Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fun with Halloween Costumes...

Happy Wednesday!  I wanted to pop in with a quick Halloween recap for you.  First off, did you all enjoy Halloween in some shape or form?  Maybe you had little ones trick or treating or went to a party?  This was the first year that my kids went out separately, with friends, on different sides of town.  Kinda sad in a way because they're *almost* to the age where they're too old to go out for candy.  Actually, Sarah wasn't even going to go this year until a few girls decided to get together and go for it.  Sigh....

Moving along, the kids aren't allowed full face masks at school so Noah decided to dress up as a hockey player for the day.  Go figure, right?  He donned his stinky hockey equipment then asked me for a black eye and stitches.  An everyday request, yes?  :)

His REAL costume, as he puts it, looked like this:

Rumour has it that the mask lasted about 3 houses worth of trick or treating before he pulled it off.  Jason said he wore it the rest of the night!  Miss Sarah, who usually loves to dress up scary, opted to reuse one of her hip hop recital costumes instead:
She was none too impressed with me when I insisted she wear a sweater, but I'd rather her mad than sick.  Call me crazy here, if you want.  ;)  I'm pretty sure she forgot all about it once her and her friends got going. Or she took it off as soon as I backed out of the driveway.....Here's a shot of the 2 of them together.  They were raring to go and barely stood still long enough for the camera to focus!

I turned my attention to the cats once I had the house to myself.  Little did they know it was dress up time for them, too!  LOL  Pepper is a little chubber so I was barely able to button up the costume, but after a few wriggles, I got him in:

He was SO embarrassed, I tell you!  I could not get him to look directly at the camera.  I only got that first shot after following him around the deck for 5 minutes.  There were many butt shots along the way!  He pretty much forgave me as soon as it was off, though.  Octavius, on the other hand, shot me dirty looks the rest of the night!  I guess that's what dressing up a 16yr old cat gets me!

Fun times!  Do you, or have you ever,  dressed up your pets?  I always do at Halloween and Christmas.  When I was little I used to dress our cat in my doll clothes.  I just think it's SO freaking cute!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this little recap!  Enjoy the rest of the week and I'll be back on Sunday!

Bye for now!!


  1. Oh my goodness, my cat would be annngry if I tried dressing her up!! Actually, she'd probably freak out and run around the house like crazy trying to take it off. :P

    Love the costumes! And I'm surprised Sarah didn't want to wear a sweater. It's even too chilly here at night to not be wearing one! Of course, it never bothered me when I was younger, either. Nowadays, if I do dress's in a warm costume!

  2. You did an awesome job on the hockey makeup! Whoop! I'm excited to take Kaylin trick or treating! This year she just slept on my chest while we handed out candy ;) Your cats look too funny! Frank HATES clothes!

  3. Haha, I thought about dressing up my kitty but I'm pretty sure she would have clawed me in my sleep if I had! Instead we spent the entire night with a full bowl of candy and only 4 trick or treaters! I was so sad I had so few kids! Now I have all this candy in my place...uh oh. :)

  4. very cool costumes, specially the cats, so funny!!! :)

  5. Such cute costumes all around -- especially the kitties! ;) I remember being at the tail end of being able to trick or treat...definitely a bittersweet time!

  6. Ahhh love the kids' costumes!! Although, they're not kids anymore, Krista! They're growing up way too fast. The first photo of Octavius is priceless.

  7. Krista!!! Your poor cats! ROTFL!! My cat would have tore my arms off and of tried to shove her in something like that!! Haha!! We stayed in for Halloween, sick kids & all that fun stuff!

    You should have seen some of the teen girls at my door! Daisy dukes & tank tops!!! And it was FREEZING & raining! insanity! lol!

    Your daughter on the other hand looks great! Sweater too! ;) lol! Noah probably looks like that most of the time, huh? ;) lol!

  8. oh my gosh the cat pictures are GOLDEN! haha.

    glad you all had a great halloween.

    thank you so much for your marathon good luck's! Really means a lot to me!

    have a wonderful weekend!


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