Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Week Gone

I am SO glad to see the back end of this week. I need this weekend to re-charge my batteries. I enjoyed a delicious breakfast today which was a great start to my Friday;


  • 1/3 cup water & USAB
  • 1/3 cup sunrise blend w/ quinoa
  • banana
  • blueberries
  • cinnamon, vanilla
  • the last of my Sahale mix


I so love this blend! I’m running low so I’ll have to get up to the Bulk Barn to stock back up. I still need to try it jazzed up savoury style!

I know I said I was going to stay away from dried fruit for a bit but I came across this packet of dried cranberries hiding in my desk this morning and the were screaming, “eat me, eat me”! You understand why I had to oblige, right?


These actually made a pretty decent snack. They weren’t sweet…more tart than anything. I likely wouldn’t buy them, though. They be a little to dangerous in my cupboard!

Today was the first day that I felt like I had some energy back and was looking forward to my me time at the gym. Boy, did it feel good to run for 40 minutes! I also did some of the SGBC exercises. What didn’t get done today will be done later on tonight.

  • 2 set of 30 squats
  • 1 set of 20 reverse crunches
  • 1 set of 50 bicycle crunches
  • 3 sets of 15 tricep dips

Time: 50 minutes

Avg Hr: 160

Max Hr: 181

Calories Burned: 469

Distance: 4 miles

You can check out the SGBC by clicking on the icon at the top right side of my blog.

I made myself a humongous salad for lunch today…


This guy had romaine lettuce, a red bell pepper, cucumber, hemp seeds and a chopped up St. Yves Chick’n patty. This all got topped off with the last of my Cranberry Walnut Gorgonzola dressing from TJ’s.


Big salad!


There was also a handful of mini Breton crackers consumed;


I was pretty busy all afternoon so I took my time munching on a Cherry Pistachio Cookie.


I stretched this treat out for over an hour!

I ran a few errands after work then sat down with a baggie of cherries that I didn’t end up eating at work and watching a little Food TV.


These cherries were picked fresh by my parents last night. One of their friends has a huge cherry tree and they go there every year and pick baskets full. These were super sweet. I could’ve eaten more for sure!

Dinner was baked salmon, steamed vegetable and a red and yellow tomato sprinkled with feta, salt and pepper…


Dessert was a piece of apple Danish that I bought at the market last Saturday.


This was the last of the pastries. My hubby really enjoyed the 5 and a half that he ate! :)

Phew, I after getting this post ready I feel like I’ve eaten a lot today! I’m certainly not wanting anything else right now! Sadly, it’s pretty chilly outside so I don’t see myself venturing too far this evening. I may go shoot some hoops in the driveway with the kids in a few. What are you all up this weekend??

Bye for now


  1. Craisins are so addicting!! They taste yummy in salads with candied walnuts and blue cheese. Yum yum!

    Your apple danish also looks amazing :) mmm
    Not sure what my plans are for the 4th.. but hopefully I'll be able to find a nice slice of homemade apple pie somewhere! Have a great weekend :)

  2. I can't believe it's so cold out there - we have temperatures up to 30 degrees in Southwestern BC today!

    I think I'm going to have to try out those cookies - they look pretty amazing :)

  3. that dressing sounds so good! i have the plain raspberry kind from TJs but i would love to try a nut infused one!

  4. It's been so cold here too lately! booo. not today though :) hope the weather gets AND stays good for you :)

  5. YUM to that danish!! Those craisins are really sweet - I usually use that kind to bake cookies with white chocolate chips and lots of cinnamon (kind of like an oatmeal cookie).

    Hope the weather warms up for you guys today!

  6. Your cherry pistachio healthy cookies still make me swoon. That's the difference between you and me, you can stretch that treat out for an hour. I can inhale it while typing and then sweep the crumbs away in 2.2 seconds flat.
    Happy Fourth, or as they call it in Canada "Saturday" ;)


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