Monday, January 16, 2012

The Works

This past Saturday we went out to dinner (and a movie) to celebrate Jason's birthday.  A new burger joint called The Works, which originated in Ottawa, just opened up in our area and we'd heard rave reviews so decided to try it out.

What a GREAT place!  The service was top notch, the decor funky, the atmosphere laid back and the food spectacular!  Check out the neat salt & pepper shakers:
No sooner did we get the menu's that the kids zoomed in on milk shakes.  I was leery on letting them get one because I didn't want the bellies too full, but the waiter convinced me that the small ones were not too big.  And wouldn't you know that they came out in Pyrex measuring cups?!  Noah went with Oreo (even though you could create you own combo!):
Sarah was a tad more adventurous and ordered chocolate, chocolate chip blackberry:
Even my water came in a 2 cup measuring cup!
Now, I had heard that the menu options were quite extensive; 60 choices to be exact, so we all took a peek at the menu online earlier in the day.  Here's what they have to say about their patties:
And the protein options to choose from:
Armed with our decisions, we order right away since the place was filling up and we needed to out of there in time to make it to our show.  Noah ordered the "Mac & Cheese" which we all assumed was just that.  Oh no!  What came out was a burger TOPPED with mac & cheese and cheddar:
After giving it a really strange look he shrugged his shoulders, grabbed the ketchup and proceeded to polish it off.  He didn't make it through the fries, though!  Sarah, who unlike me loves meat, ordered the "Richie's Butt Burger" which was topped with grilled Canadian back bacon and cheddar cheese:
She made short work of that!  I just can't figure out where she puts it all!  Jason went with the "Sorento Sunset" which had fresh avocado slices and Monterey Jack cheese on it:
I chose the "Johnny Be Goat" with no bun.  Thankfully, there burgers are gluten free!  Mine was topped with roasted red peppers, spinach and goat cheese:
As delicious as it was, I'm just not a huge fan of meat so I made it through most of the burger and ALL the toppings.  Jason had no problem finishing of my patty.  ;)  We all had sweet potato fires except for Noah who had regular ones.  And now for some goofy family pictures!

The movie we went to see was "We Bought a Zoo" with Matt Damon.  what an amazing movie!  Have you seen it yet?  When we got home there was just enough time for Noah to get a quick snuggle from Pepper:
Have you tried a new to you restaurant lately?

Bye for now!!


  1. What a cool spot! Love the cups. Mac n cheese on a burger is def unique. We are going to a new to us restaurant next weekend

  2. Ah, what a fun dinner spot! Mac and cheese on a burger..that's interesting!

    Haven't tried a new place lately because I'm stingy, haha, but maybe Whit will convince me to go somewhere soon! :)

  3. I love your cute little family. Actually, not so little anymore! Noah and Sarah are getting so big. Ya gotta let them enjoy those milkshakes while they still can :).

  4. What a fun family outing! I've never heard of mac & cheese on a a burger. I love the salt and pepper shaker and the pyrex cups!

    Have a great week!

  5. The S&P shakers rock!! All the food looks delicious! Love the "butt" burger!! lol! Great pics!! :)

  6. That restaurant looks really cool! I love their use of light bulbs and measuring cups. Glad you all had a fun time!

    We haven't seen We Bought a Zoo yet but we did see the new Mission Impossible. It was so-so. More hype than anything..

  7. I love finding a great burger joint, especially one that gives you options to get creative. Sounds like they have a great menu, and looks like you had a great time with the family!

  8. this place looks really funky, so fun that the bring water in measuring cup!!!
    I haven't tried new restaurants lately because it's so col outside, I just want stay at home! :)


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