Monday, December 13, 2010

A Different Kind of Treadmill and Food Item #9

Hi!  Hope everyone has had a great start to the week!  I know I’ve been feeling more cheerful the past few days.  I think that those of you who commented that this time of year can really suck the life outta ya nailed it.  I do not like feeling cold 95% of the time, I do not like that it’s dark so much.  But I think that compared to what some people have (or don’t have), I’m pretty darn lucky.  So moving on….
Friday night we took DS an hour out of town to  really neat sports facility that houses a synthetic ice treadmill.  The goal of this contraption is to strengthen your overall skating, improve your endurance and and to skate with your head and shoulders up.  He was a wee bit nervous at first because he didn’t know what to expect…IMG_4439 But he just happened to be on with a boy his age that he plays against.    This fella was SO helpful and really made DS feel at home.  The kids are hooked into a harness type strap so that if they fall they don’t fly off the back end.  I took an action shot to start off with:IMG_4441
As you can see they are placed in front of a mirror so that they can watch themselves.  Seeing as this was his first time he didn’t use a stick, but the other boy did and you could really see where stick handling skills would be improved!  They also film the kids so that while it’s their turn to sit off they can watch it.  The purpose of this is to tell the instructor “2 stars and a wish” or, 2 things they did well and one to work on.  It was so neat to watch his play backs; it was just like video game DS!  Check it out:IMG_4446 That’s DS!!  LOL  And of course, I took some video, too!!
Hope you can view this OK!  Overall we were really impressed with this program and DS can not wait to go back again!  Better yet, after just that one session we saw an improvement in his stride at the game on Saturday. 
I have some much better eats to post about this time.  I’ve really been packing my veggies in and have been keeping meals bright and colourful.  Half the battle, right?IMG_4451 IMG_4435 IMG_4448 The jam in the top photo is this spectacular coconut pineapple banana jam that I bought at Knapp’s a few weeks ago:IMG_4449 I’ve also been using this new (to me) dressing on my veggies:IMG_4370 This is particularly tasty on fish!IMG_4455 IMG_4456
I ate Subway for dinner Friday AND Saturday night.  Yum!IMG_4450 IMG_4447 IMG_4458 IMG_4452 And being as Christmas is fast approaching, there have been limitless treats at work!IMG_4437 IMG_4436 IMG_4457 And I don’t know who put that chocolate bar in my desk drawer…*whistle*  :)
On to food item #9.  I can’t believe there’s only one week left!!!  And seeing as it’s so cold out I think this item is fitting:IMG_4380 Canned soup!!!   If you’re missing an item remember that you can check out the thanks & giving tab above for the whole list.  You should be getting quite the stash of food by now!!
Bye for now!!


  1. That ice treadmill looks crazy! I'm so bad on ice that I would probably face-plant and break every bone in my body if I had to do that...even with the harness haha. DS is an awesome skater.

  2. I'd kill myself on that thing! ROTFL!!! Your eats always look SOO good! Yum! I hate it being so cold & crappy out too... luckily there's only another 3 1/2 months of it... ;) LOL!!!

  3. Hey girl! I put up my post today showing that I gave away my food stash to Josh's works canned drive. I loved participating! That ice treadmill sounds/looks so cool! pineapple banana jam? How awesome. And that chocolate bar just looks ridiculous good!

  4. I'm so glad you're feeling better! And how fun for DS!

  5. LMHO!!! That hockey "treadmill" is so awesome! It's funny, but it'd work!

  6. Love that synthetic ice treadmill...that is the coolest thing ever! Mmm, gotta love Subway! Glad to hear you're feeling better Krista!

  7. My college boyfriend was the captain of the hockey team... and they had one of those ice treadmills so I got to use it all the time. It's a crazy amazing workout.


  8. Wow! DS is doing an AMAZING job on that ice treadmill!!!

  9. Whoa--your little guy can move! I am always so blown away by how much stamina he has, yet he's so small yet!! Just imagine how he's gonna rock the ice when he's a senior in highschool and so on! You've raised two great kids Krista!! :-)

  10. DS is playing amazingly! I'm sure you're very proud of him (even I am)!
    look that chocolate cake... I want a bite badly ;)

  11. They had one of those machines at the rink I used to skate at. Never used it though - I don't think they let you on there with figure skates, as I'm sure the toepicks would rip it up. LOL. Looks like fun though!

  12. could really go for some mint chocolate right now! i love the cocoa camino one the best mmmm

    me and cream of mushroom = love! i think its cuz my dad loves the stuff so i always smell it when he's at home and its so delicious..nothing like creamed soup to fill the air lol.

    ps. glad ur in the i-hate-eggplant-club !! <3

  13. After watching that video I am thinking to myself that this would make me a worse hockey player. I dunno, it's almost like running on a treadmill. It's easier than running and bearing all of your know? WHo knows, I'm not a hockey player, so maybe I'm wrong. My brother, who plays hockey like your son (he's 14 and is actually a GREAT hockey player, even though he's tiny) would probably LOVE this!!! I should send him the link so he can be jealous :) haha, or maybe so he can talk my dad into finding a place like that around here!

    Lots of treats around work here too, and around our home :( It's hard to say no!!

  14. The ice treadmill is pretty cool! I would do horrible on that! lol!

    Oh that is one reason I am so glad I dont work right now, or in a office, cause xmas time there are SO many treats!! Hard to resist!!!

    Love ya girl!

  15. that video is SO AWESOME! craziest workout ever.

    gotta love Subway... think I might get it for din din tonight now!


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