Wednesday, September 29, 2010

House Cleaning

On today’s agenda is some muffins (with a recipe link), a coffee give away, a contest and some eats!  Let’s get started, shall we?
As I mentioned in my last post I had baked some muffins.  Pumpkin Double Chip muffins, to be exact.
I found the recipe in a Taste of Home magazine that I was flipping through at the library while waiting for DS’s game to start on Sunday.  I knew right away it was a keeper and quickly jotted it down on a scrap of paper.  As usual, I made a few changes so here they are:
  1. Took the sugar from 1 cup to 3/4 of a cup
  2. Used a 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce in place of the 1/3 cup of oil
  3. Used a 1/2 cup of Egg Beaters instead of 2 eggs
  4. Omitted oat flour entirely and used ALL whole wheat
  5. Used 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips in place of the 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
  6. Completely omitted the cinnamon sugar topping
Not that I have the original recipe to compare mine to, but these were fantastic!  I ended up with 21 muffins and the fam and I have have been making quick work of them!
Second on the agenda would be my eats.  And I have been consuming some awesome ones!  I seem to be on a real rice kick lately.  You’ll see that in just a minute!IMG_3577 This was the last 2 pieces of my multi grain bread turned into eggy French toast.  Mmmm…
IMG_3570 IMG_3579 Leftovers from dinner above and below!  LOL
IMG_3573 IMG_3578 IMG_3574 Honey Crisp!!IMG_3575 IMG_3576 Above is the most amazing meal I’ve eaten in awhile!  Caroline’s Coconut Black Beans with Mango.  Try this….it will change your life.  Seriously.  And as Caroline advises DO NOT skip the coconut butter!!  This was served over white basmati rice.  Perfection.IMG_3580 This was the fam’s meal tonight.  This morning I put a (frozen) turkey breast in the crock pot with some veggies to make some stock and meat for tonight.  Because meat tends to get tough after being boiled I knew I needed to put it into something on the saucy side.  This pasta dish is quick, easy and creamy enough to perk up dry meat.  Simply prepare 2 Sidekick noodle packs (whatever flavour you like) according to package directions.  Just before the sauce is thickened add a few cups of shredded turkey or chicken meat and 2 cups of frozen peas.  Bring back to temperature and serve.   Kids lurve this!  (The stock is currently cooling in the fridge and will go into the freezer later on).  This is what I whipped up for myself tonight:IMG_3582 IMG_3581 Leftover peppers and sauce, peas and turkey served over brown basmati rice.  Yum yum!
Do you love coffee?  If so you really should go visit Kelsey for a great giveaway on some organic plain (and flavoured) coffee.  And while there it will totally be worth your time to check out her muffin recipes.  I made some of the espresso chocolate chip muffins and they were da bomb!!
And Nature’s Path is hosting a fabulous getaway contest!!    Do you dream of white sand beaches, luxurious spas or rolling green hills during your 3pm snack time? If so, Nature’s Path can make your daydreams come true with their 3PMmmm Photo Sweepstakes on Facebook. What is a 3PMmmm moment you ask? It’s that delicious time of the day when you take your snack break. It could be hiking, sitting in traffic, post-yoga, walking the dog and picking up kids from school.  All you need to do is share a photo of your 3PMmmm Photo moment to win a grand prize of one of three exciting eco-vacations: a Hawaiian tour, spa resort getaway in Tofino, Canada or a visit to an organic farm in Oregon's Willamette Valley!!! 
There will also be a weekly winner of a prize package full of Nature's Path goodness. 
This is what you have to do is to enter this amazing contest:
1.       “Like” Nature’s Path’s Facebook page
2.       Click on the 3PMmmm Contest tab
3.       Click on the Get Started (or Enter tab at the top)
4.       Share their 3PMmmm moment by uploading a photo of their 3PMmmm moment
5.       Each photo you submit, and the more people you tag, the more entries you get (up to 50 entries per person, per week).
**Please note: This promotion is running now and will end November 14, 2010 at 11:59PM PT. It is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only. Limit fifty (50) entries per person, per email address, per week during the Promotion Period. Multiple participants are not permitted to share the same email address. More official rules can be found in the 3PMmmm tab under Rules.**
What are you waiting for?   Go check these cool links for your chance to win!!  But first let me know what dream vacation YOU would choose if you won!!!  Have FUN…
Bye for now!!


  1. So much goodness in this post. I am totally going to try that coconut black beans with mango (just book marked :)) And enter the coffee giveaway! Thanks for all the pointers Krista ;)

  2. all those dinners look amazing! along with that french toast! i'm drooling!!!

    I'm totally doing that nature's path photo contest! pictures of the desert would be prefect!

  3. Hmm, I have some black beans in my fridge I should cook up. Wonder if I have any mango in my freezer...

    Love the muffins. I need to bake something pumpkiny I think. Perhaps scones.

  4. I want to everything you posted ... they all look delicious!!! :D
    3PM is usually too early for me to snack due to late lunch... but I think for most of office people, 3 PM is a good break! :)

  5. Wow, the coconut black beans with mango do look incredible! I'm definitely going to check out that recipe! Your muffins look delish too Krista! :)

  6. I really like the substitutions that you used in your's similar to what I usually do! I love the sounds of the pumkin/choc flav too!

  7. something that will change my life? beans + mango? i am clicking thru next....

    the muffins! awesome job. I make all of my lil muffie creations by just winging it, and never use egg and just use oats and not real gluten flour. Yours look great. Bet your house smelled awesome!

  8. Whooa that's an awesome giveaway! Thanks for sharing!

    The muffins look so good :) I'm still going through the pumpkin muffins I made last night but I'll definitely be giving these a try! Especially since I just bought a whole big bag of chocolate chips. :P

  9. very cool giveaway! you have been making some yummy meals!!!

    now im gonna be on the hunt for coconut butter. i have coconut oil but i dont think that's the same thing :(

  10. wow so many goodies in this post loving it! Your pasta with turkey looks so good!


  11. I was just trying to find some recipes that incorporated mangoes the other day, this one look great! Thanks for sharing : )

  12. Hello...I just found your blog...and I think Im turning into a foodie!!! Im a new follower...cant wait to read more:)

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