Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shake N Bake-Crispy Buffalo

Recently I was contacted by Allison from Shake n Bake to see if the Krista’s Kravings household would be interested in trying their newest flavour, Crispy Buffalo.  The whole kit included the crispy buffalo, football/hockey themes party plates, a tip sheet on how to throw a party and a gift cert for supplies.  Very generous, IMO.  Seeing as we are not a football family and even though we are definitely a hockey family it is for that reason that we were (regrettably) too busy to throw a party.  Allison agreed to send just the coating mix for us to try. YES!!IMG_3999
I love the new look of their packaging!  Very streamlined and to the point. (*note: even though I have bought Shake N Bake products many times before, this was sent to me at no charge)IMG_4000  
I decided to make this last weekend when DD was off at her Hallowe’en party.  She’s not a fan of Shake n Bake (I know!!) so I knew she wouldn’t miss it.  I had chicken breasts on hand and also used some of the coating on potatoes.  Here are the potatoes getting a shake!
Then my camera died and I had to charge it while everything baked so I would have some dinner photos!  DOH!  Here were are hot out of the oven!IMG_4004 The piece you see in the back with very little coating was DS’s.  I figured it would be a bit spicy for him so only used a bit.  I served it with a side of peas and corn, cuz that’s how we roll!  :)IMG_4005
I took notes as we ate so these are our thoughts:
  • DS-tastes like bacon (??), a bit too spicy BUT still super good!
  • Hubby-nice bite, great crispy coating, works awesome on the boneless chicken, not sure if I would like it as much with chicken “on the bone”
  • Me-same tangy smell as restaurant wings, good dose of heat, kept the chicken extremely moist
The consensus is that we all really enjoyed the Crispy Buffalo flavour!  I would definitely buy this product and at an approximate price of $2.39/box for two pouches, how can you go wrong???
Here’s a bit more information about Shake n Bake:
  • other flavours include extra crispy, original, parmesan (Mmm…), ranch & herb, herb & garlic, Italian, hot & spicy, BBQ glaze and original pork.  Something for everyone, if you ask me!
  • All varieties can be found in the pantry section of grocery stores nationwide
  • visit Shake & Bake to download discounts and find easy to prepare meals or snacks that the whole family will love
Some final thoughts:
  • You could most definitely use this on something other than chicken.  I was thinking that it would really jazz up some jumbo shrimp! 
  • This worked well on the potatoes, too.  Sweet potatoes would also be awesome
  • Takes no extra time or involvement to prepare.  Simply shake and bake!! :)
Have you ever used any brand of Shake & Bake?  If so, which one and what type of meat (or other food) did you use it one?  Would you try the new Crispy Buffalo flavour?  Did you find this review helpful?
Bye for now!!


  1. owww! I have one packet left- totally trying this on potatoes- what a great idea!

  2. lmho, I love DS's response! It tasting like bacon's definitely not a bad thing, though! :P

  3. It's been forever since I used Shake N Bake (when the teenager was a toddler). The flavor you tried sounds good. I like spicy food. And I like your idea to use it on shrimp.

  4. great post and eats :)

    and your comment to me about being homesick, yes i admit i miss my family! im sure as a mama you can relate :)

  5. I honestly don't even remember the last time I had shake n bake. Mom used to buy it when we were kids, but stopped, cuz none of us ever loved it. In fact, we liked her cracker crumb chicken much more :D The buffalo flavour does intrigue me though, mostly because I've never really tried buffalo, well, anything!

  6. I've seen this a few times online now and everytime I see it I remind myself I need to try it..I am a huge buffalo flavor fan :-)

  7. I love that you put them on potatoes! I love shake and bake. It's my favorite way to cook pork chops...yum!

  8. Thanks for the product review, Krista! Mmmm, love Shake n Bake, and that flavor sounds delicious. By the way, I'm so glad you liked the syrup! Thanks for telling me, you totally made my day! :)

  9. I love reading the answers to blogger survey questions!! So mousse soup is not good? Eww, doesn't sound good at all!

    I have never used Shake'nBake, but I'm not against it either. I never think to buy it. I usually just marinate my meats in some EVOO and vinegar, which is boring, but tasty all the time!

    I love the KitKat wrappers in Canada. They are so glossy and red. And really all the wrappers in Canada are slightly different than in the US. It's neat to see them on your blog!


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