Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Puppy Love

Today was a much better day than yesterday was! I drank loads of water last night, put my feet up and had a solid sleep. Although I was sad to miss Pilates, looking back on it today I know it was absolutely the right decision. It was steamy here again today which is the type of weather I thrive on. Give me a fire anytime! I get cranky when I’m cold! I had a refreshing breakfast of goat’s milk yogurt, Crofters blueberry superfruit jam, wheatberries (which I cooked up last night) and fresh blueberries:IMG_1786
My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach because I couldn’t finish it all!

My hubby is on vacation this week so it’s extra hard to come into work. On the flip side, he did finish painting the bathroom yesterday! I just have to buy a new window covering, shower curtain and some art work this weekend and then I’ll post a picture. Let’s just say that I totally LOVE the shade of blue that I picked! YAY!

I deliberately ate my chocolate raspberry Luna bar slowly today so I could savour eat bite. This flavour is second only to chocolate peppermint stick! ;) IMG_1787

I had a nice elliptical workout today. Young Pup was in there again so we chatted it up for a good half hour which helped pass the time. I don’t know how that boy can run at a good clip and talk at the same time. Must be his youth!! ;)

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 159
Max Hr: 180
Calories Torched: 459
Distance: 5 miles

I’m a very visual person so I always keep track of time spent being active….be it in the gym or the garden. Having my activity on paper makes it seem more “real” somehow. Yes, I’m a dork. Here’s an example of how I track:IMG_1791
It’s basically the same as what I post on the blog. Do you track your workouts? If so, why?

Lunch was a great little salad I whipped up last night:IMG_1789
Wheatberries, red bell pepper, avocado, Yves Veggie dog, white balsamic vinegar, S&P. This had great flavour, great textures…an all around winner!

I also snacked on some chocolate covered powerberries throughout the day:IMG_1788
I’m pretty sure the bag won’t last long. They’re just like Welch’s fruit snacks covered in chocolate. YUM! I also ate some grapes.IMG_1792

Dinner was a massive salad with spinach, yellow bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, goat cheese and falafels(which were cut in half).IMG_1795

This is the dressing I used.IMG_1793

There was also some grilled asparagus, fresh from the organic farm just outside of town,IMG_1794

The fam had tacos and when all the shells were gone DS decided to make himself a “taco” salad that he wanted me to take a picture of.IMG_1797

After dinner DD and I went to the nursery to buy my veggie plants and some potting soil. While we were there we had the pleasure of playing with this lovely lady!IMG_1798

She’s a precious 4 weeks old and we could’ve stayed with her for hours! Here she is with DD:IMG_1799

Wonder if I can talk my hubby into one? LOL! When we got back I had a little bit of dessert. My hubby bought me some Skinny Cow fudge bars which ended up being the perfect treat on a hot day.IMG_1800 What did I do while I ate this? Observed DS watering the plants for me! IMG_1805 IMG_1802 IMG_1803

Child labour right there!!! :)

Bye for now!!


  1. awww the puppy is so cute!!!!! How precious!
    Can't wait to see the pictures of your bathroom!

    I used to track my workouts..but I get pretty obsessed with it and figured that wasn't very healthy for my recovery lol... But it's a great tool for most people!

  2. haha i try to eat my Luna bars slowly too! i love to savor every bite but it's sooo hard to not devour them!

  3. the moment i pick up a gorgeous tiny doggie i become so attached hehe.. awe love it <3

    u make somany great meals that are full of delicious veggies.. im all over that yves one right now- yum!

    yogurt fills me up so much! im getting used to the taste of the greek one i didnt like before.. but its crazy.. i have about 3/4 a cup and i can barely finish the rest!

  4. You're absolutely right... the Chocolate Peppermint Luna bar is AMAZIIING!!! I have a slight peppermint-flavor obsession : P

  5. omg the puppy i so cute! i have been wanting one now that i'm more in one spot..too bad i'm gone for like, 10 hrs plus a day!

    and i am right here with you about that raspberry luna bar...totally awesome right after the peppermint!!!

  6. I am so glad I'm not in the heat wave you all are in. I hate being hot like that. I'd rather be cold, because I hate sweating for no reason.

  7. Those chocolate-covered powerberries sound amazing, and I'm not even the biggest chocolate fan! Love Skinny Cow products!!

  8. We've been joking about the free labour we'll have in the future due to our children...LOL!
    I keep a paper food journal, write down everything I eat, even when I'm not blogging it. I write down my workouts, and extra excersis, gardening, hiking, and I also write down my weight every day. It all keeps me on track. It might be a little obsessive, but it works.

  9. I used to track my work outs. I would have little boxes on my whiteboard to fill in. I usually did 3-4 session of cardio, 3 strength training sessions and 3 yoga sessions. It worked out really well. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't do that this term cause I actually stopped doing yoga.

  10. I want a puppy so badly. Only a few more months and I can have him!!

    I'm so glad you're feeling better.

  11. That's awesome your hubby is doin housework during his vacation! bonus points for that lol :)

    Puppies always make me go awwww no matter what. Have a wonderful night! (i may go buy me some skinny cow bars now hehe)

  12. What an adorable puppy!!! I have not had falafels before... maybe I need to try them out!

  13. Wow- good day! Nice workout, a personal gardner, chocolate dessert, and puppies!! :D I track my workouts, too. It's all online though using the same thing I use to track food intake. It subtracts calories burnt from net calories so I know how many I should take in each day.

  14. I love how colorful your meals are!

  15. Have you ever had the caramel brownie Luna!? So good!

    I don't track my workouts, but I am a planner addict! Loud and proud! ;)


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