Friday, September 24, 2010

Let’s Talk About Hair and Tables and Food!

DD and I went for hair cuts last night.  By hair cuts I really mean hair “trims”.  Five years ago my hair was down to the centre of my back and I decided to cut it all off.  A decision I regretted about a week later!  I’ve been growing it back ever since but it’s been slow going.  I’d say now it’s just a bit longer than shoulder blade length.  DD and I go to the salon to every 8 weeks for what we like to call, TLT; trim, layer, thin.  My hair is quite thick and wavy so the layering and thinning ensure that I don’t go around looking like a triangle head.  And the trim?  Well, let’s hope that’s keeping my locks healthy enough to grow about 3-4 more inches before I turn 80.  Here’s what my main looked like in the morning:IMG_3519 IMG_3517
And here I am mid-cut (please excuse the drunk look on my face!!):IMG_3524 IMG_3525
The end product!IMG_3527
As long as it’s not humid/raining out I have my hair straightened.  It takes WAY too long to do myself so having someone do it for me is a real treat. 
A few weeks ago I posted a photo of a new conditioner I bought to try out.  I’ve used it a few times now so I’ve decided that seeing as we’re on the topic of hair I’d give you my opinion of it.IMG_3196
Firstly, it smells bad.  Like really strong mint/disinfectant bad.  I almost didn’t use it because I detest strong smelling stuff first thing in the morning, but I ploughed on.  As per my hairdresser, conditioner should only go on the ends of your hair, not your whole head so I followed her instruction.  Odour aside, this product really pumped up my hair in a good way!  After my usual quick blow-dry the bottom half of my hair was soft and full of volume.  My hair was in no way flat or “heavy” from the conditioner.  It didn’t feel slimy, either.IMG_3197  
I don’t know if I would buy this again because the scent of it is just too powerful, IMO.  But if that’s something that doesn’t bother you, I’d say give this a try!
Something else I’ve been up to is a nice bike ride with DS in some gorgeous fall weather along some beautiful trails:IMG_3512 IMG_3511
We made sure to be safe by wearing our helmets although the dark clothing was maybe not so wise as it was getting dark at the tail end of the ride!
The 2 of us love to ride our bikes but there is one drawback; we live at the top of a hill so no matter what route we take going home, uphill it is.  More often than not we walk the last little bit, dragging our bikes along.  :)IMG_3513
And it goes without saying that there has been hockey in my life this week, too! 
I’ve also been doing some online window shopping…a dangerous habit!  There are some great deals on nesting tables at CSN Stores right now. 
Three Piece Nesting Table in Oak
I think these units are a great idea for space challenged or awkwardly spaced rooms.  How easy would it be to stack them all up nicely and pull them apart as needed?  I also like the new coffee tables that store the 4 ottomans underneath.  Such space savers!
Here are a few of my eats over the past few days:IMG_3507 IMG_3505
Hands down my favourite Lara Bar ever! 
I mixed this superb granola with goat’s milk yogurt one day for a tasty little lunch.IMG_3529 IMG_3514 IMG_3522
I know this dish doesn’t look like much but it was bursting with flavour.  I roasted some tomatoes from the garden with an onion at 400* for 30 minutes and served it as a side.  I dredged some halibut fillets in flour seasoned with oregano, garlic powder, chilli powder, salt & pepper then pan fried it with a tad of olive oil.  Lastly, some quinoa finished off the plate.  It was amaze balls!
This was also a great dish.  I bought some curry marinated tempeh and stir fried it with brown rice, broccoli and some roasted red pepper dressing.  Fabulous meal for sure!!
Well, it’s getting late so I’ll be off.  We’ve got soccer tryouts (for next season) Saturday and Sunday and hockey Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.  It’ll be Monday before I know it!! 
What have you got planned this weekend?
Bye for now!!


  1. STUNNER!!!!! Loving the 'do :)

    This weekend = dance practices.

  2. Fave post ever I think! Hair and girlie talk is the way to my heart :)

    "Five years ago my hair was down to the centre of my back and I decided to cut it all off. A decision I regretted about a week later!"---

    OMG I would have too!!!! you are brave and i am soo sorry you're still growing out! i resist "trims" b/c they trim way more than my hair grows so i end up with short-ish hair if i get too trim happy!

    thx for the HONEST product review!


  3. I love the hair trim! I've always wanted SUPER long hair (a la Lindsay Lohan haha) but it just won't get that long without looking shaggy.

    You have no idea how many times I've picked up that Pecan Sticky Bun granola in Target.

  4. I love your new haircut, it just reminds me to have one too! good to learn haircut terms so when I go to the salon, I know what to ask. can u believe that i've never been in a salon in US? shame on me.
    biking up hill? that's killing.. but good workout, right?

    have a nice weekend Krista! :)

  5. I think your hair looks fabulous! I love it with the wave in it. So pretty. Smelly conditioner? I couldn't handle either. I need to get a bike. Josh and I have been talking about it for far too long. Looks like you guys enjoy your biking adventures. Pecan sticky bun granola? That sounds amazing. Hope your weekend is wonderful Krista!

  6. Your new haircut is so pretty, Krista! That granola sounds delicious, especially with yogurt!

  7. Your hair always looks fabulous! I like it both ways, straight or curly! It'll grow much faster without straightening it though..much less damage!!

  8. Great haircut! Too bad the conditioner has such a strong smell; sounds great otherwise...

    Sounds like you'll have a busy weekend! We haven't planned much, but the toddler wants to go to the animal farm. We'll see...

  9. ah, what a great haircut! i hope you're able to get it back to the length you want soon! i feel like hair takes longer to grow the longer it gets!

  10. Thick hair can be a total pain. I have it too, and whenever I get it thinned out my head feels so much lighter! lol.

    Those two toasts with honey look amazing. I don't know why, but that picture is my favorite!

  11. I love the hair! I did the same hair was down below my shoulder blades and I chopped it all off. Bleh!! Ever since then trims have been the only cut..gotta get that length back!

  12. I always get them to straighten my hair as well when I get it done. I'm way too lazy to do it myself all the time.

  13. love the hair! the curry recipe looks really good too.

  14. omg i cant believe it smelt THAT bad!! i seriously love mine, but then again i use the fresh grapefruit scent.. so maybe thats the reason theres a huge difference. i love this hair post!! uve invited us in for a little day of beauty and pampering ;)

    oh and u could totally use quinoa instead of millet in the pumpkin millet muffins. i guess even omitting it would be fine..maybe adding more pumpkin seeds to replace..or making it with flax seeds or a different seed. also the millet (or quinoa) is roasted raw.. just enough to turn a light brown.

    have a wonderful week!!

  15. You look absolutely gorgeous! Your hair is fabulous. I love your hair a lot with the waves in it!



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