Friday, May 7, 2010

Dr. Kracker Review

I finally got this review done! I really want to thank Margaret at Dr. Kracker for sending us such a generous box of crackers to try out! We all had a good time munching our way through the different flavours…my parents even got into the action! :) So read on; I hope you find this helpful.


Cherry Semolina

DS loved the cherries; DD was not so fond of the cherries. My hubby thought they would make a “nice” dessert cracker, I thought they tasted like a buttery croissant. Totally yummy! This box disappeared first. 5/5

Apple Crisp

Both kids though these tasted really “apply”. My hubby was reminded of fig Newton's. I quite appreciated their nice light, sweet flavour. I think I would love to spread some cream cheese on these ones. This box disappeared second. 5/5


Pumpkin Seed Cheddar

Both the boys really enjoyed the distinct cheddar flavour in these crackers. I enjoyed the pumpkin seeds! Poor DD didn’t even get to try one because they were gone faster than she could get to them!! My Mom loved them so much that I gave her the box of pumpkin cheddar flatbreads. 5/5

Klassic 3 Seed

These were an all around crowd pleaser. My Dad even got into them! They have a nice assortment of seeds and would be perfect with dip or salsa in place of chips. A very well rounded cracker. 5/5


Fire Roasted

I was the only one that liked these ones. They were too spicy for the kids and my hubby is a wimp when it comes to “hot” food. These little guys are pretty innocent at first as the heat doesn’t hit until you’ve already swallowed your first bite. I admit to eating these like candy! 4/5 (only because I was the only one to like them)

Hummus Mummus

The hummus mummus crisps had a really strong pepper taste to them. While I didn’t mind it, it wasn’t my favourite. My hubby and the kids didn’t like them at all. I think I might use these crushed up as “bread” crumbs for burgers or the like. 3/5

Other things we liked about the Dr. Kracker crisps was that the containers were easy to get in and out of, yet airtight when snapped shut. Each flavour was extremely crunchy which is great when you’re looking something to nosh on that has some oomph to it.

Here are the flavours each of us liked the best:

DD -Klassic 3 Seed
DS -Cherry Semolina
Hubby- Pumpkin Seed Cheddar
Me – Fire Roasted

Next up we have the flatbreads. IMG_1239

These I have bought before and really like. The Pumpkin Cheddar is great on it own while the other 2 are interchangeable with both savoury (hummus) or sweet (jam). I’ve also broken the flatbreads into pieces and used them as croutons in salad as they hold their crunch well. The whole family also enjoyed them as a side to soups. The only complaint I have with these is in the packaging. Once you open the foil liner, it’s hard to create a seal so that they don’t go stale.

And that’s a wrap! If you haven’t had the opportunity to try Dr. Kracker crackers yet, please put them on your list of must try’s. Our top picks would be the pumpkin cheddar for savoury (either the crisps or the flatbreads) and the cherry semolina for something sweet. Or maybe you’ve already tried this product. If so, let me know in the comment section what you thought. Your opinions can helps others, too!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Great review - loved hearing the different opinions from your fam. I have yet to try any Dr Kracker products but may have to pick up some crackers at my next WFs trip!

  2. Do you know if they serve these crackers at Jason's Deli?? I swear they do! They even have a "pumpkin seed cheddar." My favorite is the original seedy one though.

  3. Great review! I've seen/heard so much about this brand -- especially the Cherry variety -- so I'm glad to get your opinion. Thrilled that they're organic, too! Will have to pick these up sometime soon.

  4. Great review Krista! You had a lot of crackers to eat! They look good, I haven't seen them before.
    My problem with crackers is I can't eat them fast enough without going stale. Usually they end up in a ziplock.
    Hope you're having a nice weekend and staying dry!

  5. Very thorough yet not overwhelming review, well done! I have heard that these are soooo good, I am going to have to try them soon (especially the pumpkin one :-))!

  6. I really loved all of these when I got a chance to review em--so hearty, perfect for dips, spreads, or just on their own!

  7. I looooved trying those crackers!

  8. Too bad they don't sell any of the crackers here. I've seen the flatbreads at a few stores, but no crackers. I'd like to try them.


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