Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dusting Off My Oven

Hello friends!!  How is everyone’s week going so far?  We are definitely seeing a change of seasons in these parts; the air is crisper, some leaves are changing colour, the apple trees are heavy with fruit……fall is without a doubt licking at summers feet!  The cooler evenings have been poking at the “baker” hibernating inside to let me know that it’s A-OK to crank the oven up and get the aroma of goodies in the air.  I’ve already baked up some delicious gluten free zucchini muffins which didn’t last very long at all!  IMG_6298 Something I’ve really been missing since trying out this gluten free diet is granola.  I did buy a bag of Bakery On Main Cranberry Orange Cashew granola, but before I could try it more than once a mouse got into our pantry and ate a hole through the bag.  But that is another story!  DOH!!  So after hearing my friend rave about a granola recipe her husband had made, I emailed him requesting the it.  Turns out it’s from the Quinoa 365 cookbook which I then borrowed from a co worker.  The only change my friend made to the recipe was to replace 1 cup of the rolled oats for quinoa flakes so I followed suit.  The following photos were taken at night and don’t do this recipe justice, but let me tell you….IT WAS AMAZING!!!IMG_6313 IMG_6312 Jason and I had to sequester ourselves in the living room because we were eating it by the handful straight from the oven.  LOL  The recipe made 7 cups which just fit into my 4 litre storage container!IMG_6316   Here’s what’s left.IMG_6353 We’ve enjoyed it with yogurt, as a cereal with milk (I’ve been using So Delicious Coconut Milk) and as a topping for oats.  This recipe alone has convinced me to order the book.  Can’t wait to receive my copy!  The next recipe I toyed with was the result of an advertisement for sunflower seed butter that I found in a Clean Eating Magazine for trail mix cookies.IMG_6338
I didn’t have any sunflower seed butter, but I did have a jar of peanut, cashew, dried fruit butter that was begging for some attention!  Here’s a peek at the bowl pre mixing:IMG_6337
I love recipes where you just dump all the ingredients in one bowl and mix!  After some serious stirring to incorporate the ingredients…necessary due to the fact that I do not own a stand mixer….and some careful 2 tbsp-per-cookie-measuring, I had 26 beauties ready for the oven.IMG_6345 These made the house smell fantastic!  We could hardly wait for them to cool down before diving in.IMG_6346 Sarah doesn’t like dried fruit so she’s been missing out on some pretty tasty cookies!  Noah just adores them and they’re good for him, too!IMG_6348 I’ve been eating 2 just about an hour before hitting the gym which has been working out well.  No PB burps like some bars can give.  ;)
Other than baking I’ve been hanging out at the soccer field:IMG_1771 IMG_1662 IMG_1665 IMG_1748
And working on the finishing touches of our rec room renovation.  Here’s a sneak peek of a before and (an almost finished) after: IMG_0457IMG_6204
I’ll be doing a full before and after post just as soon as it’s complete.  We just bought some shelving from IKEA this weekend that will go on either side of the fireplace/TV, there’s some artwork to be hung and I have to pick out some window treatments.  *Almost* there!
Before I sign off, have you checked out Krista’s Kraving’s facebook page yet?  That’s where I post all the new (to me) gluten free eats I’ve been trying, my pantry basics and little tidbits of info here and there.  I also post recipe and review links once a week.  Check it out!!
What have YOU been baking lately??
Bye for now!!


  1. Oh man!! You're killing me here! lol! Your baked goodies all look amazing... I'd kill to be able to dig into those trail mix cookies!! Yum!

  2. Mmm both the granola and cookies look fantastic! Loving the gf baking options. I am excited for apples and pumpkin, but not for chilly weather!

  3. Hurray for Quinoa 365! So many great recipes for sure.

    I haven't been baking much lately, simply due to time. I did make the Almond Joy bars from Mama Pea's cookbook recently, but that's about it. I should really get around to baking up some snacks to take to school.

  4. sloop! you ve been doing some serious baking there! they all look delicious! looking forward to see the full after post, it's looking very nice so far!

  5. The granola sounds great! And Quinoa 365 sounds like a great book! The cookies sound good, too! I haven't baked anything in a LONG time. I think it's about time to change that! :)

  6. Oh boy, I wish it were cool enough for me to bake! I haven't opened my oven in what seems like forever! I will be soon...now i just have to decide what to bake first!

  7. wow, awesome renovation! It's amazing how much a room can chance by just putting down some hard wood floors and new furniture. Every time I come home my parents have changed the house in some way. This time they've stripped every last bit of carpet up and put down hard wood...so I'm sure it won't even look like my house anymore!

  8. My mom has that quinoa cookbook and I have made several of the recipes from it and they always turnout great! I need to get my own copy.
    I also love Clean Eating Magazine (the recipe, that is...not their information, which tends to be inaccurate at times).
    I made my first gluten free cookie the other day, and some butternut squash cookies. More baking than usual!

  9. Oooh, does that granola look good! I've been thinking of whipping up a batch lately and now I'm really inspired! Your rec room is gorgeous, Krista!

  10. you have quite the baker's touch!!!

    my oh my that all looks wonderful. bet the kiddies are so happy when they see you whipping up these yummy treats. :)

    i haven't baked in foreverrrr. it gets so hot in our little apartment when we turn on the oven. hopefully when it gets cooler out we can have a baking fiesta :)


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