Sunday, February 19, 2012

Camera Randomness

Good morning!  Is everyone enjoying the weekend thus far?  This is a 3 day weekend for us thanks to Monday being family day!  Looking forward to NO alarm tomorrow morning.  LOL  Anyways, the kids are busy watching movies this morning so I decided it was high time to clean up the pictures that have been lingering on my camera.  Thought I’d share a few with you!
First, last Friday we went to Casey’s for dinner and I was (happily) surprised to see that they now have a gluten free menu!  I haven’t had pasta in a restaurant for ages so I dove right into a bowl of Jambalaya with corn penne.  The flash went off when I took the picture so I took another of the leftovers that I ate for lunch yesterday:IMG_6799  Nicely done!  I also enjoyed a PB ice cream/brownie “mini” dessert.IMG_6798 I’m not a fan of whipped cream so that went to Jason’s dessert, but I was all over the brownies!!  YUM!
Speaking of pasta, I’ve collected a few noodle-y meals on the ole camera:IMG_6595 IMG_5618 The above was from a bit ago, but I remember it because I had made a wicked seafood sauce!
IMG_5674 IMG_6192 ^^^Pad Thai; also from Casey’s back in the summer…^^^
IMG_6356 ^^^Rice noodles with homemade clam sauce^^^
IMG_6591  ^^^Rice pasta bakes with ground turkey, spinach and provolone cheese.
I’ve also seem to have collected many breakfast pictures over the last few months: IMG_0443 IMG_5499 IMG_5665 IMG_5676 IMG_5891 IMG_6276 IMG_6283 IMG_6323 IMG_6336 And eggs!  I seem to eat more eggs than I thought!  I’m a little quirky with my eggs in that I really don’t like them for breakfast.  I mainly eat them for lunch or, on occasion, for a quick dinner. IMG_0355 IMG_5752 IMG_5813  IMG_6222
Here’s a coupla kitten pictures!IMG_6793 IMG_6800 What a face!!   :)  I think I’ll leave the photos at that.  There’s plenty more, but I’d like to get them in some sort of order for a proper post!  :)
Before I go I wan tot remind you to check out the House of Tsang giveaway I’m hosting.  There’s still time to enter!!
Bye for now!!


  1. Enjoy the three day weekend! Lots of yummy eats. Don't like whipped cream?? Whattt? I love! I could have a bowl for dessert alone. And eggs for dinner is fabulous

  2. So many yumminess! I love all the pasta dishes, so delicious! :)

  3. Tasty! The rice noodles with clam sauce sound especially tasty!

    Have a great week!

  4. Hope you enjoyed the long weekend! Everything looks delicious, especially that cheesy pasta bake with ground turkey! I'm a huge fan of eggs for lunch or dinner too. :)

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