Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ghouls And Food Item #4

First on the agenda?  Halloween pictures!!!IMG_4026 IMG_4025 IMG_4027 IMG_4028
A random pumpkin at one of the houses that we stopped at.  Did I mention that it’s freezing out?  No?  Well, it is!  Here’s the proof:IMG_4029 The kids were cold too and didn’t want to go to as many houses as usual.  Amen!  We came home and caught the tail end of Beetlejuice instead. 
Kinda random, but our house has 4 bedrooms.  Three of the 4 have original hardwood flooring (the house was built in 1962) and one has carpet.  This is the room that we use as an “office”.  I hate vacuuming so disliking carpet follows suit. Also, and I hate to admit this, but one of my cats decided to be spiteful one day and peed on the rug.  Bad ass feline!  Needless to say the smell won’t come out no matter what I do so the carpet has got to go.  We went out last weekend and bought some of that “click” hardwood as it was on sale at Home Depot.  My hubby hasn’t gotten started yet, but when he does I plan to take the opportunity to spruce up some of the furniture in there, rearrange things and maybe buy a love seat and some contemporary coffee tables to spruce things up!  I’ll be sure to post before, during and after photos once we get started.
I took DS to Starbucks after his game yesterday:IMG_3995 See, bucks is at the mall which is where I really wanted to go but I knew he wouldn’t want to.  Enter bribery:IMG_3997
As long as he was nursing that vanilla bean frap he was agreeable to any store I wanted to check out.  :)
I bought a new kind of oats at The Bulk Barn the other day:
 IMG_3987 IMG_3988 IMG_3989
They’re dense and have a great chew factor to them.  They take a bit longer to cook but are well worth it.   I topped my first bowl of them with coconut butter, carob chips and walnut pieces.IMG_3990 These are a few more of my eats:IMG_4020 IMG_3994 IMG_4007 IMG_4019
I can’t believe we’re on week 4 of the Thanks & Giving food drive!  So something I’m thankful for this week is the city I live in.  The community is on the small side, walkable, has lots of green space and most importantly is a SAFE place to raise my kids in.  I’ve lived here all my life; my kids actually go to the same elementary school that I did!  HA!  My neighbourhood is quiet, friendly and sports some amazing views.  I really can’t picture myself living anywhere else!  Do you love your city?  And now for the food item of the week:IMG_3993 Canned vegetables!  Again, you can buy any brand you want, any vegetable you want.  I got peas and carrots because they were on sale 3/$2.00 this week.  Remember to check out the Thanks & Giving tab at the top of the blog if you’ve missed an item.
Hope you all have a great few days!  I’ll be back either Tuesday or Wednesday…
Bye for now!!


  1. im sorry, but if they showed up to my front door, id shut my lights off and pray to God they dont "get me" haha. those were some freaky and amazingly good costumes!! <3

  2. Do you all go trick or treating as a family? Who stays home to hand out the candy?! My parents always alternated who went out with us every year...well, until we were allowed to go with just out friends on our own :)

    Sounds like you had a spooky good time!

  3. Love the Halloween pics. Those masks are so scary! Glad you got out of the cold early and could relax. Oat flakes huh? I will have to find and try those. Putting the canned veggies on my list!

  4. can't imagine the smell of your carpet.. hhahaha... glad you decide to throw it away!
    those are scary masks.... I wouldn't want to open the door if I see these ;)
    I love my city, DC, which can be crowded as a big city but just 20 min driving I can find a peaceful park to just relax ;)

  5. Love the kid's costumes! At least they got to go out for a little was pretty cold here too unfortunately!

  6. I bet your kids had a blast!! Too bad it was so cold, though. I remember a few freezing Halloween nights..but running from house to house really helps keep you warm :P Plus, when you're getting free candy- it doesnt matter how cold it is! haha

  7. Love the pictures...FUN FUN FUN! Boo to you, and a belated Happy Halloween!

  8. Those are some great costumes Krista! Very scary indeed! :) Can't wait to see how your new room turns out...sounds like a fun project!

  9. the costumes! and that's what i looked like opening the door for the tricker treaters, totally bundled up and miserable!!! haha!

  10. great HWeen pics!

    and the oats...ok very interesting on those...i love more chewy/crunchy and those sound great!

    good luck on the new room project!

  11. love the halloween pictures! Those mask are definitely scary but way too much fun!! Those oats look interesting


  12. What sweet & adorable costumes! ;) LOL!! My son had the "Scream" mask one year that "bled"... he scared a few little ones and I felt so bad! *blush* It was SOOO cold on halloween! -4c here.. prob the same where you are. BRRR!! Love that potato head pumpkin.. lol! We saw a few really neat ones too, should have brought my camera, next year i'll have to remember!

  13. such an awesome thing that youre giving back!


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