Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tried A Few Things

Ola!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my American friends!  I hope your bellies are full and you’re surrounding by loved ones.  Maybe you’re resting up for some shopping tomorrow???  *wink wink*
I’ve bought and tried a few new (to me) products over the past few weeks and now that I’ve had a chance to try them all I wanted to post my thoughts on them.  First up is Bellagio Holiday Spice hot chocolate:IMG_4265 I’ve had Bellagio hot chocolate before in Orange pecan and and white chocolate and loved them both.  When I saw that Winners had brought some flavours back I had some trouble deciding which to try but reasoned that seeing as it’s coming close to holiday time that should be the one to buy.    And it’s really good!  It’s got a nice hint of clove and cinnamon which works well with the richness of the chocolate.   The same trip to Winners also “gifted” me some gingerbread syrup:IMG_4266 They also had vanilla, toasted marshmallow and hazelnut.  I’m glad I went with the gingerbread because now I can make my own, much cheaper, gingerbread misto’s!  And I have been doing so all week.  YUM!  I’ve also been dumping it in my oats which has been pretty much awesome.  :)IMG_4270 IMG_4258   The third item I tried I was not very fond of:IMG_4274 Soybutter.  These samples were up for grabs at Market Fresh and seeing as I’ve always been curious if this really tasted like PB, but didn’t ever want to commit to a whole jar, I grabbed one.  The kids would love to take PB&J sandwiches in their lunches again so I had high hopes.  I scooped that little bugger in my oats this morning and dug in:IMG_4276
At first I was pretty impressed so I had DD (who LOVES PB) clean out the little tub it came in.  She gave it a thumbs down right away.  Huh?  But the further I got into my oats, the more yucky it started to taste.  By the time I was nearing the end I had to stop eating.  YUCKY aftertaste!!!  BLAH!  I am super glad that I didn’t shell out the cash for a whole jar. Have you ever tried this?  Thoughts? And last, but not least, I found some Fig & Date Greek yogurt which I’ve seen on a few blogs.IMG_4269 Now this was good!  I know there are those that prefer unsweetened yogurt so that toppings/sweeteners of choice can be added, but I’ve never had an issue with it.  I can do both to be honest.  Bottom line is that I really enjoyed this!  I had some for lunch yesterday with granola;IMG_4272 And there you have it.  Four more food items to add to my repertoire!  LOL
In other eats…..I bought Taste of Nature and Lara Bars at Costco and have been eating my way through them before hitting the gym at lunch (which I haven’t posted about in some time, but I still go 4 times a week)IMG_4277 IMG_4253 IMG_4262 IMG_4271 Waffles have been eaten and thoroughly enjoyed!IMG_4273 IMG_4264
I have been eating my veggies!IMG_4278 IMG_4257 IMG_4267 And tonight I made a big pot of chilli.IMG_4279
I just threw a bunch of random ingredients in the pot.  Love that about stews and chilli’s.  This one had carrots, parsnips, celery, onion, corn, pork tenderloin, tomatoes, loads of spice.  It was delish!  I topped my bowl with crumbled blue cheese and extra Frank’s hot sauce.  IMG_4281 NOM NOM!
This weekend DS is in a hockey tourney which is thankfully in town.  He has 2 games tomorrow at 8am and 1:20pm.  It’s also a PD Day so no school will be missed.   Saturday brings 2 more games at 8am and 2pm.  Should be a good time!  I’m going to the first game tomorrow for sure and the goal is to have all my work done so I can get to game 2 as well.  I’ll be back Sunday with food item #8!
Bye for now!!


  1. I'm convinced there is a conspiracy and the Liberte date & fig yogurt isn't here, yet we have strawberry Greek yogurt instead. I think I'd rather have the fig & date! I also think there is a Winner's conspiracy, because I never find cool things like that when I go in there!

  2. mmm the hot chocolate sounds yummy. Bummer about the soy butter- I've never tried it (but won't rush to now ;) I love stews and chilis due to the "throw whatever you have in a pot" mentality too! Enjoy the games

  3. Oo that gingerbread syrup sounds super good--I'll have to be on the lookout for something similar!

  4. no matter how many i try soynut butter is just nothing compared to regular pb or ab!

  5. gingerbread syrup? Seriously I MUST find this!!! That hot chocolate sounds wonderful!


  6. I have to find some syrup like that!! Gingerbread oatmeal would be pretty amazing. :)

    I've tried soybutter before and didn't care for it. I can only handle soynuts in small quantities, so putting into a nut butter just didn't work for me..

  7. This post is full of yummy things! Gingerbread oats sound amazing and I've also been enjoying some hot chocolate lately! And wow does that yogurt look great -- need to find it! :)

  8. The syrup and the hot chocolate sound wonderful! Perfect for the season!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. gingerbread syrup and the bellagio...YUM!

    throwing things in a pot for chili, yep, that's the way to just DO IT! :)

    enjoy your weekend!

  10. You know what? I don't really like soybutter either! I'm so glad you didn't purchase an entire container because that would have been just painful to get through! Although I guess it could be used to bake with or something. In any case. Don't you love the simplicity that is the Larabar? I am still addicted to them! Have a great wknd sweet Krista!

  11. hot chocolate and gingerbread syrup sounds so interesting! I've never seen them before.... need to find them! :D
    soy nut butter? seems to be a good nut butter to try considering all the benefits of soy. sorry that it didn't taste good. Maybe because of the additional ingredients? roasted soy beans are pretty tasty!

  12. I buy the Starbucks cocoa/vanilla powder.. its something I can actually have and it tastes fabulous! I make cafe-mocha's all the time!

    As for the soybutter, I don't eat soy, but i've tried SunButter & it's SOOO good! Absolutely delicious! Well worth the price of the jar!!

  13. Look at all the deliciousness! I love the gingerbread syrup. I couldn't find any around me so I had to figure out how to make my own...haha.


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