Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Dull, Despicable Weekend

Howdy!  How has your weekend been?  It was dull and wet here, but the rain was needed in a big way.  I think it’s only rained 3, maybe 4 times in the past month!  We’ve been keeping occupied, though. 
Had my oats for breakfast yesterday:IMG_3136
  • 1/2 cup each coconut milk & water
  • 1/2 cup Old Wessex 5 grain cereal
  • chocolate raspberry latter powder
  • honey & raspberries
The first part of the day was spent on chores.  YUCK!  My hubby had hockey for most of the day and I decided that being stuck in the house with the kids didn’t sound too appealing.  So I decided that after groceries and lunch we would go to the movies.  I was feeling like something Italian-ish to eat so I sliced half of a Tofurky sausage and mixed it with green pepper, cottage cheese and salsa:IMG_3137
I nuked it until the cottage cheese got all gooey then used it as a dip with some Dr. Kracker flatbreads:IMG_3138 May not look pretty, but it was exactly what I was after!  :)
So we decided to go see Despicable MeIMG_3142
What a FANTASTIC movie!  Can you believe that I’ve never seen anything in 3D before?  Loved it!  Cheesy glasses and all!!IMG_3144 IMG_3143
The main character had this wicked accent that I can’t place, but it made the movie that much better, IMO.  Have you seen this movie?  What did you think??  I did enjoy a chai tea latte during the movie…IMG_3141
It was 5:30 before we arrived home and we were all pretty hungry.  I pulled out the George Foreman for some pork chops and served them along side the last of the pasta.  IMG_3145
I had a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich for dessert.  I’ve decided that I don’t really like these as much as I thought.  They melt really fast and the ice cream seems to be just air.  Ya know what I mean?  It’s like there’s nothing to it.  Hmmm…
We were awake early for soccer this morning.  They actually played 2 games against another city.  It was still damp and drizzly which didn’t do much for DS’s hair (which he has decided to grow out)
LOL!  Looks like he stuck his finger in an electrical socket!  This is what he looked like when he left the house:IMG_3148   Backing up a bit; I had a bowl of Kashi U prior to leaving the house.IMG_3146
Lunch was a “BLT”, IMG_3159
SO glad these babies are back in my life.  Tempeh bacon and all!  ;)  The kids had friends over all afternoon and I got busy in the kitchen with zucchini.  My hubby and I pulled out the food processor and grated 4 large zukes.IMG_3160
I bagged and froze nine 1 cup baggies for later use.IMG_3161 This will be very handy for baking, soups, sauces, etc.  I’m more likely to use it if it’s already prepped.  Two cups of it went towards a recipe for zucchini walnut barsIMG_3166 IMG_3165
I subbed out some of the flour for this chia flour:IMG_3164
It worked beautifully!  And upped the nutritional value of the bars.
I wanted to make something quick for dinner so I turned to a Rachael Ray magazine for a 30 minute meal idea.  IMG_3162 This was a Korean pork noodle bowl and indeed took 30 minutes to make.  And it was superb!!!  Check out my plateful:IMG_3163 We just got home from my parents place and I’m getting set to watch SYTYCD Canada.  I have to go into work tomorrow because I need Friday off this week for a trip into the city so I’ll have to be sure to get to bed early tonight.  And so I must sign off!  ;)
Bye for now!!


  1. Wow! We must be getting all of your rain :) Its been raining here like once a day for the past few weeks. Those zuch walnut bars look fantastic! I will have to give them a go. I think DS's hair looks awesome!! I haven't seen Despicable Me but I totally want to. Is it really Monday tomorrow?

  2. I saw Despicable Me this weekend and really loved it too. It was so cute. I'm not to big of a fan of the 3D because the image doesn't seem as sharp. Maybe my eyesight is just not that great though.

  3. I saw Despicable Me and loved it! "IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!!!" Love that part of the movie! agnes is so cute!

    great idea freezing those shredded zucs! i should do that with mine!

  4. oh how i love your zuchinni bread bars! thats gotta be so fantastic on the go or packed away in ur purse!

    hope ur weekend is going GREAT!

  5. That zucchini bar looks amazing... I was just thinking about making some baking with zucchini. ;)

  6. I love the raspberries in oats! I need to do that soon! Raspberries are so good!!

    Loving the recipes on here, the rachel ray one looks so good! I have never heard of chia flour before , where did you get it?!!

    I LOVE that movie! Im so glad you and the kids saw it, isn't it the cutest movie ever?! THe kids in the movie are adorable as ever!!

    Your kids are so cute! Ok your daughter is so beautiful, she is really growing up! Turning into a young lady! Your son is seriously adorable!!! His hair is out of control!! lol! love it!!!

    Have a great day!!!!


  7. Ohh I've been wanting to see Despicable Me!! One movie that's absolutely fantastic in 3D is UP. Oh, and the new Christmas Carole that came out last year with Jim Carry playing all the parts (in cartoon, of course). The graphics are *incredible*.

    Oh, and LOVE DS's hair! Some people actually sports that stuck-my-finger-in-an-electric-socket style everyday. :P

  8. 3D movies are so much fun, aren't they?! I love that pic of DS's hair, lol!

  9. I think I'm going to have to give those Tofurkey sausages a go one of these days. It's the same company that makes the tempeh bacon, so they must be good :)

  10. Sometimes it's nice to have a 'dull' weekend to kick back and catch up on small things that get pushed aside during hectic times!! I really want to see that movie--3D is so much more fun, isn't it!?

  11. hehe I LOVE that pic of your son!! I haven't seen that movie yet but I LOVE seeing movies in 3D..i believe UP! was in 3d ...I saw that with a camp one year :)

  12. I haven't seen Despicable Me yet but aren't 3D movies sweet?! Not in excess though, they're churning out so many these days that the novelty is already starting to wear off!

    Love the idea of grating and freezing zucchini too, that's genius! Every time I want to bake something with zucchini I semi dread the idea of grating it all. Already having it pregrating would definitely result in more zucchini bread around this house :)


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