Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saybon Candy Winners!

Happy Tuesday!!  I'm here with a quick post to announce the winners of the Saybon Candy contest.  Seeing as I had so many entries from both my blog AND Facebook page, I decided to go old school in how I picked the names:
Of the 51 entries, the winners are:

  1. Debby Sunce Dowse - comment left on FB Oct 3 @ 3:53pm
  2. Sienna Palin - comment left on FB Oct 3 @ 9:38pm
  3. Kim - comment left on Krista's Kravings Oct 3 @ 5:21pm
  4. Janet Pymento - comment left on FB Oct 3 @ 7:12pm
  5. Joyce Lynne Waldner - comment left on FB Oct 3 @ 4:29pm
CONGRATS to the winners!  Kim, I have your email address and will sent the coupon link ASAP.  Debby, Sienna, Janet & Joyce; please email me your info at kristaskravings@gmail.com.

Thanks to everyone who entered!!

Bye for now!

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