Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Saturday!

How’s everyone’s weekend going so far?  Mine’s been pretty good.  The weather’s turned around for now and the sunshine has been out in full force. 
I was a tad short on time yesterday morning so cereal came to the rescue in the form of  Kirkland cinnamon pecan and PC organic flakes:IMG_3358
I had my very last Luna bar before going to the gym.  **Sniff sniff**  IMG_3359
At least the last one was a good one!  I hammered out 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym at a speed of 4.2 mph and the incline set at 7.5.  I’m glad I did it, but it was a struggle to get there, I tell ya!  Friday workouts just seem tough, ya know?
I mentioned that I was short on time in the morning so lunch was a Smart Ones microwave meal.IMG_3361
I use to eat meals like this all the time but got out of the habit.  Although this was good, it made me feel really full.  More than I should have felt for the amount of food:IMG_3362 Guess that what all the added salt and preservatives do to you, right?  I think I’ll be staying away from these from now on!
There was a meeting at work and at the end of the day they put all the leftover treats out for us to eat.  I chose a pecan tart (which wasn’t very tasty) and a chocolate chip cookie.IMG_3360
A little Friday treat is always in order.  Especially when there’s also coffee to dip said cookie in!IMG_3363
I kept dinner simple by trying a sweet potato topped with almond butter.  This was a first for me!IMG_3364
Yumalicious!  I’m glad I finally decided to climb out from under the rock I’ve been living beneath!  I also had a zucchini jam oat bar with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream.IMG_3365
I spent the evening sprawled on the couch magazine reading.  T’was wonderful!  The perfect ending to the week.
DS had hockey practice this morning but I stayed back with DD to get the housework done.   My kitchen had been neglected for far too long and was treated to a deep clean today.  Counters, appliances, floors, the inside of the fridge…..all got a good scrub-a-dub-dub.   DD vacuumed for me which, although was not done perfectly, was hugely appreciated.  I owe that kid an allowance!  ;) 
Before all that took place I made myself some steel cut oats.  I really need to make a pot one night and portion it out for morning because I really do adore the texture.IMG_3367
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 cup steel cut oats
  • cinnamon, vanilla extract, pinch of salt
  • pumpkin butter, chopped almonds & coconut flakes
A bowl of fall!  I enjoyed this while blog reading.  Just before lunch DD and I had to go buy her hip hop shoes for dance on Monday and we stopped at Winner’s to get a gift cert for my sister’s b-day which is tomorrow.  I can never leave that place (similar to Marshall’s) without doing extra damage.  IMG_3370
Can’t wait to try out that maple agave!  And the gin gins are awesome.  I also bought these unique sounding chips:IMG_3368
DD and I tested them out and they’re decent enough.  More like a rice cracker consistency wise, but they had good flavour to them…IMG_3369
Lunch was a warm kale, tomato and maple tempeh bacon salad served in my spanking new purple leaf bowl, courtesy of Winner’s:IMG_3371
I snacked on a rice cake with Maranantha chocolate PB spread, but it escaped the photo shoot!   We had to hit the road by 5pm for an out of town hockey game.  Seeing as it was over the dinner hour and we knew we’d be home a little late, Subway ended up being our choice for dinner.  I rolled with a turkey and Swiss on WW with all the fixings:IMG_3376
The boys lost BUT played pretty great considering it’s their first game together as a team.  Besides, it was an exhibition game so didn’t count point wise.
We haven’t been home long, but long enough for me to brew a David’s Tea to sip on while blogging>IMG_3381
We have to be on the soccer field for 8am so it’ll be early to bed for all of us.  Then there’s another hockey practice at 12:30, then my sister’s b-day dinner.  I’m tired already.  :)
Bye for now!!


  1. I haven't had a meal from a box for years... the last time I had one had a weird after taste for hours! never again! and you're right, all the sodium and artificial flavors makes you feel sick. I guess anything simple but fresh beats that, but I can understand that sometime life gets too busy to care about that. I really admire how you manage work, family, workout, kids and still manage to eat pretty healthy 99% of the time!
    have a great Saturday evening and Sunday~~~ :D

  2. I've never seen that maple flavored agave before!! Maybe Kroger has it? I know for sure WalMarts don't :P At least not the one here. I'l have to keep my eye peeled for it!

    Funny you mentioned Friday workouts seeming so tough because I noticed that about the gym- it's sooo empty compared to earlier in the week! It's as if everyone starts off the week strong but loses motivation as it goes on. haha!

  3. glad the sun came out for you guys!

    and i agree on those meals! if i ever do get them it's always amy's or kashi.

  4. Man, you always find treats at Winners. Perhaps I should go in there more than once a year. I never find anything though - maybe my Winners just sucks.

    I think I need to try out the steel cut oats, just because. I always see the canisters and contemplate picking one up. It's a cheap enough "extra" to buy, so why not?

  5. Isn't nut butter on a sweet potato amazing? I tried it recently too- heavenly! Glad you got the kitchen cleaned up- that always makes me feel good too. Love the maple leaf bowl- so cute. Hope you have a nice Sunday!

  6. Hopefully you can get more Luna bars soon--it's a tragedy to be without them! :o( I can't wait to start eating sweet potatoes and more squash this fall--I love your idea of topping it with almond butter :-)

  7. Isn't sweet potatoes with almond butter absolutely amazing?!?! :)

  8. Sounds like you had a very good start to your weekend. Hope the rest was good, too. A clean kitchen feels so nice... :-)

    I still haven't had a sweet potato with almond butter, but it's on my "must try" list... :-)

    Have a great week!


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