Friday, October 26, 2012

Five Things Friday

Carla over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily just started up a "5 things Friday" which I thought I'd participate in.

Just a fun little post about 5 random things going on right now......

1)  There are NO extra curricular activities happening today!  No hockey games/practice, no volleyball, no dance....I'm looking forward to the work day being over so we can enjoy a family pizza & movie night!

2) I made Brie and smoked raspberry chipotle stuffed chicken breasts last night.  They turned out amazing but UGLY (!!) so I didn't take any photos!  LOL  I simply cut a slit through the bone in/skin on breast and filled it up with some smoked raspberry chipotle sauce and a thick slice of Brie.  I baked them covered for 45 mins, uncovered for 15 mins and then they got a quick hit under the broiler to toast them up.

3) While the chicken baked we got ALL the leaves in the front yard raked up.  Holy smokes, were there ever a lot more piled up then I originally thought!  However, it was a gorgeous day and they're calling for rain and cold for the next 5 days straight so it was the perfect time to get it done.

4) Jason and I are completely obsessed with Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice drink this season.  It's actually bordering on ridiculous.  Our only saving grace is that there is not a Starbucks too close to our house!  ;)

5) It's currently raining pretty hard outside and the temps have dropped since this morning.  In order to stay on the positive side of the fence, I keep reminding myself that it could very well be snow.  "Snow", by the way, is a swear word in my eyes!  LOL

Why don't you go ahead and tell me 2 random things going on right now in the comment section???

Bye for now!!


  1. Wow.. An "off" day for you! Awesome! :) Your dinner sounds delicious! Ugly or not! lol! We're getting the rain too... But yes, better than snow!! lol!

  2. The chicken sounds really good!

    I need to pile up leaved too! Too bad that there's no man in the house to help out.

    Two things:
    - I'm extra hungry today, bread feeding hunger? Dunno, haven't got any yet. Maybe I'm just not having time to eat enough.
    - another napless day here. She only sleeps on my shoulder. :(

  3. 2 random things eh?

    1. I'm obsessed with sauerkraut as a burger topping. Eating a homemade chicken burger for dinner right now with a whack of it on there. Delish!
    2. I had my first ever flu shot last week only because our provincial government has forced all health care workers to do so. I'm so not impressed.


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