Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Few Gems

I feel like I’ve been gone forever again!  LOL  My blogging “schedule” has certainly become anything but routine.  I just can’t seem to bring myself to sit down with my laptop when the weather’s been so nice!  To be honest, I use to prepare most of my posts from work, but extra responsibilities (which were obviously needed) have prevented me from doing that.  I do have a few things I wanted to update you all on, though.  Like some new (to me) eats!  Last Sunday we made the hour long trip to Whole Foods (and Lululemon) where I picked up a few gems.  IMG_5983
These 365 coconut frozen fruit bars are officially my favourite summer treat!  Not only are they pure coconutty goodness, but they’re chalk full of coconut pulp!  YUMMY!! I know some may dislike pulp, but I dig the texture of it….always have. IMG_5984
I L-O-V-E SOL burgers and these rice & mushrooms patties are no exception.  Jason actually found these and put them in the cart.  A year ago that NEVER would’ve happened!  LOLIMG_5985 These Green Cuisine tempeh burgers were also a find at Whole Foods.  I love the texture that tempeh has!  I mostly enjoyed these done up on the BBQ then served on an Ezekiel English muffin with goat gouda, spicy mustard and lettuce.IMG_5986 These Gardein Tucson breasts were a HIT with Jason and myself.IMG_5886   I’ve wanted to try Gardein for some time now, but just can’t justify the cost.  When I caught these on sale a few weeks ago, I snatched them up.  I served the “breasts” over a bed of WW couscous for a quick, delicious meal.IMG_5887   Even Jason, who is a total meat & potato kinda of guy, gave them a thumb up.  We’ve really been minding our plates lately.  Lots of fresh fruit (and veg), salmon, meat “alternatives” or poultry (the sausages in the following photos are all turkey sausages), quinoa and couscous perked up with various veggies and cheese.  We’re slowly moving to a “diet” (HATE that word) that is as local and fresh as possible which is SO much easier to do in the summer months. IMG_5674 IMG_5780 IMG_5820 IMG_5870 IMG_5929 IMG_5967 IMG_5981 IMG_5997
The beans you see ^^^ there are fresh from my garden.  As in, pick’em, wash’em gently steamed’em, ate’em! IMG_5964 IMG_5987
Here’s a look at how my other plants are getting on:IMG_5965 IMG_5962 IMG_5963 Everything is later than usual due to cold, wet weather in May & June, but things are starting to pick up!
We have been enjoying some treats, too!  Noah was at a sleep over last weekend so Jason, Sarah and I tried out a local “hole in the wall” type   Italian restaurant.  I find restaurants that are very unassuming usually have the BEST food and Pauli’s was no exception!  We loved our meal!IMG_5866 IMG_5867IMG_5868
Sarah’s Orangina brought me right back to Italy and my roasted onion, goat cheese, prosciutto pizza was to die for!  Jason ordered a chicken parm dish with a side of pasta which he inhaled.  All their sauces, dough’s, pasta, etc are homemade, on site.  The way it should be, right?  ;)
On to some non food goodies!  I wanted to show you a shirt and pair of shoes that I snagged at 50% off this past weekend!IMG_5995 IMG_5992 IMG_5994 LURVE!!!  The shoes are super cute and very comfortable and the shirt is in my fave colour!  SCORE!  And last week Jason and I attended an awards assembly at the school to see Noah receive a HEART award for cross county:IMG_5881 IMG_5876 Sarah also got a Win It award which is given for having a good attitude.  I think they got the wrong kid.  ;)  LOL  So proud of them both!  
So I think I’ll stop here.  I have a few other fun posts planned and a review coming later this week, so you’ll be seeing me more frequently….I promise!!
Bye for now!!


  1. ow! I totally want to try those coconut pops- they sound yummy! Gardein has a lot of great products. Josh is a big fan of the buffalo-ish tenders. I agree- hole in the wall places are always best. Congrats to the kiddos on the awards! I've missed you :)

  2. ah, what fun you've been having! i've been getting lots of fresh green beans in my produce box and just used a bunch yesterday with some onion, garlic, soy sauce and sesame seed oil! was so tasty and easy!

    congrats to the kiddos!

  3. you've tried so many new interesting products! I want to try them all, specially that coconut bar, sounds delish!!! :)

  4. Those frozen coconut bars look so refreshing...I will be on the lookout for them! Your garden produce is looking gorgeous!

  5. Bah - I haven't been out to WF in ages, because of not being in classes for the summer. It was so easy to just pop in on the way home from class and check out their new items. I might have to make a special trip into Vancouver just to hunt down those coconut bars. Yum!

    And hello there Green Cuisine - representing the west coast!

    Hope summer is treating you well :)

  6. Congrats to the kids on their awards!

    So glad you're having a fun summer and WOW very impressed with your garden.

    Have a wonderful week! Making a note to find those coconut bars. My sister lovessss those things.

  7. i can't but get sad when i see Green Cuisine's soy products just because i keep going back to the fact that the restaurant is burnt down! lol :( but they really make the best tempeh i think. and i always go for the BBQ flav. you chose the best one- mmmm i can taste it right now as i think of it!

    xoxo <3


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