Sunday, October 3, 2010


I guess I fell off blog earth for a bit there, huh?  I’ve been SUPER busy the past week which has had me going through a plethora of feelings.  I’ve spent part of the time feeling like this:IMG_3604
Our city (approx 100, 000 people) has been cramming 3 years worth of road construction into one season so you can imagine the mess the roads are in.  Trying to get DS anywhere for soccer and hockey, DD to dance and myself to work has been an extreme act of patience….and I don’t have much to start with!  I read in the paper yesterday that the reason for this disaster they’ve made is that the city received government funding for road repairs which needs to be accounted for by March 2011 or the grant is lost.  Sheesh!  I try to keep reminding myself that the roads will be better when this is over, not to mention all the people who are being kept employed.  Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!
I’ve also been feeling very cold sitting at DS’s soccer try outs!IMG_3610
It was only 5*C this morning at 10:30!!  At least it wasn’t raining today, unlike yesterday!  And at least I have multiple, warm layers on.  Unlike my poor son who is in shorts!IMG_3612 IMG_3611
Brrr!  Try outs are now over and we will know next week which team he will play on next summer.  There will be some indoor soccer over the winter with INDOOR being the key word here.  LOL  Oh!  I can’t forget that I was also cold (just not quite so much) at Friday’s hockey practice and Saturday’s hockey game.IMG_3594
I’m skipping practice today on the pretense of staying home to do some housework.  Really, I’ll be spending on a fraction of the time on chores, the rest on blogging!  Shhh!!  Seriously, though….my house is in shambles.  And I have a beautiful pork roast just waiting to hit the oven with some onions, carrots and parsnips.  YUM!
As you can probably guess from my fist photo, DD and I spent some time perusing  potential Halloween costumes.  DD has never been into “girly” costumes.  She’s always gone for the gory, scarier options.  Here are some she tried on yesterday:IMG_3601 IMG_3603 IMG_3599 IMG_3600
Which one do you like?  This was her last year:100_6862
RAWR!!!  I felt like quite the jester taking picture after picture in the store:IMG_3602
HA!  The theme my department at work is going with this year is construction workers.  We decided it would be fitting seeing as the roads are all ripped up in front of the building.  I’ve been put in charge of making up a check off list so that everyone brings something in.  So far I’ve got caution tape, pylons, hard hats, vests….  What am I missing?
And yes, I have also been feeling hungry the past few days!IMG_3608 IMG_3584 IMG_3591 This was a “treat” bowl with brown sugar, maple syrup and pecans.  Mmmm..
And yes, the cold weather has brought oats back full force.  That’s all I’ve been wanting lately in the morning.IMG_3593 IMG_3589 Ginger Gold!!
IMG_3592 IMG_3585 IMG_3588 IMG_3586 IMG_3587 Goat’s milk yogurt + Archer farms chocolate hazelnut biscotti granola = one AWESOME lunch!!  IMG_3607 IMG_3616 IMG_3596 We went to Boston Pizza for dinner after hockey Friday night where I ordered this Tuscan pizza which was amazeballs!!  I’ve had a hankering for pizza lately and this hit the spot.IMG_3590 IMG_3606 The above is quinoa, salsa, turkey breast and quark. Quick, simple, delish.
Well, I’d better get a move on with vacuuming.  *sigh*  Gotta get to it now, though because we’re going to my parents after dinner and then the Amazing Race  and The Glades is on!  What are you up to tonight??
Bye for now!!


  1. oh lord! Just what you need when you're super busy-traffic delays! Hope the roads get fixed quick. I love the montage of pictures. The treat breakfast and the pizza look amazing. And I like Option #3 for the costume- the last one really freaks me out!! Tonight=football!

  2. Oh man, road construction is the worst. Luckily the little town I live in did a good job of separating it over the summer so by this winter the roads will be all nice!

    and 5*! That's crazy! I'm so glad it's not that cold here yet! it's gonna be soon though!

    Great eats from the past few days! esp that pizza, it def looks delishhhh!

  3. I love Halloween shopping!! We have a few of those huge warehouse places here where everything's way too expensive but they have some really incredible stuff. It all makes me so happy! Well, aside from the gross stuff. :P

    Personally, I like the Jack mask! But that's because it's one of my favorite movies :)

  4. HEY GIRL!
    I know i havent stopped by in a while- glad to see you are doing well and loving life! I cannot BELIEVE that it is already halloween! SO crazy!! And you got me wanting some PIZZA NOW!!

  5. Great masks! Great work party theme! :-) Hope the construction work will get better soon. There is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic wherever you go...

    Glad you got to enjoy some time at home. It's so important to have a little alone time once in a while... :-)

    Have a great week!

  6. You should come out here - no 5 C temps here! It's been getting up over 20 the past week. Almost too warm actually.

    Still need to break down and buy some goat yogurt, just to say I've tried it :)

  7. oh... so sorry to know that you've been having some road problem lately... that really sucks for the people who have to drive everyday. But have your spirit up, they'll eventually solve it!
    Costume hunting sounds fun! and you really look cold in that pic. It's getting cold here too, not very happy about it.
    that pizza looks amazing!!! I need to de-freeze some dough to make it ;)

  8. Halloween costumes are always so much fun--I am going to be a pirate this year haha! Make sure you take pictures of you're little Halloween thing at work--it sounds fun!
    And yes construction sucks, but hang in there because smooth roads are so much better!

  9. construction is no fun, but yay for the roads being better when its all done!

    Oh yes indoor soccer will be great, you will not have to freeze anymore!!!! U look so cute though in your warm clothes!

    Love Halloween and Halloween shopping!

    I say she should be Jack from Nightmare Before Xmas, I love him!!!

    Hope you have a great week love! xoxo

  10. oh i love h'ween shopping and need to do that this week with skylar! what does she want to be? a princess she's told me. Surprise surprise :)

    LMK if you make the chickpea peanuts and how the fam liked them :)

  11. What fun costumes! I bet it was fun just to try them out. Your food looks fabulous, and how cute are you at the game! You are way too adorable!


  12. The weather seems to have gotten so cold so fast, didn't it? I guess I can't complain because at least we didn't get any snow yet, lol! I love that costume in the top pic, Krista! That Tuscan Pizza looks really delish!

  13. holy moly that's cold! mad props to sitting outside in that weather!

    hmm let's see, construction workers need cut off shirts, jeans, walkie talkies?

    you definitely got all of the essential though! :)

  14. They are doing a doozy on the roads in my town too, it takes twice as long to get anywhere even though the town is uber tinny! That boston pizza tuscan pizza looks so good, I want to go there right now!!!! Hope you are having an awesome week right now Krista!

  15. hahaha i love the Mummy one and the one above it! theyre all pretty crazy tho :P
    this time of the year is always so busy for me too. i find when october hits theres always so much to do. even with work and school, october is really when everyone gets into the BULK of what theyre doing..since september is usually all about settling back into routine.
    at least u always have ur sense of humor no matter how hectic the daily grind gets :D
    can we dress up and go trick-or-treating together with the kids? haha that would be a BLAST!!! <3

    wow and i love ur second oatmeal bowl the best!! im biased since its got pumpkin seeds AND yogurt chips :P



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