Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Jeans and Food Item #10!!

Hi!  I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve posted!  I’ve never gone that long before.  The past week was hopping busy with a few dinners out with friends and family, swimming lessons, hockey practice and an out of town hockey game.   I’m sure I’m not the only one to hit the ground running this time of year.  I’m working the next 4 days than I’m off until January 3rd which I am looking forward to in a BIG way. 
The out of town hockey game we went to on Tuesday was awesome!  It was intense, fast and we WON!  The boys were pretty excited.  I was doubly excited because smack across the street from the rink was a mall.  CHA-CHING!  I didn’t have near as much time as I would’ve liked to look around, but I did find a great pair of jeans.  It’s tough for me to find pants that fit of the rack so when these worked I practically floated to the register to pay!  And I took some photos in the change room, of course!  ;)IMG_4463 IMG_4465
You like??  They were on sale, too, which just sweetened the deal!  LOL
Thursday and Friday were dinner out nights.  The first was with my family including my sister in law and niece and nephew from out of town.  It was awesome to see them!  Here’s my brother with the kids:
Love those kids!  Friday night was dinner with the girls at Boston Pizza.  The 4 of us range in age from 28-36 and are all at very different points in our lives but we get along famously and always have a blast together.  I didn’t take food pics at either meal because I wanted to really focus on the company I was with, not the food I was eating.  I do however, have some eats from the past week.  IMG_4485 IMG_4459 IMG_4468 IMG_4482 There were more oats than that, but did you notice the random ham, egg and croissant sandwich I snuck in there?  SO GOOD!!  I’m going to have to start buying a few croissants more often!  IMG_4460 IMG_4472 IMG_4481 IMG_4484 IMG_4461 IMG_4470 IMG_4483 And I’ve been enjoying some great tea that I won from Kelsey last week:IMG_4469 YUM!  Have you tried any of these flavours??
I can’t believe it, but we are at the final item of the week for the thanks & giving food drive!  Ten weeks went by super fast!  I cannot for the life of me find the photo that I took of item #10 and I already brought my stash to the food drive we hosted at work last week so I can’t retake it, but it’s CANNED FRIUT.  Just like this!

Please remember to send me a photo of your food drive stash so that I can post it here on Krista’s Kravings.  Email it to me at  Here's my stash:

Thanks for participating!!

Well, we’re off to DS’s hockey team’s  Christmas party shortly so I must go beautify myself!  LOL  Enjoy the rest of the weekend, friends!
Bye for now!!


  1. ow- I totally need to send you my stash picture :) Glad you've had such a fun week. Your brother's kids are SUPER cute. Lots of yummy eats. Your eggy picture made me want to have breakfast for dinner...I think that will definitely be happening. Enjoy the party

  2. you look smoking hot in your jeans!!!!!!!! are you sure you've really had kids?! :)

    and the spinach pizza...delish!

  3. I'm totally eying up that uber-spinach pizza. Mmmmm, spinach.

    And I can't believe I slacked off all these weeks on the food bank challenge. I have no excuse, seeing as I work in a freakin' grocery store. I'll have to get on top of that this week and send in a pic hopefully.

  4. Love the jean! It fits perfectly on you! :D

    I'll send u the food stash when I go back... I wanted to give it before I left but didn't have enough time. sorry :(

    Happy holidays to you Krista and your lovely family!

  5. Your jeans are way too cute, and look like they fit just perfectly. I will go out and get my next food item. I will be donating to a shelter when I go home. You can adopt a family at christmas so I usually find one that's really poor and has at least one girl so I can buy her a bunch of pink stuff. I usually don`t give food, but this year I will give the foods since I played along with your food game.


  6. Wowee--you are a busy lady that's for sure! Glad you get some time off though, it's always good to renew and recharge!!

  7. cute cute jeans! and boy oh boy you've been busy! glad you're gonna get some time off for the holiday though!

  8. Love your cute new jeans, Krista! My hubby has been on a real croissant kick lately...he would love that sandwich! Can't believe the food drive is over...I'll send you a picture of my stash as soon as I buy the canned fruit!

  9. omg Krista I love the jeans! I love that you can rock them! U look good in them jeans giiiiiiiiiiirllllllllll!!!! Love them!!!

    I wish I could send you the coconut creamer, if only it would stay cold!

    I love ya girl and if we lived closer we would be the best of friends! Seriously! U are awesome! I love that your daughter is my friend on facebook now too! She is so cute!

    Its almost christmas!!!!!

  10. Sexy jeans mama! I love those back pockets!
    Croissants are one of life's greatest pleasures, right? I love how buttery and flaky they are. It's been way too long since I've enjoyed one of those.
    I'm so happy you enjoyed some QT with the fam. Those kids are gorgeous :) Have a great weeek Krista! xox

  11. Glad the tea arrived safely <3 hehe. wow i was gonna say tho, mama is looking hot in her new jeans!!! gotta love change room pics, so fun :)

  12. LOVE the jeans!! I am like you, I get very excited when I find a pair of jeans that fit RIGHT off the rack! In fact I found 2 pairs at Black House White Market the other day, and they were on sale, which was amazing.

    I haven't tried those teas yet, but they are actually in our employee break room right now. I guess I am drawn to coffee too much to even think about tea!! hehe, yeah, bad, I know!

    Hope your week is going well, and Merry Christmas to you!

  13. love those jeans! gotta love getting things on sale :)

    Have a very happy holiday to you and your amazing family!

  14. I bet my sister in law wishes there were more malls nearby her sons' hockey rinks! With 3 sons she's ALWAYS driving them somewhere. I should tell her your strategy of squeezing in shopping during games. :)


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