Friday, August 20, 2010

Three Days Worth

The weekend is here, boys and girls!!  Are we all excited?  I am even though I don’t have a whole lot planned.  The past few days have been the usual…read “not exciting”.  LOL  I have to relish the quiet of my days right now because hockey for DS starts up Sept 1 and DD’s dance starts on Sept 13 so I’ll be hitting the ground running from then until the end of June.  Sheesh…before I know it Christmas will be here!  OUCH!
Breakfast was a pack of Nature’s Path Maple Nut oatmeal which I’m happy to report had lots of nuts in it!  That didn’t stop me from adding more along with a splash of coconut milk:IMG_3115
A 100% enjoyable, easy to prepare breakfast! 
I noshed on a PB Mojo bar before hoofing it to the gym:IMG_3116
This one is great, but not as great as the mountain man bar.  That one I buy by the boxful!  :)
I hopped on the treadmill at lunch for a great ½ hour, incline speed walk.  I haven’t done that since before my vacation and it felt great to get on there and huff some.  And better yet that I woke up pain free unlike the morning after my run last week when my hip bothered me.  Getting old sucks!  LOL
In my quest to get back into eating loads upon loads of veggies again I chopped 2 tomatoes and a cucumber from the garden and topped them with ½ a can of tuna and some fig balsamic dressing for lunch.IMG_3117
WHOA baby!  I packed the veggies and tuna in separate containers so I didn’t realize how much was there until I combined the 2.  I loved the simplicity of it, though and it filled me up.  May have been mostly water, but I digress!
Just before I left work for the day I snacked on a packet of cocoa roast almonds:IMG_3118
Yum in my tum!
I made the fam pasta for dinner because I needed something quick.  Just as eggs and toast are my go to meals, pasta is my go to meal for the fam.  Why did I need something quick?  Well, DD had plans to go to the movies with a friend for 6:30.  After dropping her off we had to attend a meeting for DS’s hockey team across town.  Did I start this post by saying that my evenings were still calm? HA!  Anywho, they ate pasta and I ate a big salad made with kale (from the garden), a hard boiled egg, ½ an avocado, carrots and some freshly grated parm cheese.  The dressing was a mix of white balsamic vinegar, olive oil, honey chilli powder, salt & pepper.IMG_3119
I think I filled my veggie quota for the day with this one.  Delicious!  We made it home just after 9pm and the first thing I did was tune into SYTYCD Canada.  Then I sipped on a vanilla chai and snacked on a chocolate chip All Bran bar.  Unfortunately, the lighting was poor and the photo was awful.  Boo to the nights getting dark faster!!
I lounged in bed a bit too long and started the day off in a rush as the result!  I’ll never learn.  With 10 minutes to go before I had to leave for work I slammed back a bowl of Wildroots cereal.IMG_3120
Insert work, work, enjoy a Nature’s Path sunny hemp granola bar, work, work:IMG_3121
Thursday was our last day at level 1 of the 30 Day Shred.  Some of the ladies are a little freaked out about moving to level 2, but I just told them to do what they can and if it’s too much to just do some exercises from level 1 till they catch their breath.  I think they’ll be just fine!
I made a big salad fro lunch with some odds and ends thrown in; a hard boiled egg, ½ an avocado and carrots.  I used Renee’s pear & blue cheese dressing to spice it up:IMG_3122
It was another busy night with it being DS’s last house league soccer game of the season.  The kids wanted leftover pasta so while I got that going I made some quinoa for myself which was topped with tuna, feta, roasted red pepper and freshly grated parm:IMG_3124
Simple and easy on the taste buds.  I also had some beat up orange segments.IMG_3123
My neighbour injured her knee so when we got home from soccer the kids went to make sure she was OK and to help her put the garbage out.  We chatted for a bit and before long it was after 9pm.  I crashed on the couch for a bit then crashed in bed.  The nights have been cooler and sleeping has been marvellous!
Had some great oats!IMG_3127
-1/2 each water and coconut milk
-1/2 Quaker oats
-pecan pieces & mocha flavoured agaveIMG_3126
The consistency was just right today.  I got side tracked and they sat a bit on the counter.  I think that’s the key to getting the texture the way I like it.  Pre gym snack was a strawberry pomegranate Odwalla bar:IMG_3128
I LOVE these bars!  They’re my new best friend.  I haven’t met a flavour I don’t like.
I climbed on the elliptical at lunch today for 30 minutes.  The perfect ending to a work out week, if you ask me!   I grabbed a quick yogurt and container of granola for lunch today which went down perfectly.  For some reason it was just what I wanted! IMG_3129 IMG_3130
Following my usual routine throughout the work week, I ate a snack before punching out for the day.  Today’s snack was carrots and almond butter:IMG_3132
I really don’t know why I don’t snack on this combo more often.  It really is fantastic! 
Dinner tonight was a dinner for champions!  ;)IMG_3133
The fam was having juicy jumbos and mac n cheese so I decided to eat “junky” too!  LOL  I sautéed some green bell pepper to use as a topper on the “sausage”.  AND, I served it in a fluffy white bun!  It’s been a long time since I rocked the white bread!IMG_3134
I’ve never had a Tofurkey product before and I really enjoyed these sausages.  The bun was great until the halfway point.  I’d had enough by then.    This was a great Friday night meal!
My hubby did some yard work for the neighbour after dinner so I visited while he worked.  I also shared my bounty of tomatoes and zucchini!  It’s getting to the point where I’m being overwhelmed by produce from the garden.  While typing this out I’ve been sipping on a tea and enjoying the last few squares of my dark chocolate bar.IMG_3106
So tell me, what are you doing this weekend??
Bye for now!!


  1. You and your friends will do just fine moving up to Level 2 in the Shred DVD! Not that I would *personally* know..but you seem to have a really strong bussy system going on. :)

    And letting the oats sit is key to getting the right texture! It lets them soak up more water. I actually usually cook my oats the night before in a bit more water and then nuke them for about 10 minutes longer in the morning to get the right temp/texture. Plus it makes for less cooking time! :P

  2. Your life is so hectic! You sound like my mom. She was constantly driving us to our sports and wore out her tires twice as fast as my dad. haha.
    I have a really chill weekend catching up with friends who are about to go off to college.

  3. My fave Odwalla bar is the Banana Nut...tastes JUST like banana bread. Delish!

  4. tomato cucumber and tuna...brilliant idea! Yum! You're such a busy b...enjoy your weekend!


  5. I love your dinner.... healthy hot dog !!! I really want to try that! I haven't had hot dog for ages!!! :D
    weekend started last night with the best meal since I came to US, bar/dance/alcohol which ended up 4 AM this morning. Another lunch scheduled for today with friends, I guess a long nap will be necessary too. Sunday: long run and watch eat pray and love. :)

  6. I don't know how you juggle it all! Your kids are so active and so are you! Then work and the man. You rock! Isn't the mountain mix the best mojo? Josh and I are obsessed. Something about that salty sweet. The quinoa mix looks really tasty as well. I haven't made quinoa in a while. This weekend- taught this morning- now going to brunch and shopping with my mom. Other than that??

  7. I think the chocowalla bar is their best! the chocolate peanut one is great, along w/ banana nut. actually, i like all of them except that one! but i think i had a bad one so one day i'll give it another chance!

    this weekend is a long run w/a 10k race, festival, dinner w/ friends, more festival and family visiting! jam packed!

  8. Those bars are really good! I have tried several and loved them all, I actually liked the chocolate chip one the best!!!

    Girl I love those yogurts from target, I need to restock, they are yummy, perfect snack mixed with granola or dry cereal!

    My son has wide feet too! The DC Skater shoes are wider, so they always fit good for him! B

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend !!!! Loving the chocolate, Hersheys is so good, they have so many brands of chocolate but hersheys is always in my heart!!!

  9. Your tuna/cuke/tom salad is in the same dishes as my mom has! I don't think I've ever seen that pattern anywhere before. I'm not really a fan, but alas, all my plain dishes are packed away, so I have to use them.

    I've been feeling the lack of veggies lately as well. Fortunately, we now have some in our fridge, so I better get on using them up!

  10. This is so full of yummy things! My friend swears by those Hemp granola bars -- I've got to try them! I LOVE Tofurkey sausages they're perfect for a quick meal!

  11. Cocoa roasted almonds? oh my goodness, I think my heart just skipped a beat!

    I love those hemp granola bars, but rarely purchase them. I always seem to make my own bars....old school or what?! haha


  12. I love the strawberry cheesecake yogurt from Target--definitely in my top three fav yogurts :-)


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