Saturday, March 26, 2011

What’s For Dinner?

I finally spent some time downloading all my pictures and realized I had quite a few dinner photos on there so I thought I’d do a post focusing on what’s been on my dinners plate lately.  Here we go!
I tired my hand at a quick Kung Pao Chicken recipe that I found in a magazine (I think it was Chatelaine).IMG_5342   From what I remember, this dish came together super fast!  I opted to sub out the chicken for tofu seeing as I had a block in the fridge.  And I served it over pasta for greater kid appeal.  :)IMG_5343 The next day I mixed peas and corn into the leftovers and took them to work.IMG_5350  One night DD was away for dinner so the boys and I has cheese waffles (I just used a basic Bisquick mix and added 1 cup of grated marble cheese), eggs and broccoli:IMG_5408 And from my Clean Eating Magazine, I made cornmeal crusted sole fillets,  paired with corn and roasted sweet potatoes!IMG_5410 The day after I did groceries last week I made a massive stir fry.  As well as chicken, there was broccoli, red onion, green onions, snow peas, bell peppers and mushrooms.  I made a simple sauce with soy sauce, hoisin, dry sherry, OJ, ginger and garlic:IMG_5449 And there was also Mu Shu Pork with a side of basmati rice:IMG_5466 We had pasta for dinner the other night with one of my favourite, quick sauces; tuna.  Simply saut√© onion and garlic in olive oil, add 2 cans of tuna, a can of diced tomatoes, a small can of tomato sauce, capers and parsley.  Bring to a simmer and you’re good to go.  This time I also added 2 small, diced zucchini:IMG_5469 And the last 2 meals?  Curried chickpeas with rice and roasted chicken breast, mixed veggies and rice: IMG_5471 IMG_5484
And there you have a photo album of my meals!  What’s been on your dinner plate these days??
I’ll leave you with a GREAT photo I took of Pepper last week.  He was sitting pretty on the deck so I thought to take a pic.  As soon as I hit the “button”, he yawned.  But just look how fierce he looks!!!IMG_5442
Bye for now!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Enjoy Life Foods-Cookies and Chocolate Bars

A while back Enjoy Life Foods sent us some soft baked cookies and Choc√≥ Boom Bars to try out.  Seeing as there are a few children in the school my kids attend with severe food allergies, I’m always very careful about what I pack in their lunch bags.  I know that I am good to go sending them with any product made by this wonderful company. 
Here is some great information about Enjoy Life Foods products;
-All products are gluten free and allergy friendly
-All products are free of the top 8 allergens; wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish
-Most Enjoy Life Food products are also free of potatoes, sesame, sulphites and casein
-All products are tested down to 10 parts per million to ensure that they are gluten free
-Products contain no artificial ingredients, trans fats or GMO’s (genetically modified ingredients)
-Enjoy Life Food suppliers are required to complete non-contamination certificates
-The facility where the food is made is a dedicated nut and gluten free facility
Enjoy Life Foods carries such food items as soft baked cookies, chewy granola bars, chocolate bars/baking chips, cereal, granola, trail mixes and bagels.  To see my review of the trail mixes, click here.
As a family of 4 who are blessed to be (food) allergy free, I myself do not have to worry about what we eat, but if one of my children did have allergies or sensitivities, the Enjoy Life Products would sure make me feel at peace about what I was feeding them.  On to our thoughts and opinions!
The Cookies
DD-soft and fluffy
Me-nice ginger flavour, liked the sugar dusting, least grainy in consistency of the 3
DS-wasn’t sure about the “bite” (I think he meant the ginger)
DH-not bad, but not my favourite
Oatmeal Raisin
DD-didn’t try these because she doesn’t like raisins
DS-found the raisins too “hard”
DH-good, chewy, nice for a quick snack, best of the 3 flavours
Me-Liked the dense texture, but agree with DS in that the raisins were hard
DD-Soft, chocolaty, LOVED them
Me-full chocolate flavour, but a very grainy, almost sand-like texture
DH-not a huge brownie fan, but pretty good for a cookie
DS-liked these best, Mom, can you buy more of these!
The Chocolate Bars
I have to be honest here in that I pretty much hoarded these bars.  The only reason DD had any at all was because she happened to be with me when I opened the box.  LOL  My favourite of the 3 was hands down the dairy-free rice milk with crispy rice.IMG_4377 
I adore crispy rice in my chocolate!  Next up was the dairy-free rice milk bar.IMG_4376   This was my least fave.  I felt like I was almost straining to get the chocolate taste out of this bar.  This is the one I split with DD and she really liked it.  Said she couldn’t tell the difference between it and “real” chocolate.  The dark chocolate bar was very tasty, IMO and didn’t last very long at all. IMG_4378
I would most definitely buy the crispy rice bar and dark bar again.  I would not, however, purchase the plain one.  These bars are a nice size; not too big, but a decent portion.  Again, perfect for kids lunch boxes! 
So tell me, have you tried any of the above products?  Is your family allergy sensitive where you would need to purchase gluten free goods?  Hope you enjoyed this review!!
Bye for now!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Krista-Fest 2011

Hi!  How has everyone been holding up the past week?  I’ve been great!  I’ve been sitting here wondering where to start with this post, so I thought I’d go with my birthday!  Yes, March 16 saw me one year older.  And I love it!  I truly wouldn’t want to be any other age than 37 right now.  I look back to 17 and I was in a crap relationship and had zero self esteem, I look back to 27 and was Mom to a 3yr old and 2mth old, which was wonderful, but I love their ages now.  Yes, 37 is GOOD!  :)  And I was SPOLIED!!  My hubby bought me this beautiful necklace:IMG_5375  And the fam took me out for dinner to Milestone’s and a movie; Mars Needs Moms (my choice) the weekend before.  For dinner we started with balsamic bruschetta;IMG_5392 then I had a chicken masala dish over jasmine rice:IMG_5393 and my hubby had a seafood meal, also served over rice:IMG_5394 .  The food was just OK, but it was great to be out all together.  Here’s me and my girl!IMG_5388   The movie was really cute and projected an amazing message to kids.  Lord knows I got an extra tight hug before the kids went to bed that night!  On the actual day of my birthday DS had a soccer tournament, but I’ll get to that in another post.  Between the 2 morning games a group of us went out for breakfast to a popular breakfast joint here in town.  I was feeling a Belgian waffle so I went that route.  This baby came with custard, whip cream and fruit (which I had on the side) IMG_5418 IMG_5419
I got through a good three quarters of that beast before I waved my white flag!  T’was delicious!  My hubby’s plate was pretty impressive. Check it out…IMG_5420    That evening my hubby made us a great Buffalo Chicken Salad from a recipe he found in my Clean Eating magazine:IMG_5426
I think he did a fabulous job!  This is what our plates looked like:IMG_5428 IMG_5427  And of course there was cake!IMG_5429  Last night was a b-day dinner at my parents house. Chuckle chuckle!!  Mom made lasagna which I always pass on…too heavy…but I did enjoy the rest of the meal; asparagus, sweet potatoes, steak, pork tenderloin and lentil salad!IMG_5460 And my sista made me a gigantic chocolate cake!!!IMG_5461 IMG_5464 Krista-fest ended at lunch today.  My boss always takes us gals out for a birthday lunch and today was the day.  We went to my newest favourite joint, a little cafe called The Red Brick Cafe.  My hubby and I discovered this place a few weeks back and haven’t been able to get enough of the place since.  We’ve only been there for coffee and dessert so I was excited to try lunch.  I went with a 1/2 portabello/goat cheese panini and veggies’ with hummus:IMG_5465 
Doesn’t that look like a picture from a magazine???  I’m so proud.  HAHA  It was a great lunch and I’m very lucky to have so many people to celebrate with.  I’m such a spoiled brat!  LOL
So thank you for reading all about my week long birthday celebration!  :)  I’m hoping to get a food recap posted tomorrow or Wednesday.  Now that hockey is done I have some free time on my hands.  Yipee!!!!
Bye for now!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Whole Grain Bread and New Furniture

Last Sunday night I prepared and baked a loaf of Erica’s Multi Grain Bread.IMG_5328 This recipe is so easy to throw together and tastes fabulous on it’s own, with savoury toppings or sweet ones.  Along with eating it straight up a few times this week, I’ve also spread Fruit & Nut butter on it (thought I had a photo, but I don’t seem too) and I’ve dolled it up with avocado/LC cheese mash:IMG_5341 I’ve even turned it into scrumptious French Toast!IMG_5363
I drizzled it with this agave:
I find that this bread lasts a solid week if kept tightly wrapped in the fridge.IMG_5327
In other news, DS’s hockey season came to a close on Tuesday.  It’s bittersweet for me because I know he loves to play so I’m sad for him that it’s done, but I am very excited that my weekend (and most weeknights) will now be free to do as I please without having to plan around out of town or mid afternoon hockey games.
We also bought new living room furniture last weekend which has now taken up residence in our living room.  I’m not sure how the exact placement will end up because the chairs are bigger than I thought they’d be, but I know that if I just let it be for a bit it’ll come to me.  Here’s what the room looked like before with our old, well worn stuff:IMG_5331 IMG_5333
(Just ignore the mess around the couch, please!!)  And with the new, improved pieces!IMG_5360 IMG_5359
Much, much better!!
Monday night I set the crock pot to make a big batch of steel cut oats.  I used 2 cups of the oats, 2 cups of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze and 6 cups of water.  It worked it’s magic for just over 8hrs.  My hubby and I have been eating it everyday since!  Here are my portions, all dolled up: IMG_5367 IMG_5334 IMG_5339 IMG_5348 Something really unusual happened this morning.  I let this fur ball:IMG_5255 
out on to our deck (he likes to go outside for a bit in the morning before I leave for work) and as I was at the sink doing the dishes I looked out the window and another cat was up on the deck railing teasing him!  Now, our deck is not ground floor; it’s a second story baby.  This was taken in the summer, but gives you an idea of the height:IMG_2854 Here’s the scene this a.m.! (note the crap load of snow we were once again “blessed” with)IMG_5362 IMG_5361
The only way I can figure this cat got up here was by scaling the support post.  Now that’s determination.  Poor Pepper was poofed up like a blow fish!!  LOL  Can’t say I’m too impressed, though, because my cats are declawed and the deck is was their only safe haven outdoors.  *sigh*
Well, that’s all for me on this fine Friday night.  Tomorrow I have plans to help my parents source out some outdoor playsets for my niece and nephew.  I’m sure my kids will try to hop on, too!  Bring on summer!!!
Bye for now!