Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother’s Day, Horses and Lilies

Happy Monday, everybody!! It’s been a cold one around here, but the sun is out which is more than I can say for the weather over the weekend so I’ll take it! I had a low key, relaxing Mother’s Day yesterday. It all started with breakfast in bed courtesy of my kidlets. DD prepared me a bowl of oats. I know there was cranberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries in it and I’m told there was also a little sugar (like, a ½ a tsp, Mom) and “some” honey. DS served up a bowl of the same fruit, still frozen. LOL! And a cup of (very strong) tea. IMG_1493
Such dolls! After that bowl of oatmeal I was pretty full so the berries thawed on the counter until lunch time.

We took a drive out to the farm and I finally got to play with the 2 babies!! I snapped a bunch of photos so here are a few. The reddish horse is Cinder Ella and the silvery on is Flec, short for reflection because she looks like her Dad. IMG_1518 IMG_1497 IMG_1498 IMG_1503 IMG_1504 IMG_1507
They’re teething which is why you see them nibbling on our hands. At this point they’re about the size of a golden retriever and just as friendly. Last years babies were a lot more skittish, whereas these 2 love to be handled. Once back from the barn and washed up, I enjoyed an apple Fritter straight from the Farmer’s Market: IMG_1521
Haven’t had one of these in ages and it was scrumptious for sure. Lunch was on the light side because we were dining at my parents place for dinner and they eat ridiculously early….like 4:30pm. So around 1ish I ate my now thawed berries with some kefir and Nature’s Path PB granola. There was also a kind bars on the side. IMG_1526
I brought some of the bars to my parents place my Mom and sis loved them.

My Mom mentioned in passing last week that she really liked calla lilies and hydrangeas so I set out to find her a plant for Mother’s Day. I found the MOST gorgeous calla lily! It’s my favourite colour in the whole wide world and I knew she would love it. IMG_1524 IMG_1522 IMG_1523
Isn’t that one of the most beautiful plants you’ve ever seen??? Love. My kids quickly made friends with a random cat that was wandering around the nursery: IMG_1495 IMG_1494
They’re like their Mom when it comes to animals!

We all enjoyed a great feast for dinner. There was a good variety of food. Here’s my plate loaded with ½ a sausage, sweet potato fries, bean salad, asparagus and artichoke hearts. I also ate an unpictured (small) piece of steak. IMG_1528
Mom also made her signature Drumstick cheesecake as it’s my brother’s b-day today and that was his requested cake.
Here is my monster piece.IMG_1529 IMG_1532
I tend to go a bit overboard when this is around because she only makes it once, maybe twice a year. After dinner we all pulled up a piece of couch and vegged out. HA! I did more of that when I arrived home under the guise of watching The Amazing Race. So sad the cowboys didn’t win. Boo!!

After a pretty good sleep I woke up fresh and ready to start a new week. A delicious, non oatmeal breakfast sealed the deal. IMG_1534
-1 cup thawed berries
-1 cup cooked quinoa
-1/2 cup USVAB
I just tossed this in the microwave for 3 minutes, checking it on and off to make sure nothing bubbled over. This breakfast held me over quite well until my late 1:30 lunch. I did enjoy a wee snack in the morning. One of my co workers left me a piece of homemade rhubarb cake on my desk:IMG_1535
I really liked the cinnamon topping! Speaking of rhubarb; look at what I brought home from the farm yesterday! IMG_1527
My MIL and DD went out into the cold weather to harvest a box for me. Aren’t they awesome?! I split it with my Mom. After I post this I’ll be washing, chopping and stewing this. Can’t wait!

Its yoga Monday so no gym for me. Instead, I went home, harassed my cats some, made a chai tea latte and read a few chapters of Foods Matters by Mark Bitton. IMG_0692 I found this at the library Saturday morning and snatched it up. The only thing is that I have to be careful reading these types of books because they really have an effect on me. If I were on my own I wouldn’t buy half the food that I do, but it’s difficult to completely follow “my way” of eating and thinking considering my hubby is not on the same page as I am. Just as he can not force me to eat strictly meat and carbs, I can not force him to give up those same foods. Such is life. Moving on…..back at work I ate half a WW pita stuffed with a LC cheese wedge, salmon and romaine lettuce. IMG_1539 IMG_1538
Kinda hard to take a good pic of a pita! HA! I ate a few chocolate soccer balls throughout the afternoon. IMG_1540
And yes, I am 110% guilty of pilfering these from DS’s loot bag from a party he went to on Saturday! ;)

Dinner tonight was grilled turkey sausage, asparagus and WW couscous with some Japanese dressing on top. IMG_1541

Then I ate a kind bars: IMG_1542

Probably a little much for a sweet end, but SO good!

Well, I’m off to pick DD up at dance and then I’ll be moving on to that rhubarb. Any fun plans for the week?

***Edited to add!!! Marianne is hosting a fantastic Silver Hills Sprouted Grian Bread giveaway!!

Bye for now!!


  1. I'm glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day. That breakfast tray of food is adorable! Your kiddies are so sweet! That Drumstick Cheesecake looks divine, Krista!

    By the way, great cracker review below! I'll have to look for those.

  2. Happy (belated) Mother's Day!! The horses are so cute. I love the name Cinder Ella. What a great dinner at your parents- I would have gone back for seconds or thirds on the fries and bean salad- YUM! And the cake - ow! Fun plans this week? Hmmm....usual stuff: work, teaching, coffee with a friend Wednesday!

  3. Looks like a really fun Mother's Day! Breakfast in bed looks really good and the horsey babies are adorable. The calla lilly you found for your mom is stunning. I've only ever seen them in white.

  4. Glad you had a great mother's day - you deserved it! I used to love bringing my mom bfast in bed too. Those kind bars look awesome, I may have to try to whip up a batch of my own!

  5. mmmm horses and turkey sausage..... mmmm. LOL NOT TOGETHER OF COURSE THO! haha. what a cute post! doesnt this remind u of summer fairs and cotton candy!!

    omg and i wanna hug u right now for reminding me about apple fritters. i wanted to look for a recip to make them wheat-free and dairy-free. they were my fav dessert as a kid and ive been longing to have them. YUMMMYYY <3 xoxo

  6. what a fun way to celebrate being a mom - obviously your kids know you when they bring you oats in bed! :)

  7. The breakfast in bed is too funny! I think my dad made the breakfast for my mom and we just delivered it when we were kids, just so no one dies or anything.

  8. Ah, rhubarb season. I wish I'd picked up some at the farmer's market on the weekend, as it looked so good! Mom just planted a new rhubarb plant, but it won't be ready to harvest this year.

  9. Looks like a great Mother's Day! :) I love Rhubarb too.. just sooo good! YUM!!

    Your mom's drumstick cake looks to die for! Delicious i'm sure!! :)

    Hubby doesn't eat like me either... he's a meat & potatoes guy... I eat mostly fruits & veggies. lol! I agree with you on the shopping bit, I wouldn't buy 1/2 of what I do if everyone ate like me. lol! Such is life.. we can't win 'em all, Krista!

  10. Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day! :)

    I love the photos of the horses; so cute!!!

    And the plant you got your mom is gorgeous! I'm sure she'll get much joy out of it... :)

  11. The horses are SO cute! Like most people, I'm a sucker for baby animals!
    The drumstick cake looks amazing! Is it ice cream or cream cheese, or neither?
    The apple fritter looks good too. They are by farm my favourtie donut.
    Hope you're having a good week Krista.

    Oh...and so sweet that the kids made you breakfast in bed. I remember doing that for mom too.

  12. So cute of the kids to go out of their way to make you what you like! :o)

    Oh wow, that Drumstick cake looks DEADLY!! Drool!

  13. What a perfect Mother's Day. I am loving reading all about the ways blogging moms spent Mother's Day. I have my first on the way in October and I can't imagine a better way to spend the day than with baby animals and family :)

  14. What a wonderful Mother's day.
    I was excited when I saw horses in the title, baby horses, even better!! How cute!

  15. I need that drumstick cheesecake now!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh that looks amazing!!! I dont really like cheesecake but wow, Im sure I would eat that!!!!!!

    Looks like you had the best moms day, as you deserve!!!!! Loving the animals and the kids pics with the animals, so sweet!! Your kids are too cute!!!!!

    Love ya girl! xoxo

  16. I love your blog. Are spelt flakes similar to oats? I love oats but recently found out I am allergic to them. I was thinking that maybe I could replace oatmeal with spelt flakes. How do you cook them?


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