Thursday, January 3, 2013

Two Feasts!

Happy New Year!!!  I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday season packed full of family, fun and good eats!  I know I sure did!  Our Christmas Day meal was enjoyed at my parents place.  Mom always puts on a great feast!

Turkey and ham, of course!  Mom gave me the ham bone and I made a rich, delicious split pea soup with it last week.  Mmmm...I should really post the recipe soon!!
 Sweet potatoes topped with a pecan crumble....
 Cheesy mashed potatoes....
 Crisp green beans....
And stuffing.....with bacon....enough said!  I'm still pretty much gluten free so no stuffing for me, but you bet I stole some of that bacon!!  :)
 Tiramisu.....the BEST dessert ever!!!
Mom also made a plate of Cannoli.  I ate the creamy stuffing out of two shells....yum!

For the past 5 years I have hosted the New Year's Day dinner festivities for my family.  Because I had to work a few days over the holidays, I wanted a stress free meal; something that didn't require a load of time, but still tasted great.  After flipping through many a recipe book I decided to make a pot roast form The Looneyspoons Collection, page 203 to be exact!  Here are the results;
 Top sirloin roast with cabbage wedges...
Potatoes and pearl onions (cooked with cabbage & roast)...
 Steamed asparagus sprinkled with feta cheese...
And buttery buns.  Dessert was a BIG apple pie from Costco.....
 And a Banana chocolate chip bread pudding, also from The Looneyspoons Collection.....
There was plenty of vanilla bean ice cream and real whip cream to go along with the desserts!

Aside from all the great eats that happened over the course of the holiday's, I was fortunate enough to spend lots of quality time with family, long time friends and getting to know some new, exciting friends.  Life is GOOD!  :)

Tell me a highlight from your holiday season!!  Also, now that I am the proud owner of an iphone 5 (!!!), I've hopped on the Instagram bandwagon.  You can follow me at kristam19....

Bye for now!!


  1. Your daughter looks so grown up!! Gorgeous. Beautiful family :) Delicious meals. I'd be all about those Cannolis...mmm. Your bread pudding looks pretty darn amazing too. Hope you guys are doing well. Kaylin meeting Minnie was the highlight of my holiday season :) And time with family!!

  2. Everything looks sooo good! YUM! Woot on the new iPhone!! Fun! :)

    OMG! look at how tall dd is now! WOW!! She is a gorgeous girl, gonna have to lock her up soon! ;) lol!!

  3. Happy New Year Krista! Looks like you had some awesome feasts over the holiday season. I think my highlight of the holidays was getting to spend so much of it with the boyfriend - we were able to spend time with each of our families which was great :)

  4. Happy New Year, Krista!

    All the food looks delicious! I want some of that Tiramisu! :)

    Great family photo!

  5. You have one good look'n family! Your daughter is growing up so fast!!! Glad you had a great holiday season, and some good food!! Looks great!


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