Sunday, November 14, 2010

Coupon Junkie & Food Item #6

Hi everybody!  I know I’ve been gone longer than usual, but I’ve been nursing blasted head cold and haven’t been very motivated the past few days.  But I’m back today with a tank full to post about.  Ready. Set. Go!!
Do you use/like coupons?  I admit that I am a coupon clipper extraordinaire!  Mostly with grocery items, but also cosmetics/cat products/household items.  Here is a sample of what I usually lug to the store with me come “shopping” day: IMG_4169 Just on the food ones alone I saved almost $7.50.  Every penny counts, right?  Now I can go spend that $7.50 at Starbucks!  I kid……maybe.  :)  I only have a few “rules” that I follow when using coupons so here they are:
  1. I only save coupons for items that I would normally buy.  To me it’s not a deal if I’m purchasing something I wouldn’t otherwise buy.
  2. I don’t use coupons that are “buy 2, save $x.xx”.  Usually coupons toting that are for items that I wouldn’t generally buy 2 of so when you boil it down I’m not saving anything.  I’m actually spending more.
  3. If my grocery store doesn’t carry the item that I have a coupon for I will not drive to another store simply to use it.  Again, no saving there.
  4. Lastly, if I still have a coupon in my purse after 2 grocery trips chances are I won’t use it so I get rid of it.
It isn’t always easy to find good coupons online in Canada.  The site I use the most is called  They usually have some pretty great deals.  Most of my coupons are clipped out of magazines, though.  I’d love for you to share your coupon tips in the comment section.  I’m always game for new ways to save!
The weather in these parts has been downright dreary this past week.  And I’m not the only one in this house with a cold.  My hubby and DD have it, too.  I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed that DS is spared.  In trying to stay warm and keep my nose clear all at once I’ve been drinking lots of hot fluid.  My favourite thing to make has been tea lattes.  I’ve been combining 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze with a 1/2 cup of water and a teabag (the flavour varies) in a sauce pot.  I let the mixture get to just about the boiling point then it gets turned off and left alone to steep for 5 minutes.  Heavenly.  I made this one last night:IMG_3911 IMG_3912
So comforting.  I sipped on it while browsing through my newest cookbook! 
So far I’m really liking the looks of this book.  I plan on making a few recipes then writing up a review for you. 
Next on the “post of the day” agenda is FOOD!!!IMG_4176 IMG_4145 IMG_4158 IMG_4166 IMG_4172 WOW!  That’s a lot of oats!  But they’re not all the same oats; there’s kamut flakes, steel cut oats, Quaker oats and Only Oats in the mix.  IMG_4173 IMG_4147 IMG_4159 There’s been some snacking;IMG_4168 IMG_4146 IMG_4160 One night I defrosted some quinoa stew and served it with garlic toast and grated red pepper goat cheese:IMG_4155 IMG_4154 I’ve been into pizza more lately than I have in years.  One night I baked a Ristorante pizza which served as dinner and lunch the next day:IMG_4163IMG_4170  And we got pizza on the way home from DS’s game yesterday because the kids school was running a promo where you get one medium, one topping pizza for $3.99 and $.50 gets donated back to the school.   We also picked up a bruschetta pizza as one just wouldn’t have been enough for the 4 of us.   IMG_4175 
I ate 2 slices of that and have 2 left for today’s lunch.  And lastly, the day my cold was at it’s worst I had eggs and toast; my comfort food when under the weather.IMG_4171 On to what I am thankful for this week.    That would be my job.  It’s not my dream job by any means, but they pay is great, the benefits even better and I work with a good group of ladies, including my awesome boss.  I know that there are people who would love the job that I landed so when I’m feeling a little blue about it I remind myself of that.  The benefit plan is really good and when combined with my hubby’s we get all our med’s and dental visits “free”.  That’s HUGE for a family of 4.  And now for food item #6….already!!  Only 4 more to go after this!!!IMG_3991 BEANS!  Any kind will do here for sure.  Be sure to add it to your grocery list this week!  Remember that you can always check the Thanks & Giving tab at the top of the blog for items #1-5. 
I’ll sign off with a picture of DS after a sleepover Friday night and an out of town game yesterday afternoon:IMG_4174 Done like dinner!  :)
Bye for now!!


  1. Your pizza looks so good, and I broke out my holiday teas the other day! I absolutely love them. I will go get my 6th food item today. Enjoy the rest of your day!


  2. I have missed you! How are you? I'm so sorry you've been sicking- I hope it goes away quick. All those liquids will definitely help. The first bowl of oats (kamut flakes?) looks super tasty. Love a chunkier bowl. And we've been into pizza too. Adding beans to my list!

  3. I use coupons for sure, not all the time, but like you, for stuff I usually buy. I don't buy much in the way of processed foods, so use them for diapers, personal items, some of the "junk" stuff that the family eats once in a while, etc.. lol!

    And your pizza pics look sooo good! Man I miss Pizza! lol!!!

  4. Hope you're feeling better!

    I love, love coupons!! Although I've been using them less because I've gotten into buying generic brands when possible. I'll use to "buy 2, save XX" with cereal cause I go through that stuff way to fast- might as well stock up and save if I'll actually eat the stuff.

  5. Sorry you didn't feel well! Hope you are all better!

    I'm not very good about using coupons (mainly because I don't have a good "system").

    Looking forward to your reviews of some of the recipes in the cookbook!

    Have a great week!

  6. I'm so not a coupon person. Can't be bothered to try and organize them and keep track. Plus we don't really get alot in the mail or newspaper worth using, because I just don't buy most of the products.

    Do you ever have troubles using ones from online? I know at my store, we won't accept any printed from online, because there are many that are fake.

  7. I am a huge coupon fan too!! You can save so much money. Being so young, most of my friends think it's funny that I clip/use coupons, but hey, I'm the one saving money right?! And I really wanted to get that cookbook--I'll be anxious to hear what you think of it!

  8. I'm just getting over a cold myself...I think it's the crazy hot and cold weather! I'm glad you're feeling better, Krista! I'm a coupon girl too...I agree, it's so much better to spend the extra money on fun things like coffee! ;) The pizzas look yummy!

  9. My coupon-using rules are exactly like yours! Horay for coupon-efficient women! ;)
    tea latte sounds really good... I'm sick now so I guess it's going to help. :)

  10. I love your coupon tips, especially that last one. I have been known to carry a coupon with me several times to the store, and NEVER use it. I think I will start following your 2 times rule! IT makes sense to me.

    So the Rachael Ray cookbook is a good one? I can't stand her show but I love her magazine. I may have to check it out.

    I do the same thing with my job. Whenever someone goes wrong I remind myself how lucky I am to have scored such a fabulous job. All jobs have their downsides, and some have more than others. Mine is great, so a few bumpy roads is just fine with me.

  11. oh gosh i hope you are feeling better! being sick sickly is the worst :(

    coupons are my favorite! i kind of feel guilty when i whip out a whole bunch of them at the cash register.. but ya know, companies put them out there for good use!

    your job does sound like it has awesome benefits! i need one of those asap lol


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