Thursday, August 25, 2011

Foodless Friday-Camera Randomness

There are 2 places you will find my point and shoot camera; my purse or the dining room table.  Noah knows both these places well.  Every now and again when I download photos to my laptop I find pictures that he's taken without me knowing about it.  Below are what I found on my camera from the past month or so, courtesy of my photographer-in-training.  ;)
 Our new fireplace
 My tomatoes
 I think this is the bridge to the USA
 Sarah enjoying a cake pop at Starbucks
 Looks like a half eaten dinner
 Not really sure what he was doing here...
 Yeah...that's me....close up....
 And Jason, too!
 Flowers at the farm
 More flowers
 Yet more...
Daisy the Boston Terrier
 Coal the Pug
 Turbo the pug/terrier mix
And Sarah, again.  So there you have it.  Sixteen works of art by my nine yr old son!  Have a great weekend!!

Bye for now!!


  1. These are fun pics! :) Good job Noah!

  2. Haha-thats awesome! Love the pictures of the pup and half eaten meal

  3. I love photo randomness! And I love that Noah likes to play with your camera!

  4. Ahh fun! Mike will take my camera all the time and take random photos. It's always funny to find them. :P

  5. Look at all these fun pictures! Love that fireplace. That will be perfect come winter time :)

  6. Great pics! Love the close-ups.... Haha!! Are you gonna blow those ones up poster size?! ;)

  7. those cake pops are so cute at starbucks! i only just noticed them about a week ago "hey, when did these get here!?" lol.. the look quite delish!

    btw, i love your close up :) :)

  8. Amazing! He's better at taking pictures than I am :) Seriously, I need a new camera, pronto.

    Your tomatoes look like they are nice and full. So far we've produced about ten, with a few more to go. I'm loving it.

  9. this is such a fun post!!!!

    you should totally have a series like this on a regular basis hehe.

    tell him he took some great pics!


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