Thanks & Giving

Welcome to my Thanks & Giving page!!  By clicking in the links below you will find all the information you need to join the fun as I host a Christmas Food drive geared toward helping stock the shelves at your local Food Bank!  Each food item I post will be inexpensive and non perishable.  The goal for anyone participating is to buy 2 of each item for 10 weeks....October 10 to December 19.  At the end of the drive I would ask that everyone who joined in send me a picture of your food stash to  I'll be preparing a HUGE post to showcase every one's efforts to help those less fortunate than us.  HAVE FUN!!

Week 1- Tuna

Week 2 - Mac n Cheese

Week 3 - Hamburger Helper

Week 4 - Canned Vegetables

Week 5 - Baby Food

Week 6 - Beans

Week 7 - Pasta

Week 8 - Crackers

Week 9 - Rice

Week 10 - Canned Soup