Monday, May 17, 2010

12 Years

Hello everybody! How was your weekend? Are you catching up on posts? Click here to see my brand new kitchen toys! So, yesterday marked our 12 year wedding anniversary! We didn’t do anything special, never really have, but the weather was great and the day was spend at Costco, at a gold exchange party (me & DD) and out in the sun planting some annuals in my flower beds. By some miracle we were both out of bed before the kids and ate our breakfast in peace before they came down. I got creative with 2 pieces of whole grain bread by turning it into French toast:IMG_1615
I soaked the bread in a mixture of Egg Beaters, USVAB, vanilla and cinnamon and then cooked them until golden brown in one of my new RR pans. They then received some 5 star treatment in the form of honey pecan butter and sliced strawberries!IMG_1614
Spectacular! The density of the bread worked wonders with the egg mixture. I thoroughly enjoyed this meal.

The rest of the morning was spent at Costco. Surprisingly, the only things I bought were flowers and a box of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal! I guess I didn’t really need anything else. The main reason I went there was to drop some photos off to be plaqued. I didn’t bother taking a picture of my lunch because it was the same as dinner the night before….Yves veggie hotdogs….and they were just as tasty! I grabbed a treat to enjoy while driving out to the gold exchange.IMG_1618
These are also from Costco, but were bought on another trip. We were back by 3pm which gave me lots of time to get my front flower beds looking decent. I still have a bit more to go, but nothing that will take too long!

My hubby cooked up a beer butt chicken on the BBQ for dinner and I grilled a full bunch of asparagus to go along with it. We used some of this BBQ sauce that my hubby bought at Costco: IMG_1619
YUM! This has a great tang to it….and I don’t even like beer. Here’s my plate with the chicken a random shrimp and asparagus: IMG_1620
Dessert was some coconut pineapple ice cream: IMG_1621

I was back to my regular oats for breakfast this morning… IMG_1623
-1 cup water
-1/2 cup Quaker oats
-2 tbsp Enjoy Life Food trail mixIMG_1622
I’m on early lunch (11:30am) this week so I just packed a light snack to eat before heading off to the gym:IMG_1624
Whole grain bread with a LC cheese wedge.

I hopped on the elliptical today as yoga started at noon and it’s the quietest piece of machinery in there. I can sneak a full 45 minutes on yoga Monday when on the early lunch which makes me happy because if I’m gonna skip a day in the gym I’d rather it be later on in the week.

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 157
Max Hr: 170
Calories Torched: 435
Distance: 4.8 miles

And it’s your lucky day *roll eyes* because I felt frisky enough to snap a few shots of my newest Lululemon shorts. IMG_1628 IMG_1627
These are the same “line” as DD got for her b-day called “groovy run short”. I also have a pair in plain black. They’re extremely comfortable and can be worn for leisure as well.

Lunch was nice and fresh tasting! I mixed WW couscous with tomato, cucumber, chicken breast, white balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt. (I’ve always enjoyed my cukes and maters with a little salt)IMG_1629
The only thing that would’ve made this better would have been some feta. Next time, perhaps! My afternoon snack was sliced strawberries and blackberries:IMG_1630
We pass a strawberry patch on our way to Costco and I noticed the little white blossoms on all the plants yesterday. That can only mean great things!

For dinner tonight We put some pork tenderloin on the BBQ. I also cooked some Aztec blend. Here’s what’s in it: IMG_1631

I also nuked the remainder of the broccoli from Friday’s Chinese feast. On my pork I drizzled ginger wasabi for a little oomph. IMG_1632

Dessert was a granola bar. IMG_1633

There’s nothing on the agenda tonight. I’ll be heading out in a few to get DD from dance class. My newly planted flowers have been watered and the boys are hanging shelves in the garage. The weather today was cooler than what was forecasted so it’s not nice enough (for me) to hang about outside. Maybe I’ll do some baking. Be sure to visit again tomorrow because I’ll be doing another product review!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Oh my yum! That french toast looks out of this world! Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12 years? That is so awesome. I've never made "beer in rear" (as Paula would say) chicken- but I totally want to make it for Josh. Your shorts are adorable and you are looking fantastic!

  2. HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY!!! Wishing you two a lifetime together :)

  3. girl you rocked those lulu shorts! are u kidding! ur so fit! <3 honestly looking fantastic lady :)

    and congrats again on ur anniversary <3

  4. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a very pleasant day. I love the Lulu shorts!

  5. wow, congrats! happy anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary, Krista! I'm wishing you and your hubby a lifetime full of happy anniversaries. :)

  7. Happy anniversary beautiful!!! you and your hubs sound like my parents; they never do much for their anniversaries...but shh...i'm planning a BIG ONE next year for their 30th! eek!

  8. Awww happy 12 years Krista! I'm still working on getting past having a boyfriend past 7 months haha

  9. Happy Anniversary!

    Love the looks of that French toast. Yum!

  10. Fantastic breakfast! Looks out-of-this-world and fitting for an anniversary morning. Happy 12th to both of you. (Cute Lululemon gear!)

  11. French toast is one of my favorite things to make (and eat!!). There are so many variations I have yet to try. I like doing the stuffed French toast though--it really kicks it up a notch! Congrats on the 12 yrs--my mom and dad will be celebrating their 22nd this Aug!

  12. Happy belated anniversary. All of your food looks great, especially the WW coucous dish.


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