Monday, February 7, 2011

Enjoying a Meal or Three

So here we are at Monday again, huh?  The weeks seem to be flying by so fast; I can hardly believe we’re into the second week of February!  My day to day schedule has pretty much remained the same….hockey, dance, Pilates, hockey, soccer, hockey….you know the drill, right?  But this past week I have made, eaten and enjoyed many a delicious meal.  I’ll be focusing on these goodies in today’s post.
Tuesday night I tried a recipe for Mu Shu Chicken that I found in Prevention magazine.  IMG_5012   This meal came together WAY faster than I expected so dinner ended up being a little earlier than usual, but I’ve definitely filed that information away for a day when we need something fast, nutritious and tasty!IMG_5012  
I had no coleslaw mix or scallions so I used Swiss chard and an orange bell pepper instead.  We enjoyed the mixture nestled in WW wraps:  IMG_5011 Even my picky-as-sin son gobbled this meal up!  LOL  The next day I mixed the bit of leftovers with a quarter cup cooked WW couscous.  IMG_5022 Yummy!
We had some pretty blustery, winter weather Wednesday which resulted in my office and the schools being shut down for the day (YAY!!) so I got to stay home with my kiddie’s.  Unfortunately my hubby’s workplace never closes so he had to go in for the day.  Boo!  I did not get out of my PJ’s, but did make a fabulous pot of chilli for dinner.  IMG_5068
I found 4 bison burger patties in the freezer so I broke them up and  combined them with some diced onion and garlic, then added a can of black beans, chickpeas, diced Italian style tomatoes, tomato sauce, corn and loads of spices.   IMG_5030
As you can see in the photo we topped our bowls off with grated havarti cheese and fresh cilantro.  The perfect cold day meal!  Friday night was kept simple because we had to head out of town after dinner.  I grilled a chicken breast then topped it with mango chutney and havarti cheese.  I used roasted asparagus as a side:IMG_5038 And tonight was good ole pasta!IMG_5069 Lunches have also been grand affairs lately.  I scored this gem of a bagel at lunch last Thursday:  IMG_5034
It was SO GOOD!!!  I was inspired to make a similar version at home on Saturday.  On a crusty ciabatta bun I layered whipped cream cheese, grilled chicken breast, tomato, roasted red pepper and avocado.  Then I pressed the sandwich in my George Foreman grill (I had to hold the lid down) for about 5 minutes.  I was rewarded with this amazing creation!IMG_5043 IMG_5042
Breakfast around here for me rarely stray’s from some form of oats, but seeing as I had time on Wednesday I made us some waffles with dark chocolate chips and homemade strawberry sauce,IMG_5014 I’ve had a few tasty snacks along the way, too…IMG_5033 IMG_4804 IMG_4927 IMG_5010
Tell me what foods/meals you’ve been enjoying lately!!  I’ll sign off with a few pictures of the kids enjoying all the snow we’ve gotten!IMG_5023 IMG_5028 IMG_5024 IMG_5025 IMG_5026
Bye for now!!


  1. Love the snow pics!!!

    Your meals sound great! Now I'm craving chili. I'll have to make some soon!

    Hubby (and I) made Korean dumplings on Saturday, and they turned out great. I also used them in a rice cake/dumpling/tofu soup the next day.

  2. The weeks are definitely flying by - it's scary!

    Such colorful meals, yum!

  3. Looks like they were having so much fun in the snow!! The meals looks really good, too. I've been loving sandwiches lately so that ciabatta sandwich looks amazing.

  4. It looks like the kids are having so much fun in the snow! I love bagel sandwiches, I think they make the best bases :) Hope you have a great week.

  5. Look at all these amazing food you've been eating! So many varieties!!!
    And those snow pics, so fun!!! Snow are fun to play with but not when you need to work! I remembered the snow storm we had last year, it made me trapped at home for a week!

  6. Most recently I've had the chance to enjoy some of the foodie festivals going on in Vancouver right now - specifically a night of awesome Japanese for Dine Out, and a fancy hot chocolate at the Hot Chocolate Festival. Yum!

  7. I've been craving chili lately--I love the idea of bison meat in chili too. It's great! And looks like the kiddos are having a ball in the snow! I used to love when we'd get pounded with tons, but now I dread it! haha

  8. Looks like some really delicious meals!!

  9. Fun snow pics, Krista! Your mu shu chicken looks fantastic -- and the leftovers look just as good as the original meal! Love that bagelwich too!

  10. i have become so addicted to the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabars!! i grabbed one a few weeks ago before teaching my yoga class and i fell in love with them. i liked how they were the lowest in sugar too!

    need to make a chicken wrap soon! and swiss chard is so delicious with chicken- it probably worked out better than the scallions/coleslaw anyways!

    xoxo <3

  11. oh my goodness! Look at all that snow! Glad y'all had a snow day! Lots of great eats around your house. The chili looks especially amazing! Sorry I've been MIA! I will finally be back with a post tomorrow!

  12. Look at all that food...and all that snow!

  13. I miss ya girl, and can I tell you how much it means to me that you always leave such sweet comments on my blog?! Well it means alot ; )

    U guys got alot of snow! The pic with your daughter standing in it, wow!

    I have been enjoying peanut flour like its going out of style ; ) lol! Well it is, its discontinued! boo!

  14. I want so badly Mu Shu Chicken..I just found out I am pregnant...


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