Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to Meal Planning

How was everyone’s weekend?  Although mine was busy, it was a good busy.  Yesterday consisted of 1.5hrs of soccer, 1.5hrs of hockey and dinner at my parents place for my sister’s birthday.  Soccer practice was pretty cool at 8am, but no rain so it was all good and hockey was at a mall that has a rink in it so some window shopping ensued. 
Because we had to leave the house rather early I toasted an Ezekiel English muffin and topped it with sunflower seed butter and zucchini jam:IMG_3382
And yes, it was still dark enough that the flash went off!  Yikes!  As soon as we got home I hopped into a nice hot shower to take the chill out of my bones, then I made a cup of coffee and read all your fabulous blogs until it was time to head out again.  Oh!  And I made lunch to go, too!IMG_3384
This Silver Hills sandwich is layered with a LC cheese wedge, mortadella, tomato (from my garden), lettuce and dijonnaise. IMG_3383 Lip smacking good!  I’m not generally a sandwich kinda girl, but ones like these make me wonder why I don’t eat them more often. 
We had a great meal at Mom’s.  That just goes without saying!  I didn’t seem to pack too many veg in, though!IMG_3385
Sweet potato fries, zucchini and bean salad, chicken breast and a small piece of steak.  I wasn’t too concerned about the lack of veggies’ on my plate when I spied my hubby’s meal:IMG_3386
Holy meat!  And he was in heaven!  :)  Dessert was a family favourite that only makes an appearance a few times a year; Drumstick Cheesecake:IMG_3387
Hit. The. Spot.  As I sit here typing this I realize that we never did sing Happy Birthday to my sister!  Funny how she got outta that one turning a quarter of a century and all!  Here we are: IMG_3389
I woke up to a massive thunder boom this morning.  Thanks, Mother Nature!  We had some serious rain for about 15 minutes and then the sun came out like nothing had ever happened.  Weird, but I was glad to have it out of the way so the kids didn’t get drenched walking to school.
I knew I wanted to crack open my new bottle of maple agave today but didn’t have the inclination to get too fancy with breakfast so I just topped my oats wit it:IMG_3391
-1 cup water
-1/2 cup Quaker oats
-maple agave
What a delight!  I’ll never complain abut dessert-like breakfast food.  I have a feeling this bottle won’t last me too long and it was the only lonely on the shelf at Winners.  Boo!
Morning snack-a-roo was a Clif Mojo bar:IMG_3392
Nice, bright yellow file folder under there!  I’m on 12:30 lunch so when I got to the gym the elliptical was open.  Perfect!  I hammered out 45 sweaty minutes while watch SYTYCD Canada reruns.  Lonchi was 2 garden tomatoes topped with half a can of tuna; nice and simple.IMG_3393
As I mentioned last week I had full intentions of getting back into menu planning.  Here is what this week is looking like commitment and food wise:
Monday-dance (6-7:30) hockey-out of town (5:30-8:30)
    **pulled pork sandwiches
Tuesday-hockey (4:45-6:30)
Wednesday-soccer (6-7:30)
    **Chicken stir fry
    **pork chops/noodles (fam) & veg
Friday-hockey (2:15-4:30)
    **tuna melts & Caesar salad

So, pulled pork tonight it was!  I put a pork shoulder in the crock pot this morning with some salt & pepper and set it on low for the day.  When my hubby got home he shred the meat and added the BBQ sauce.  The boys ate at that point because they had to leave the house by 5pm.  DD and I ate our sandwiches after they left.IMG_3394
This also had a wedge of garlic & herb LC cheese on it.  Dessert was some sliced strawberries with just a tad of vanilla ice cream:IMG_3395
So DD is now at dance, the boys are gone and I’ve got some baking in the oven that I’ll post about tomorrow.  I still have almost an hour to myself and I think I’m gonna make a tea and read my book.  Sounds perfect!
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Bye for now!!


  1. One busy mama! Meal planning really helps keep me on track too. Great choices. I love making pulled pork for Josh- easy and it makes a lot of meat= multiple meals for him. That Drumstick Cheesecake looks out of this world. Adorable pic of you and your sister. And I totally want your dessert from tonight :). Have fun baking!

  2. I just did my whole plan for the week too. It's my last week to cook before I move into my sorority, so I'm going all fancy-smancy.

  3. Your bfast yesterday screams ME! In fact, I had that this morning minus the jam :)

    I love your meal plans--so glad they're back!

  4. I'm not usually a BBQ & pork kinda gal, but those sammies look delicious. Especially when you sneak a little LC in there :)

    Sounds like you have as crazy a schedule as I do right now! Looking forward to your baking project :)

  5. Your sister is so beautiful! you both do look alike! ;)
    BBQ pulled pork sandwich look divine, I've seen it so many times in blogs that I really want to make it. the only setback is that I don't like pork. will it be the same for chicken or beef? I guess i think to try it! ;)

  6. Thanks for the shout-out Krista! :) You are truly an inspriation, I need to get back to meal planning too. The bread you used for that mortadella sammy looks amazing!

  7. You are one busy mama! I don`t think I could survive if I didn't meal plan. Your sandwich looks so good. You and your sister are both gorgeous!


  8. ohhhhh exactly what i needed to see, a drumstick cheesecake!!! <3
    excellent sandwich making skills, wow, i have a hard time not maknig the middles slide out or getting condiments slopping down everywhere haha


  9. Come to think of it, I am not a huge sandwich fan either. But I do love paninis for sure!!


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