed with this! Considering it’s pretty much just coconut, it sure didn’t taste very coconutty. :(

My meals today were on the scattered side with both of the games over “meal” times. While I was in the shower DS decided to make me a bowl of Wildroots cereal for breakfast: IMG_1857

I only ended up getting through half of it before it was too soggy for me. :)

Game #1 was intense to say the least. Seeing as it went into OT & a shoot out, we had only a half hour to grab lunch and get to game #2 about 20 minutes away. I suggested we head to Sobey’s to get some pre made food rather than hitting a drive thru. We each chose a yogurt parfait (mine was raspberry) IMG_1860

And fruit. I had an unpictured piece of watermelon, but didn’t end up being hungry enough for my fruit cup so you’ll be seeing that tomorrow. HA! We won the championship game 3-2 with DS scoring the third goal! It was CRAZY!!!! I got a shot of the boys hoisting the Stanley Trillium Cup:IMG_1878

That’s DS there giving me the stink eye. LOL! They all got those hats and medals, too. IMG_1872

Before leaving the town we were in a bunch of us stopped by McDonald’s for sundae’s. The boys certainly deserved a cold treat after playing 5 sweltering games in 2 1/2 days! I had strawberry!


We weren’t particularly hungry for dinner so BIG salad’s is what we ended up going with. My consisted of mixed greens, tomato, red pepper, 2 Yves veggie dogs cheese and ginger wasabi dressing;IMG_1881

Dessert was a caramel cherry vegan cookie from the market. IMG_1882

I’m pretty beat out, but HAD to get my veggies planted before they died in their tiny pots! DS helped me get them in the ground and then my Dad popped by and helped me build a few “trenches” because my garden is on a slope so when I water it just runs down to the bottom. This helped the water pool around the plants so they could have a much needed drink. I’ll get some pictures of everything tomorrow for you.

It’s time for me to get things ready for the morning and then put my feet up and RELAX. It’s been a fabulous weekend, but I’m done for. For those of you with a long weekend, I hope you’re enjoying every minute of it. And if you have to work tomorrow like me, here’s to hoping the day goes quick! lol!!!

Bye for now!

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Hot Rink

Yesterday was such a busy day that I decided to stay unplugged when I got home at 9pm. I sat out on my deck taking in the gorgeous night we were having instead. The day started off with a bowl of Wildroots cereal:IMG_1807
Since it’s been so hot this week (which I love), I haven’t really been feeling like eating much at all. Funny how the weather can affect one’s appetite. I’d much rather be outside than in the kitchen making big meals.

We had a meeting at work which sucked up the whole morning. It was a productive meeting, though, so it was well worth the time. Summer vacation and hours have been sorted out, schedules have been set. We’re good to go! Starting July 5 through to Aug 27 I’ll be working 30hrs/wk (as opposed to 35) and taking Monday’s off. Nice! I ate this blueberry muffin bar before going to the gym:IMG_1808
Didn’t taste like a muffin at all, but it was OK.

I decided on a programmed interval “course” on the treadmill yesterday. It actually worked out great! Each interval was about 2mins long and flipped between running at 6mph with a 5% incline and walking at 4mph with a 7% incline. I felt sufficiently sweaty when I was done and my ankles didn’t bother me at all so I think this is on that I’ll be putting in my workout rotation.

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 153
Max Hr: 172
Calories Torched: 432
Distance: 3.5 miles

Lunch was the last of the wheatberry salad I made Wednesday stuffed into a WW pita.IMG_1809
And a pack of almonds because I was still hungry!!IMG_1810 And there was pineapple, too!IMG_1811

Dinner was fast, cool and easy! We had to leave the house by 5:30 to pick up our Jeep from the mechanic (needed an oil change) and get DS to his soccer game. I mixed a can of water packed tuna with some salad, sprinkled it with a bit of grated cheese and used multi grain chips to scoop it all up.IMG_1826
I found a coconut carob pecan oatmeal bar in the fridge for my sweet end:IMG_1827 Soccer was a blast! DS just has SO much fun playing, even in the 30* heat. He did down a mega bottle of Gatorade, though. Gotta keep him hydrated. I didn’t get any good photos this time around, but I’ll be sure to do a better job of it next week so I can post some. I was hungry by the time we arrived home as it had been 4 hours since my smallish dinner. No picture, but I did eat a Dr. Kracker flatbread slathered with almond butter.IMG_1806

I finally got back into the mood for oats this morning! It’s been like, 4 days. LOL! I decided to make my dark chocolate cherry mocha oats:IMG_1830 IMG_1828
I figure go big or go home, right? And I loved every second that this bowl lasted. YUM!

Work was busy, busy again so lunch snuck up on me. Not so fast that I didn’t have time to enjoy a WCMN Clif bar before going to the gym!IMG_1831
I stuck to my 4mph, 7% incline walk today….AND I caught the new video for a song featured on the Eclipse movie (Twilight) so I got me some Edward, too. Nice!

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 152
Max Hr: 167
Calories Torched: 418
Distance: 3.2 miles

Lunch was a refreshing salad made with romaine, red bell pepper, cucumber, cheese, the last of the tuna/salsa mixture and blueberry acai salad dressing:IMG_1832

DS is in a ball hockey tournament this weekend in the next town over so we had to leave the house by 5pm to get there on time. My hubby made a beer butt chicken on the BBQ so we had an early dinner before the game. I toasted an English muffin, spread some blackberry jam on it, topped it with chicken breast and goat cheese and dug in!IMG_1833

The game went well. We tied 3-3. The only issue was the fact that the rink had NO air conditioning in it! It was more like a sauna in there. Here’s me and DD looking hot just sitting there:IMG_1846 IMG_1844

We weren’t near as hot as DS, though! Here he is right after the game:IMG_1847

They play at the same rink again tomorrow at noon. I hope they’ve done something about the temperature in there! I’m going to unplug now and grab a bowl of cereal. Dinner was long ago! I’ll leave you with a few shots from the game. IMG_1838 IMG_1843 IMG_1840 IMG_1841

Bye for now!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Puppy Love

Today was a much better day than yesterday was! I drank loads of water last night, put my feet up and had a solid sleep. Although I was sad to miss Pilates, looking back on it today I know it was absolutely the right decision. It was steamy here again today which is the type of weather I thrive on. Give me a fire anytime! I get cranky when I’m cold! I had a refreshing breakfast of goat’s milk yogurt, Crofters blueberry superfruit jam, wheatberries (which I cooked up last night) and fresh blueberries:IMG_1786
My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach because I couldn’t finish it all!

My hubby is on vacation this week so it’s extra hard to come into work. On the flip side, he did finish painting the bathroom yesterday! I just have to buy a new window covering, shower curtain and some art work this weekend and then I’ll post a picture. Let’s just say that I totally LOVE the shade of blue that I picked! YAY!

I deliberately ate my chocolate raspberry Luna bar slowly today so I could savour eat bite. This flavour is second only to chocolate peppermint stick! ;) IMG_1787

I had a nice elliptical workout today. Young Pup was in there again so we chatted it up for a good half hour which helped pass the time. I don’t know how that boy can run at a good clip and talk at the same time. Must be his youth!! ;)

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 159
Max Hr: 180
Calories Torched: 459
Distance: 5 miles

I’m a very visual person so I always keep track of time spent being active….be it in the gym or the garden. Having my activity on paper makes it seem more “real” somehow. Yes, I’m a dork. Here’s an example of how I track:IMG_1791
It’s basically the same as what I post on the blog. Do you track your workouts? If so, why?

Lunch was a great little salad I whipped up last night:IMG_1789
Wheatberries, red bell pepper, avocado, Yves Veggie dog, white balsamic vinegar, S&P. This had great flavour, great textures…an all around winner!

I also snacked on some chocolate covered powerberries throughout the day:IMG_1788
I’m pretty sure the bag won’t last long. They’re just like Welch’s fruit snacks covered in chocolate. YUM! I also ate some grapes.IMG_1792

Dinner was a massive salad with spinach, yellow bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, goat cheese and falafels(which were cut in half).IMG_1795

This is the dressing I used.IMG_1793

There was also some grilled asparagus, fresh from the organic farm just outside of town,IMG_1794

The fam had tacos and when all the shells were gone DS decided to make himself a “taco” salad that he wanted me to take a picture of.IMG_1797

After dinner DD and I went to the nursery to buy my veggie plants and some potting soil. While we were there we had the pleasure of playing with this lovely lady!IMG_1798

She’s a precious 4 weeks old and we could’ve stayed with her for hours! Here she is with DD:IMG_1799

Wonder if I can talk my hubby into one? LOL! When we got back I had a little bit of dessert. My hubby bought me some Skinny Cow fudge bars which ended up being the perfect treat on a hot day.IMG_1800 What did I do while I ate this? Observed DS watering the plants for me! IMG_1805 IMG_1802 IMG_1803

Child labour right there!!! :)

Bye for now!!