Sunday, December 5, 2010

Purse Hooks, Tea Time & Food Item #9

Happy Sunday!  Here’s to hoping you’ve all enjoyed a wonderful weekend.  I didn’t get up to much which is perfectly fine with me!  Only one hockey practice, a visit to the farm, cookie making with DD and we got the Christmas tree up.  Giddy up!  :) 
A few weeks back I ordered some purse hooks off of eBay.  The idea was to use them as jewellery hooks for my longer necklaces and the such.  They arrived Friday and I was delighted with them.  Here’s a peek:IMG_4354 IMG_4358 IMG_4356 IMG_4357
SO pretty!  And this is what they look like doing their job:IMG_4408 IMG_4405 Considering that I had these hanging off a clothes hanger before, I would say this is MUCH better!!  :)  Do you use purse hooks for anything?  I’m all for ideas!
So I was coerced by my lovely daughter into baking sugar cookies yesterday.  I’m not fond off anything too picky and I would classify these as picky.  Regular cut outs would’ve been OK, but we *had* to get technical.  But I survived and here are the results (which turned out better than I thought they would!!)IMG_4403 IMG_4399 IMG_4401 This is what they were suppose to look like:IMG_4410
LOL!!!  I haven’t taken any pictures of our tree yet, but we did subject Charlie and Pepper to some dress up time!IMG_4398 IMG_4393 Pepper applied the “drop and roll” technique while Charlie just fell over where he stood, stiff as a board.  Fun times!  Hehe!
FOOD!IMG_4384 IMG_4415 IMG_4360 IMG_4371 IMG_4374 IMG_4386 IMG_4390 The 2 waffles above were savoury ones from a recipe in a Rachael Ray magazine.  They had turkey sausage, potato and cheddar cheese in them.  YUMMY!
So, I’m gonna do the Thanks & Giving part of this post second to last tonight instead of last because I have some great news about a giveaway to finish off with.  So leading up to that I would like to say that this week I am thankful for my blog.  I have met some AMAZING people, virtually and in person in the 2 years that I’ve been posting on Krista’s Kravings.  I’ve also had the opportunity to host some fun contests and sample & review terrific products.  I’ve been exposed to numerous recipes and new ingredients that I would never have used if not for blogging.  It has been a place for me to chronicle the highlights of my life and I enjoy coming back to it each day that I can.  If you have a blog, what are YOU most thankful for because of it?  And this weeks food item is:IMG_4181 RICE!!  Remember, it can be any type of rice that you want.  Uncle Ben’s was on sale for $0.88 this week so I snagged it.  :)  To see week’s 1-8, click on the thanks & giving tab at the top of the blog.
Do you like tea?  Have you tried Tetley’s new line of “colour therapy” teas?   Tetley Tea is on a mission to help Canadians get more "colourful" with their new line of herbal teas. As you know, colour influences our lives every day. In the home, a bedroom that's painted pale blue can have a calming affect. Wearing red can illicit a sense of energy and excitement. Tetley’s colour choices can have dramatic effects on our mood and well being. Now you can match or even influence your mood using colour with this new line of herbal teas for a little Tetley Colour Therapy.  The generous people at Tetley are offering one lucky reader a Tetley Colour Therapy gift basket worth approx. $70!! 

 The basket includes  2 containers each of tea, a canister/tea pot and 50 mood influencing greeting cards for you to offer up as a prize.
If you’d like to win this there are 3 steps to follow:
  1. Visit Tetley Colour Therapy and leave a comment telling me what your colour would be.
  2. “Like” Krista’s Kravings on Facebook by clicking on the link at the right of the blog and leave me another comment telling me you did so.  Like me already?  Just let me know that.
  3. Link to this giveaway in your next post.  Be sure to let me know you’ve done so by leaving another comment.
You do not have to have a blog to enter!!!  I’ll announce the winner next Sunday, December 12.  Have fun!!!  ***EDITED TO ADD: Tetley has just let me know that they will offer up TWO gift baskets!!  YAY!  So now there will be 2 lucky people to win the above!!***
Bye for now!!


  1. Did my comment not post? This might be a duplicate. Anyways, I was saying how much I love the purse hooks! Phenomenal use for them and they're so pretty too. I'm so grateful you started this blog. you have such a sweet personality and a wonderful family and you're so balanced...super inspiring. I'm so luck that I actually got to meet you in person. We really clicked! I could talk to you for hours Krista!!!

  2. Love love the idea of using purse crock to hold jewleries. I am goingo to find few too. And those kitties with the outfit, it's hilarious!!!
    I am so thankful to meet so many people from the blog in person and online. I would specially like to meet you one day and your family. I feel that I know them in real life already:)

  3. You are SO creative with the purse hooks--I would've never thought of using them as something else. They look very fancy! :-)
    For the giveaway, my color is mint green--I liked you on FB..and I will link to this in my next post this week!

  4. The hooks are so cute! What a great idea. And I think the cookies look totally delicious. I think the extra effort was worth it. Putting rice on my food list now. Savory waffles? I need to make these for Josh. Reminds me of a very Southern dish- chicken & waffles. I'm not a big tea person, so don't enter me :) But fun giveaway!

  5. the 3rd hook from the top is my favorite!! so pretty. BTW YOU WON MY TEA GIVEAWAY!!!

    oo ic you have a tea giveaway too haha. tetley is classic <3

    i just liked you on Facebook :)

  6. my color is orange! warmth.. cinnamon spice tea- i totally could go for cinnamon spice right now actually!

  7. Oh, your purse hooks are so pretty, Krista! I love your idea for using them too. The cookies look fantastic and I love the pictures of your cats all dressed up...I bet that was hysterical!

  8. I love linzer cookies!! I usually eat shortbread with a little jam putting the two together's perfect. :) and they're pretty to boot!

  9. Your cat photo's are absolutely HILARIOUS! OMG!! My cat would FREAK out! You should see her when we just try to put a collar on her!! lmao!! Your cookies look great! :)

  10. I liked you on facebook but I don't understand what you mean by link this giveway in your next post

  11. I love the purse hooks! I know my mother-in-law carries one in her bag so she doesn't have to put her bag on the floor. Which is basically it's original intent...haha.

    All the food looks great and I would totally love to try one of those savory waffles...yum!

    The tea giveaway looks great. My color and tea recommendation is:

    Turquoise - Calm Camomile Mint

  12. my color is violet or blues...those tones :)

    the purse hooks rock!
    love the kitty in santa outfit!
    and your sugar cookies...YUMMMMMM!

  13. and i like you already :)

    and truly THANK YOU for commenting on 99% of my are remarkable..and a wonderful friend :)

  14. I love those purse hooks!! They make such great holiday gifts, and I would love to get one. In fact my friend might be buying me one because I Was eying hers one day....we'll see :)

    The cutouts look awesome. I wold be like you and want to just do very simple versions, but it looks like the extra work really paid off!

    Love the giveaway! I will definitely "like" you on Facebook, and I choose violet as my color!! It's my all time favorite.

  15. I love that you dressed your cats up as well. Sienna wasn't the only one subject to torture ;)

    I like the idea of purse hooks, especially if you find a cool/unique one, but I don't know if I'd ever use one. I like your idea of using them for your jewelery. If I had a lot of jewelery, I'd consider that as an organizing idea for sure!

  16. I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a while, but am usually a lurker. The great giveaway has encouraged me to comment! My colour is turquoise!

  17. These wonderful purse hooks will surely help us get rid of the dirt and bacteria from the floor where our bags are usually placed.


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