Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Enjoy Life Foods

Last week in the mail I received some trail mixes from Enjoy Life Foods to review for the blog. There was a bag each of Mountain Mambo and Beach Bash for us to try.IMG_1536 I’ve personally purchased the Mountain Mambo blend many times because it is available in my area. I’ve never seen the Beach Bash so I was eager to dive into that one first!

First of all, I love dried pineapple so I was stoked to see lots of that in the mix.

Other than the pineapple there was sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cranberries & apricots. I was excited to try this blend in some baking so I used it in the last batch of granola bars that I made, omitting all the add ins the recipe called for. IMG_15742 The results were perfect! Everyone, except DD who doesn’t like dried fruit, loved this version.

On to the Mountain Mambo:


I have to admit my absolute favourite way to eat this blend is atop my oats! IMG_1546

This is chalk full raisins, dried apricots, chocolate chips, raw sunflower kernels & pumpkin seeds. IMG_1537

Enjoy Life Foods is nut, dairy, soy and gluten free and contains no wheat and egg products so my kids can safely take this to school with them. Well, DS anyways. I just pour some into a small container and pop it in DS’s lunch box. Good to go! Also, the ingredient list is short and I can read everything on it. More brownie points!

The trial mixes are sold in handy 6oz resealable pouches and stay fresh for 6 months….but they’ll never last that long!! LOL! A 1/4 cup serving rings in at 130 cals for the Beach Bash and 140 for the Mountain Mambo. They both have NO trans fat and ring in 2g of fibre and 4 & 5g of protein. Pretty darn good!

And that wraps it up! Have you tried either of these Enjoy Life Foods products? What did you think of them? If not, did you find this review helpful?

Bye for now!!


  1. WOW! What a perfect add in to the bars! They look awesome. Especially fabulous given all of the nut allergies out there today. I totally want to try the beachy mix. Thanks Krista!

  2. Oh God, I could eat a whole bag of those right now.

  3. That is definitely the perfect add-in to granola bars.

  4. Although I've seen some Enjoy Life products in the stores, I don't think I've ever seen their trail mixes. A shame really, since they look delicious :)

  5. Ah, so that's the delicious looking trail mix that you use on your oats! It always looks incredible! Also, I love how you used it in the bars, what a fantastic idea.

  6. This post totally reminded me that I need to review those as well--great job!

  7. Never tried them, but sounds good especially in the bars!

  8. Love the looks of that trail mix--I've always been a sucker for sunflower seeds!


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