Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where Have I Been??

I’ve certainly been gone longer than I intended.  Even though my days are fairly repetitive (work, eat, drive kids around, go to bed) I still seem to be on the busy side with it all!  We recently switched our job rolls around at work so I’ve been learning a few new duties.  I like that it’s keeping me engaged because there’s nothing worse than getting bored at work, IMO.  Monday night’s DD is in dance class from 6-7:30 on the other side of town so I usually wander around Winners instead of driving back and forth.  This is not so good for my wallet!  I’m thinking that using gas driving to and fro is more cost effective!  LOL  And Tuesday is MY night, AKA Pilates.  My Mom joined me this session and it’s fun having her there.  By Wednesday I’m usually ready for a post but last night we went out of town (about a 1.5hr drive) for a hockey game.  It was bed time by the time we rolled into the driveway.  So here I am!  Better late than never, right??
On Tuesday DD went to the mall after dinner with a friend of hers….alone.  We’ve never dropped her off and let her hang out before.  It was a BIG step for this Mama Bear, I tell ya.  There were special circumstances that led up to this, though.  The friend she met up with is going in for some significant surgery in a week and they really wanted to get together beforehand.  Plan A was to see a movie but nothing that was playing interested them.  Enter Plan B, the mall.  Said friend is also 2 years older than DD and is responsible enough that I felt DD would be safe.  She had a great time with her freedom, of course!  I had to pick her up for 8pm and Pilates ends at 7:15 so I had a bit of time to spare.  Enter a trip across the street from the mall to The Bulk Barn.  I haven’t been there in ages.  Here’s what I bought!IMG_3835
Candy corn for the office candy dish…..and some for me!  ;)IMG_3839
Kamut flakes.  Love these for breakfast and I haven’t bough any since the summer so I’m eager to cook some up!IMG_3838
Cinnamon chips.  First time seeing these in Canada.  Very exciting!IMG_3841
Green raisins.  First time seeing these ever.  They’re good!  They taste more like a sweet grape than raisins which I liked.IMG_3840
A great big sack of steel cut oats:IMG_3843
Cocoa roasted almonds.  These are also the first I’ve seen around here.  They’re nowhere near as good as the Emerald brand, but they’ll do!IMG_3842
And lastly, coconut cashews.  Much sweeter than I anticipated, but they make a nice little treat….and the “crumbs” are great on my oats!  :)  I know bulk type stores are not for everyone (germs, etc) but I’m more than OK with them and find them to be really decent money savers.
So about that out of town hockey game….THE BOYS WON!  This is their second win of the season (they’ve played 8 games) so we were all pretty excited!  I took a few shots of DS during the warm up:IMG_3854 IMG_3852IMG_3850
Apparently he’d had enough!!  LOL   I’ve been leaving Operation Beautiful notes in all the bathrooms at the different rinks we go to!IMG_3855 Here are a few of the more notable eats I’ve been enjoying this week: IMG_3856 IMG_3822 IMG_3833 It’s been dark in the mornings so my pictures are a little dark.  Boo!  The middle bowl was eaten at work because DS had a 6am hockey practice Monday morning and I had no time to eat at home.IMG_3857 IMG_3828 IMG_3834 IMG_3830 IMG_3824 IMG_3832 This yellow bell pepper, zucchini, chicken stir fry made a great stuffing for a pita pocket!IMG_3836 Dinners have looked like this:IMG_3844IMG_3845 IMG_3847
A can of tomato & onion tuna + 3oz of WW macaroni noodles turned into this:IMG_3819IMG_3821  And one night there was grilled chicken thighs, veg, asparagus and 2 potatoes (I don’t care much for potatoes, obviously!)IMG_3826 Sweet treats!IMG_3831 IMG_3837
I think that’s all I’ve got for now.  I’m guessing there’s enough picture overload in this post!  I’ll be back Sunday with the next Thanks & Giving food item!
Bye for now!!


  1. I sure have missed you! I'm jealous of your bulk bin purchases. Cinnamon chips rock. And I want some green raisins :) Lots of good cooking too. Sauteed veggies always taste great in a pita. Hang in there with all the craziness

  2. so much goodies you've got! I used to love green raisins (the only kind that can be found in China), I haven't had them for ages, they're hard to find in the US.
    that orange pepper chicken stir-fry looks amazing! I want to make something similar too!
    Letting your daughter hanging out alone with her friends must be a big step... but she's a young lady already and I'm sure she knows how to take care of herself. Sometimes being less protective is actually good.
    yes. I agree. there's nothing worse than boring job, glad you find something new to entertain with.

  3. Wow, great buys at the Bulk Barn!! I saw cinnamon chips for the first time here the other day, too. Ever since then they've only been in magazines. I wonder if they suddently decided to release them in stores?

  4. that's great they're mixing things up at work!
    Pilates sounds like a great way to spend extra time with your mom :) and wow, never seen dried green raisins either.. neato!

  5. I will forgive you from being absent from the blog if you send me those coconut cashews ;) I'm only half kidding. LOL! Really, I'm just jealous about this whole Bulk Barn place. Why we don't have those out here is beyond me, because I'm all over the bulk stuff!

  6. You do sound busy! But it sounds like you've been having fun! :) I like your bulk bin purchases!

    The mall for the first time IS a big deal! Glad you got through it... ;)

    Happy almost weekend! :)

  7. wish i had a place to get bulk bin purchases! it would make buying things so much easier!

  8. What amazing bulk finds!! I have yet to find cinnamon chips! I thought they were more cinnamon bits but those look like actual chips. Are those yogurt-y? They look AMAZING!

  9. great finds...and yummy food!!!


  10. I wish there was a Bulk Barn in my area, those are some great finds! Very exciting about DD, I remember those days and how much fun it was to go to the mall with friends!

  11. glad you're finding a bit of your groove after switching roles and switching things up in your house!

    congrats to the boys for their win!

    and all those yummy finds...the cashews and the green raisins, yum!

    enjoy your weekend, Krista! :)

  12. I would like some raspberries, please.
    Cinnamon chips I have no idea how it tastes.

  13. Haha, I've never seen green raisins before myself but I guess it makes sense ... wonder how all the purple grapes got to be the main "raisin".


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