Friday, July 24, 2009

Vacation Day One - St. Jacobs

Hey everybody! Happy Friday! We’ve enjoyed a real nice day off. My hubby had to go into work for a few hours this morning so I lingered in bed until 8:30! Pure bliss. I had grilled up some very ripe peaches last night and didn’t end up eating them so I mashed one up and added it to my breakfast this morning;100_5174

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 cup sunrise blend w/ quinoa
  • cinnamon
  • mashed peach
  • coconut extract
  • coconut shavings and walnut pieces


The peaches worked out awesome! I’ve never had peaches in my oats before….that shall change.

DD’s Italian course finished up today with a play that we went to watch. They did a really good job! I did take a couple photos, but none turned out. :( By the time we got home, my hubby was there so I ran out to do grocery’s kid free. I was pretty darn hungry by the time I got back at 1pm, but luckily I knew just what I wanted! 100_5180

A toasted WW bagel with chocolate PB2, one half with fig preserves, the other half with strawberry. I purposely made extra PB2 so I could dunk some fresh raspberries in it. Love that combo!

As soon as I was done we took a drive over to the town of St. Jacob’s which is famous for all it’s little shops, boutiques and bakery. They also have a fabulous farmer’s market, but it’s only open Thursday’s and Saturday’s. I bought what I think is a way cool hematite necklace…. 100_5190

I also stopped in to the store that sells my favourite hot cereal…Windy Hill Farms flax seed…..but walked out with a new product of theirs to try called “Creamo Cereal”. There are only 3 ingredients; wheat farina, wheat germ and flax. I can’t wait to try it in the morning. I also found a jar of sunflower seed butter on sale for $1.99. Mine.


Leave it to my hubby to buy the GOOD stuff! The bakery had a sale on their muffins….by 1/2 a dozen, get the next half free. So, we got a dozen muffins for $5.50. There’s all kinds; chocolate chip, chocolate banana, banana, morning glory, blueberry oatmeal, mixed berry, strawberry rhubarb, apple butter bran…and I can’t remember the rest! Here’s 6 of’em; 100_5187

He also picked up 6 mini mousse cakes; 2 PB & chocolate, 2 Skor, 1 lemon and one chocolate;


As if that wasn’t enough sweetness, we stopped for ice cream, too! I got a kiddie size Oreo…


I have to admit that I was so very disappointed with my treat. It just didn’t taste of anything. I kept putting spoonfuls on top of DD’s cone and she was laughing that we’d bought her a never ending cone! :) I only ended up eating maybe a third of this. Everyone else enjoyed theirs so I told my hubby that maybe I just don’t like ice cream anymore seeing as I usually opt for fro-yo.

We realized we were just in time to catch a local soap making place make some soap so we headed over to watch the demo. Very cool, indeed! The store is called Olivier's and they only use natural ingredients….so much so that we actually tasted some of one of the creams they make there! The one they made really only had olive oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, water and sea salt in it! After that, they add all natural scents and extracts. You bet I bought some! I picked a cranberry soap and…here’s a shocker….a chocolate one!


We finally made it home just after 6pm after a very fun afternoon. I had pulled salmon out for dinner which was a Godsend because it bakes up so fast. I paired mine with the last of the red leaf lettuce (only one head left in the garden!) topped off with carrot, cucumber and cottage cheese…100_5192

Yum! And I’m sure you can guess that I had a mini mousse cake for my sweet end, right!? 100_5194

It was a tough choice, but I went with PB & chocolate! Heavenly! And now my friends, I’m going to go kidnap my neighbours dog and go for a walk! Hope you all have a great Friday night!!

Bye for now!!


  1. What a great first day of vaca. Grilled peaches in your oats? What a great addition. Totally jealous of your $1.99 sunbutter find! Josh LOVES that stuff. Your sweet ending is also making me jealous...time to go dig into the almond butter hehe

  2. Krista, what a vacay!!!! All those yummy goodies--that's what I'm talkin' about! Muffins are my absolute weekness. My heart stopped for a second looking at those.

    I added peach to my bf too--my green monster. I'm liking the addition!

    And those hematite necklaces remind me of Alaska. They sold those everywhere there.

    Can't wait to read about tomorrow's vacation day :)

  3. What a great way to spend your first day off!! Especially since you ended it with a mini mousse ;-) Have fun tomorrow!!

  4. I love that necklace. It is so fun!

    Sounds like you had a great first day off. Your food finds look delish.

  5. sounds like a perfect way to start your summer vacay!love the necklace as well, so pretty!

  6. Grilled peaches in oats sounds AMAZING. I will have to try it. I need to get some peaches first though!

    Sunflower seed butter for 1.99?! What a STEAL!
    And those muffins...
    And those MOUSSES...
    I really need to get to St Jacobs now.

  7. What a great first day of vacation! I just bought some peaches, I think I'll try them in my oats...great idea! Love the cool necklace!

  8. awesome 1st day of vaca! I love the necklace!

    and those muffins..and mousses...i really need to move to your home. :P

  9. ............ I'm jealous. i want one of those muffins right now.

  10. such a great day 1 of your vacation! so fun good purchases and yummy eats! :)

  11. fabulous necklace! and i love that you kidnap your neighbors dog for a walk :)

  12. I am loving sunflower butter as well...
    Do I need to try that PB2?
    Just found your blog! Check out my Amazing Meal K Cravings Giveaway!

  13. Yay for vacay! I love how you can eat spoonfuls of PB2 and not feel like your downing a day's worth of cals! And I LOVE all kinds of soap--another one of my addictions. Do you have Lush's(all natural body shop) in Canada? They're my fav

  14. Pretty necklace :) And it's pretty nice that your hubby picked up all those baked treats. I mean, really, how can you pass up 6 free muffins?


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