Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow, Hockey and Food Item #8

Holy smokes I had a BUSY weekend!  This will be a picture heavy post because I spent the majority of the weekend at various arenas so there’s not too much to say.   We did get a crap load of snow which made the kids pretty happy!  Between games Saturday they bundled up for some tobogganing and snowman making:IMG_4304 IMG_4295 IMG_4296 IMG_4300 
I stayed warm inside with a mug of this:IMG_4303 Let’s just say that I don’t share the kids enthusiasm for the snow.  ;)
One of the Dad’s from the hockey team has a fabulous Canon and takes amazing photos at the games.  I asked if I could use some and was told to “knock myself out” so THANKS to Ken for the following photos! (some are from the tournament, some from random games in October & November)Oct 5 2010 2 Oct 2010 Nov 13 2010 Nov 27 2010 Oct 3 2010
The second (close up) photo has to be one of my all time favourite taken of him at hockey.  YAY!
The games Friday and Saturday were at 8 which meant getting to the rink by 7am.  I filled my belly with a bowl of Nature’s Path Flax porridge on morning and a farm fresh egg over whole grain toast another:IMG_4292 IMG_4284 This morning’s bowl of oats was eaten a little later in much brighter natural light:IMG_4311
Lunches had been a mixed bag.  Spinach salad at the rink, leftover chilli and the last bit of Greek yogurt with granola:IMG_4286 IMG_4306 IMG_4312 Friday night we went to Boston Pizza after hockey.  I ordered an individual Szechuan chicken pizza which was really yummy!IMG_4291 Saturday night the fam had lasagne so I made myself a panini with roasted turkey breast, cassata cheese and some Dijon mustard on the side for dipping;IMG_4310 Tonight was burger night which made me feel like it should be warm outside.  Ha-ha!  Mine was a veggie burger with smoky salsa, mustard, mayo pickle, cassata cheese and lettuce:IMG_4313 The only snack I had was Friday morning at work.IMG_4285
I tend to always have a morning snack through the week, but very rarely snack on the weekends.  I’m too distracted to think about being hungry so don’t actually eat until I AM hungry.  At my desk at work it’s easy to mistake boredom for hunger.  That and I do need extra fuel for the gym on weekdays.
On to what I feel thankful for this week.  I am thankful for the great parents on DS’s hockey team this year.  We spend so much time at the rink and there’s always company to pass the time with.  We have to be at the rink an hour before the game starts so there’s a lot of downtime waiting around and I’d have pulled my hair out by now without all these great people!  so, THANKS!  And for food item #8?  Check it out…IMG_4180 CRACKERS!  My food bank box is getting quite full.  How about yours??
Bye for now!!


  1. Oh my gosh, so much snow!! I haven't seen white like that since the blizzard that hit our town 11 years ago. Looks like they were having a blast!

  2. What a fun day! I went to a hockey game on Saturday. It's one of my favorite sports :)

  3. I love seeing all the snow! And I love the hockey pics!

    I have some catching up to do with the food bank items; I will do it soon... :-)

    Have a great week!

  4. That close up hockey pic IS a really good one, what a cutie!

    I'm none too impressed with this white stuff that's touched down. Couldn't it wait until christmas? I'm not ready for it yet!

  5. YES! My food box is getting packed- I am loving it. I will put crackers on this list. Glad you guys had a nice weekend. The hockey pics are fabulous. Makes me want a GOOD camera. And your chili is also making me want to mix up a batch of my own. Hope your week treats you well

  6. wooo! look that snow!!! I can't believe it's winter already! I love watching snow but don't like it when I have to go out. driving under the snow isn't fun!
    great pics of DS playing hockey! he looks so pro!!!
    same here.... during weekends I don't usually snack... but in weekdays when I'm bored or anxious, I can't stop snacking!

  7. Glad the kiddies are enjoying the snow--me, not so much! I am going to try and get out skiing sometime soon to make winter a bit more bearable. Have a fabulous week Krista!!

  8. We had our first snowfall this weekend! I was so thrilled...give it a month or two though, lol! Those are some really great hockey shots!

  9. It's funny (ironic) that you have so much snow when i'm not very far from you & we've only had a super light "dusting" that you could barely tell! lol!! Your eats as always look fabulous!!! Yum!!

  10. I am so not ready for the snow, but I am secretly really wanting to make a snowman lol


  11. It's pathetic to admit but my brother plays hockey and I have only been to ONE game!! I'm such a bad sister. He's good too, shame on me. I get cold in the arena though, and can never stay warm.

    Your eats look so delicious. I actually had a sunny-side-up egg with toast this weekend and it was my first time in a very long time. It was so delicious, I must do it more often!

  12. wowza the snow sure did come down quickly!!! that makes me wanna go sledding so bad :)

    glad there are so many great parents at the hockey games! things definitely get lonely and antsy without good people around.

    i feel ya on mistaking boredom for hunger. I do that so much!

  13. Busy weekend for sure! Hang in there, dear Krista :)


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