Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas, Boxing Day and a Hockey Tournament

What a crazy past few days!  I’ve been off work since last Thursday and it feels like I’m just now able to sit down and relax.  PHEW!  Christmas Day, shopping in T.O on Boxing Day plus a get together at a friend’s place and a hockey tournament on Monday & Tuesday.  All of it was so much fun that being beat out is SO worth it!  I hope everyone had a FABULOUS Christmas Day!!   We spent the day split between our place and my parents place.  We started with gifts here:   IMG_4573 IMG_4567 Santa was mighty generous to us this year, but the BEST part of Christmas morning for me is watching my kids dive into all their gifts.  DS thought that air hockey table was the best thing ever.  LOL  After presents at my place we did presents at the ‘rents:IMG_4594 IMG_4599
**Side note—in retrospect, Vampire’s Suck probably wasn’t the most age appropriate movie for her.  DOH!** Next was our traditional brunch which always includes Dad’s fresh salami which is still not cured enough to eat raw.  In years past Mom use to fry it with tomato paste, but now we cook it in the oven which is slightly more healthy.  ;)  My sister also scrambled 2 dozen eggs for the bunch of us!IMG_4603   Here’s my plate:IMG_4604
I had planned to do Jillian’s Michael’s Shred it with Weights DVD when we got home but my hubby and I decided to take advantage of the clear skies and went for a 3 mile walk instead….kid free.  It was great.  I squeezed some grapes in at this point for a snack:IMG_4606 Then it was back to my parents for dinner!  Mom put on an awesome spread; turkey, stuffing, cheesy mashed potatoes, peas, broccoli, homemade cranberry sauce, buns….her broccoli was even shaped like a Christmas tree!IMG_4613
I made sure to get some of everything, extra stuffing/half a bun!IMG_4614 And dessert was a pumpkin cheesecake AND Mom’s signature Tiramisu.  I shared some cheesecake with DD and dove right into a decadent piece of Tiramisu!IMG_4624 IMG_4623 Anytime we have turkey at dinner DS devours a leg.  Nobody ever thinks he’ll finish it but he always does.  Here’s the proof:IMG_4615 IMG_4622
I think we rolled home!  LOL  But not before DS and my sister duked it out over their favourite hockey teams!IMG_4625
My bestie has been in town for the holiday’s and called bright and early on Boxing Day to see if DD and  I wanted to do some shopping in Toronto.  Hell ya!!  We knew the mall we were going to would be insane and it was, but Lululemon is there so we didn’t care!  I did care when amidst the craziness of trying to find a parking spot DD spotted a cat that had been left in a vehicle in very cold temps;IMG_4627 Who does that?  Even if the poor thing likes car rides, it certainly did not like the commotion of the parking lot.  Sheesh!  But back to shopping…we found some pretty good deals!  Lululemon was definitely the highlight, though.  Even with the 20 minutes wait just to get into the store.  I took some pics in the dressing room of what I bought,   
I also got another pair of very cozy pants, plus a pair for DD as part of her Christmas presents.  The above sweater kept me very warm on day one of the hockey tournament!  We stopped briefly for a quick bite to eat.  I went with a mushroom panini and a freshly squeezed cup of mango juice:IMG_4632 IMG_4631 We made it back home in time for a quick make up refresh before heading over to our friend’s place for a get together.  No photos from there, but it was such a fun night!  We caught up with old friends and made some new ones while enjoying a few drinks.   It had to be an earlier night than we would’ve liked because we had a 6am wake up call for the first hockey game of 3, plus a skills competition in 2 days.   These are some photos that one of the Dad’s took over the course of the tournament:Penalty Dec 27, 2010 Dec 11, 2010 Dec 27, 2010 December 28, 2010 And I’ll post this quick video from the soot out that DS participated in, too!!
He had such a blast!!!  HAHA!  The first day of the tournament the whole team went out for breakfast.  I ordered a yogurt parfait/bagel and just have to post a photo of the presentation of it because it was just so cool!IMG_4642 IMG_4641
And last, but not least, some other eats from the past few days that have been pretty fabulous, too:IMG_4626 IMG_4519 IMG_4557 IMG_4561 IMG_4565 Well, I’m off now to catch up on all your awesome blogs!  I can’t wait to see how everyone has spent the holidays…
Bye for now!!


  1. Krista! How are you? Looks like you've been enjoying yourself :) The kids got such great gifts and cheesy mashed potatoes just sounds good. Love the top you got at lulu. And that yogurt parfait is gorgeous...just look at all that fruit- yum!

  2. Looks like a jam packed Christmas! I can't believe you stood in line to get into Lululemon though on Boxing Day. I went to the mall, and refused to go into any stores with line ups just to get inside, and they were one of them.

    And I'm disappointed in your sister's and DD's choices for favourite hockey teams ;)

  3. those desserts look so good, and as usual, your kids are so freaking cute!!!

  4. good job for capturing the mid air hockey pic! looks like a professional picture u'd find in a magazine!!

    i always love looking through ur pictures, you post all the best highlights of ur adventures! and the photos speak for themselves about the fun youve been having over the holidays :) :)

  5. omg that parfait! how amazing!!!

    and what a great christmas for you and the family!!!

    the lulu top is super cute too!

  6. GREAT Christmas celebration with family and friends! And what amazing gifts!!! I can imagine how happy DS to receive his!

    lulu clothes are so pretty and fit!

    happy holidays Krista and happy early new year! :)

  7. You look fierce Krista! I love your Lulu finds! Ahh, TO...
    Your celebration looks lovely :) I think the broccoli tree is the most creative presentation of broc I've ever seen.
    Your kids are so cute. Have fun with that air hockey table!
    P.S. Poor kitty :(
    P.P.S. Happy new year my love!

  8. The tiramisu looks amazing!!!

    Love the Lulu finds!

    Enjoy the rest of 2010, and have a wonderful, happy and healthy 2011!

  9. that parfait is crazy cool!!!!

    when i was little my fam gave us kids an airhockey table too. Best present ever!

    have a happy new years eve :)

  10. I love your momma alert :)

    Thanks Krista for all your lovely comments, friendship,and positive attitude both in the comments you leave me and on your blog...always just awesome!

    Here's to a wonderful 2011 for you!!! xoxo

  11. That picture of DS chomping into the turkey's so cute :P Glad to see you all had a great Christmas!!! And that parfait is CRAZY!! Almost too pretty to eat :P

  12. mm that sandwich reminds me of the one i had awhile back from planet organic. geez krista now im hungry for a SAMMIE !!! <3

    HAPPY NEW YEAR <3 xoxo

  13. Krista, looks like you and your family had a Merry Christmas. I love the hockey competition. I am from Michigan so I am strictly a Red Wings fan.... while living in Pittsburgh it really makes me hate the Pens even more... the fans are beyond annoying. Since the winter classic is today yesterday I trotted around town in my red wings apparel lol. All your food looks great. You are such a healthy eater I definitely need to take some tips from you.


  14. Love this post! Glad you had a great Christmas! How on earth do you manage to fill your plate with so little for Christmas dinner? hehe. Portion control at its finest. I need to take notes :)

  15. At least you're glad you're staying busy!! Looks like the kids got tons of great gifts. And that fruit parfait looks almost too delicious to eat!

  16. I'm glad you and your family had such a wonderful Christmas, Krista! Boxing day looks like it was a ton of fun too -- love your cute new clothes! I wanted to wish you and your family a very happy New Year!

  17. Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas, Krista!! :) My daughter wants the Vampires Suck movie too... she's 13, forget how old your dd is.. think about the same age? We haven't seen it yet, well I wouldn't watch it, 2 hours of my life i'd never get back. LOL! Anyways, LOVE your Lulu sweater! Gorgeous!!

  18. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Krista! Here's another present: you won my CSN giveaway!

  19. Krista Love!!!

    I am always keeping in touch with you on facebook now, need to catch up on your blog! I LOVE what you got at Lululemon!!!!! Everything in that store rocks!

    omg thanks for the advice on the vampires suck movie, Anthony wanted that too, but I didnt buy it for him, so maybe I wont then!

    DS is so cute with the chicken leg! lol! Your kids are funny! I know my son would love hanging out with them if I lived close to you!

    Happy New Year! xoxo


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