Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Mini Vacation

Hi!  How’s everybody doing?  Enjoying lazy summer days, I hope.  We just spent the past 4 days in Canada’s capitol; Ottawa, which is a 5 hour drive east of where I live.  Noah’s soccer team was in a tournament there so it was mostly soccer related, but we did find time to do some touristy stuff.  The boys finished the weekend as silver medal finalists which was pretty fantastic as there were 15 teams total in their division.  But it was H-O-T!!!  There was actually a heat advisory all weekend with the temps soaring into the high 30’s (Celsius, that is!) The boys played 2 games on Saturday and FOUR on Sunday.  Troopers are what they are!  Us parents were melting just sitting there watching!  LOL  Here are a few photos from the tourney:  IMG_1531 IMG_1522 IMG_1495IMG_1340
Water chugging became the weekend sport for us parents.  :)
IMG_1353IMG_1574  IMG_1558 IMG_1572IMG_1361 The fields were right under a flight path so we saw many a low flying plane!
   I wish we could’ve done some more sight seeing, but what we did see was positively beautiful!  Ottawa is such a pretty city with miles upon miles of trails, picturesque cobbled sidewalks in the downtown area and, of course, Parliament Hill and all its surroundings.  We took loads of photos with both the Rebel and Elph.  These are some of my favourites (get ready for picture overload!!!): IMG_1594
The locks on the St. Lawrence River……IMG_6034 IMG_6035 Terry Fox……IMG_6038 IMG_6041 IMG_6045 IMG_6053 Ceiling inside Parliament Hill…..IMG_6059 IMG_6061 The library at Parliament Hill…..IMG_6079 IMG_6085 IMG_6093  IMG_1576 IMG_1582 IMG_1419 Quebec across the Ottawa River….IMG_1378 IMG_1380 IMG_1383 IMG_1385 IMG_1387 IMG_1390 IMG_1400 IMG_1407
I do wish we had made it to some of the museums and to see the Prime Ministers residence, but it just wasn’t in the cards.  Not many of the soccer parents know about my blog, but I did take a few pictures of my eats!IMG_6078 IMG_6015 IMG_6029 IMG_6076 .  We ate most of our meals out of coolers at the fields; sandwiches, berries, veggies, chips, lots of iced coffee’s from Tim Hortons, etc.  And water, lots and lots of water!!!  LOL
It was a wonderful 4 days away from “real life”, but I’m always happy to be back in my own bed!  HAHA!  Thanks for taking the time to look at all the pictures I posted today…..I realize that there’s a lot of them, but I think they’re worth seeing!  :)
Bye for now!!


  1. GREAT game photos! Hope you're still able to relax :) And hey, I love all the photos!

  2. Glad yall were able to enjoy the trip! The boys must have been totally exhausted. Beautiful pics

  3. wowza those buildings are so pretty in ottowa! makes me really want to go explore up there. 4 days away from real life sounds amazing.

    mad props to the boys playing in that heat! whewwww it looks like a scorcher

  4. That seems like such a nice little mini vacation. :) Touring cities like that is always so much fun. And seriously, those boys ARE troopers! Four games in one day..that's crazy! Good thing kids have so much energy.

  5. Your photos are stunning, Krista! I hope to travel around Canada someday...and I'll be stopping by your house :)

  6. wow, i LOVE that picture of the ceiling at the parliament house!! oh man, i loved studying that kind of stuff!!!

    and one day i'll get to Canada...looks so pretty!

  7. Looks like you had a great time in Ottawa. It has been years since I've been there - I think 2003 was the last time? Always fun though - love the National Gallery, and being able to walk across the bridge to say you are in Quebec.

  8. I'm excited to have kids who play sports so we can go on mini vacations like this. My brother plays soccer and hockey (like your son) and my parents are always going places on the weekends!

    Ottawa looks like a place with a lot of history and culture. I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend! Thanks for sharing your amazing photos (and food photos, of course). Yum.

  9. Looks like your family had a wonderful time!! :) Ottawa is beautiful! I haven't been there in years! Thanks for sharing the awesome photos!!

  10. Congrats to Noah's team! Ottawa looks beautiful! Glad you got to do some sightseeing.

    Enjoy the summer!


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