Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Food Pairings

Hi!  Look at me back the very next day, huh?  I really would like to get back in the habit of posting everyday because I find more than a few days can get a bit long winded!   We’re all back to regular schedules now meaning that camp is over for the kids and they’re back at the sitter’s until school starts Sept 7.  Then I’m sure things will get hectic again for a bit. 
I thought about eggs for breakfast this morning but ran out of time so oats it was!  Please excuse the messy bowl.  That’s what happens in the microwave!!IMG_3108
-1 cup water
-1/2 cup Old Wessex 5 grain cereal
-zucchini jam, pecan pieces, a splash of coconut milk
I missed the Old Wessex cereal!  Too bad I only bought one container in Buffalo!  I plan to be back in November sometime so I’ll remember to stock up then.
Although work went super fast today, it doesn’t leave me much to talk about for the most part!  HA!  So I thought I’d talk about favourite food combinations.  Jessica recently reminded me of my love for peaches and blueberries together which got me to thinking of other food pairings I like.  Here are a few;
-pineapple/cottage cheese

Now I need to know your favourite food combinations so I can try some out!  Come’on….spill the beans!
The 30 Day Shred crew met at the gym for Tuesday’s torture with Jillian.  We’ll do level 1 for the last time on Thursday before we move on to level 2.  I’ve done part of level 2 before then wrecked my ankles on the mountain climbers.  You can bet that I’ll be working the modified version this go around!
I enjoyed some yogurt and granola for lunch.  This is the yogurt that I used:IMG_3110
I dropped $2.00 on this at Wegman’s, but really wanted to try it just to say I did.  It was good!  It’s all natural using milk from grass fed cows, there’s no rBGH, no artificial sweeteners and only 6 ingredients.  Good for me, not so much for my wallet so I’m kinda glad I can’t find it here or I’d be too tempted to buy more!  Here it is with the granola.IMG_3111
I really need to bring a cuter bowl to work.  HA!  Later on in the afternoon I ate my way through a chopped orange and some strawberries:IMG_3112
My hubby had to get a wisdom tooth removed this evening (YUCK!) and won’t be able to have anything solid for 24hrs so I reheated leftovers for the kids and myself.  My plate ended up with an Yves veggie burger on an English muffin and tomato & cukes on it:IMG_3113
Dessert was a blackberry oat bar, recipe courtesy of Mama Pea.  Only if you remember, mine turned into  mandarin orange marmalade bars!  No pic, though.  Boo!  SYTYCD Canada is on again tonight so I’ll be tuning into that later on.  There’s been some pretty damn good dancers so far!  What are you up to tonight?  And don’t forget to let me know your fave food combo!!
Bye for now!!


  1. I love sweet potato & black beans together, yum! I haven't watched SYTYCD Canada yet this season, I'll have to tune in tonight.

  2. uh oh, sounds like u may be playing nurse to your husband now.. well not the 'bedroom' nurse i should clarify haha.. wisdom teeth are a B*T*H to heal up, and the 3rd day after extraction is the worst for pain.. then it gets much better. hope he is feeling okay and doesnt have too much pain!!


  3. cheese and egg is a winning combo for me.... whenever I need comfort food, I make it, it heals anything. :)

  4. Girl I love the things you said you love!!!! Family and your kids is a big one! Hubby too!!!

    I hope your husband is feeling better : p no fungetting wisdom teeth out, and I have never watched SYTYCD, I heard its a great show!

    Hope you have a great day girl!!!!!!!

    I love egg whites scrambled with cinnamon+truvia in a wrap with PB! Its a combo Im loving right now! xoxo

  5. I love feta cheese + basil
    crunchy PB + honey
    apple + cinnamon...and many mores !!!

  6. Hope the husband feels better fast. The wisdom teeth removal is never fun! He has a pretty sweet nurse to take care of him them (and a good reason to eat yogurt, ice cream and pudding ;)). One of my favorite combos is sort of odd carrots either raw or in "fry" form with yellow mustard. I also love apple and AB.

  7. hope your hubby feels better. I really need to get mine out but am a chicken. I'm sure you are a fabulous nurse to him.

    xo enjoy your day

  8. I hope your hubby feels better! Your food combos sound great! One of my favorites is sliced apple and cheddar cheese.

  9. Hmmm, favourite pairings eh? Well, there's the obvious - chocolate and peanut butter. I like raspberry with peach, and...uh...wow, I can't think of anything. I think that means I need to sleep.

  10. fave food combo = sugar + coffee, extra hot, baby!

    have a great weekend hon!!!!


  11. oh gosh i hated getting wisdom teeth pulled! i puffed up like a watermelon. hope he's doing ok!

    i love jelly + greek yogurt. can't eat greek yogurt plain for some reason :(

  12. i loved the siggi's blueberry! i dont know why but i found the grapefruit (?) to be very sour and not as tastey as the blueberry.


  13. Love the natural, organic products! One of my favorite pairing is raisins and natural almonds!


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