Sunday, October 24, 2010

Muffins, Soup and Food Item #3

Happy Sunday!!  Hopefully you’ve all been enjoying the past few days.  I know I have!  Like usual, hockey has been the main activity of the past few days but today is a day off!  YES!  We had a late afternoon game in another town yesterday and my hubby worked in the morning so I had tome to do my vacuuming and floors.  The joy.  HA!  Today my hubby and the kids went out to the farm.  I stayed back because my in laws bought a new computer and hubby was setting things up for them.  And I am not a patient person when it comes to computer shenanigans.  Instead, I did laundry and some baking.  Awhile ago I downloaded the Smart School Time Recipes booklet and I finally chose a recipe to try.IMG_3886 These would be Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins except I ran out of chocolate chips so I used cinnamon chips instead.IMG_3890 
The turned out fabulous!  I made 6 big muffins so I had to adjust the baking time from 15 minutes to 25. IMG_3891 As you can see, they’re perfectly golden brown.  Thanks for the recipe, Katie!!
Before I vacuumed the place yesterday I roasted a butternut squash (from my garden) an onion and some garlic to make my Butternut Squash soup.   The 45 minutes roasting time was just long enough to haul the vacuum around and make the aroma in the house heady.  I enjoyed a hefty serving come lunch time:IMG_3873  
I topped my bowl off with some cubed goat’s milk feta for a little extra creaminess.  A great lunch for a cold, rainy Saturday afternoon!
Did I mention that DS scored not one, but TWO goals in yesterday’s game???  BOOYA!  I was freaking ecstatic for him!  He was getting a bit discouraged that he couldn’t get past any goalies so far this season, but my hubby has been driving it into him that as long as he keeps his feet moving and takes every opportunity for a shot, the goals will come.   And so they did!  And wouldn’t you know that on the way down I snapped a few pictures of him after I had promised none at the rink???  DOH!  Well, here’s what I got, anyways…
And DD is always ready for a photo shoot!
So let’s talk about what I am thankful for this week (and always).  I am super lucky that my parents and in laws are all healthy and active.  Heck, my father in law is in his 70’s and still runs a horse farm with my mother in law for goodness sake!  I lost all my grandparents at a very young age so I have very vague memories of them.  I am SO thankful that my children have the opportunity to know, and grow, knowing their grandparents.  It’s such a blessing!  And on the lighter side, I am thankful that it has been raining all weekend because with the temps as cool as they are it could very well be snow!  Actually, we had a dusting of snow on the deck Friday morning.  *shiver*.  BTW, did you know that “snow” is considered a swear word in the Krista’s Kraving’s household?  LOL!!
I’ve been cooking bigger batch meals lately so there’s not too many food pictures today as most dishes were eaten more than once.  Here’s what I’ve got, though!!IMG_3884 IMG_3864 IMG_3872 Kamut flakes above!!  I used a half cup, 1 cup water, craisins, banana and pecan pieces.  It’s been too long!IMG_3867 IMG_3859 Goat’s milk yogurt, pumpkin butter and granola became lunch one day… IMG_3860IMG_3871 IMG_3866 IMG_3868 IMG_3861 This was Thursday’s dinner.  I had enough time after work to roast some bone in chicken breasts.  On the side is brown rice and a mixture of sautéed pancetta, zucchini, spinach and goat’s milk feta.  Great flavour combination happening there, I tell you!  We all felt like breakfast for dinner last night so we stopped off at an all day breakfast joint for some eats.  This place has a great latte selection:IMG_3879
I ordered the pumpkin chai latter with skim:IMG_3882
I ordered the “Oxford” omelette for my meal. IMG_3881
It came with home fries (which I usually tell them to hold because I despise them!  But I forgot) and dry WW toast which later got some orange marmalade spread over it;IMG_3883
It was much better than I thought it would be….and I thought it would be good!  I’ll have to remember that mix of veggies next time I make eggs at home.
Now on to the Thanks & Giving food item of the week….IMG_3858 Hamburger Helper!  Just to review, week one was tuna and week 2 was mac n cheese.  Don’t forget to link back to the food drive, please!  The more the merrier.  Let’s help get food on the table for those less fortunate than us this Christmas!!!
Did you see the full moon Thursday night?IMG_3863 IMG_3862
I snapped theses while in the Tim Horton’s drive thru!  Love them.
Bye for now!!


  1. Congratulions to DS o nthe goals!! That's awesome! And that butternut squash soup looks incresible- so creamy and with a tqste to match no doubt. :)

    I didn't see the full moon on Thursday but I noticed we had one yesterday. Some friends and I went to a haunted forest so it was *perfect* timing!

  2. Sippable S'more? Cookie Dough Latte? Frosted Shortbread Latte?! Ummm, I'm coming to ON and we're going there. Because I'd drink coffee just to enjoy one of those!

    So true about kids getting to grow up with their grandparents. Even though mine were significantly older, they have all lived into their 80's, and one of my grandmas is still alive. So great to have so many generations still around. Hoping all those good genes got passed on to me as well :)

  3. Glad you guys had a nice weekend and that you had some alone Mama time to get things done around the house!! Those muffins look fabulous. Everyone loves a big muffin. And congrats to DS on the goal. I'm sure he'll start rocking more now that hes gotten that first one. Putting the hamburger helper on the list. I've been meaning to give the food drive a shout out on my blog. If you don't see it this week can you yell at me/remind me via email? Thank you Krista ;)

  4. haha, SNOW is a swear word?! Nick runs around singing Christmas and snow songs in October! Nick is my BF of almost 5 years...he's obsessed with snow. I am definitely NOT.

    The butternut squash looks delicious. I made a butternut and acorn squash soup the other day, which I will be posting soon, and it's amazing. I love soup this time of year!

  5. A huge congrats to DS on 2 goals!!! Awesome job! Yummy eats, Krista, especially that bowl of kamut flakes. I'm going to see if I can find some around here!

  6. Wow that restaurant sounds delish. Anywhere that serves breakfast all day is a hit with me! I see on that menu that they have a cupcake latte--I so would have had that :-)

  7. i love how you've been baking muffins quite a bit lately! i say it all the time, but seriously, i wish i was in ur family!! and i love ur muffin tin too- the classic ones that never fail. i had one very similar but my mom threw it out thinking that it was "too old" but the newer ones dont bake up as nice because they need to be worn in a little


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