Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Post of 2011!

Hello!  How has everyone been?  I hope that you’ve been enjoying a fun 2011 thus far.  In the past week I’ve dined on Thai, partied it up with my bestie who was in town for the holidays, cooked New Year’s Day dinner for my whole family, completed 4 extremely busy days of work and finally, we just arrived at a hotel where we will be spending the next 2 days for a hockey tournament.   The 2 hour drive here was hellish because there are blizzard like conditions out there!  Yikes!
Seeing as a lot has gone on I’ll stick to the most interesting (IMO, anyways) parts!  Let’s start with my Thai meal.  The kids both ended up a their friends houses on the 29th so my hubby and I took advantage of the free time by hitting the mall, the liquor store and dinner out.  I started off with fresh shrimp rolls:IMG_4654 Then dove into a spicy pad thai:IMG_4655
I barely made a dent in that.  It was HUGE, but delicious. 
On the 30th my friend and I went out for dinner and drinks.  We ate at my favourite restaurant, Einstein’s Cafe.  White wine spritzers started us off:IMG_4669 Oops!  They’re gone!  LOL  Here we are before we emptied them:IMG_4666
I ordered a goat cheese/portabello mushroom stuffed chicken which was just divine.  No picture of the original meal, but I did snap one of the leftovers I devoured the next day,IMG_4683
After dinner we went out for drinks with a few friends.  Loads of fun, which I happen to have photo evidence of:IMG_4670
IMG_4679  IMG_4671
Good times.  Such good times in fact, that the next day I *really* appreciated a grande NF gingerbread misto!IMG_4684 LOL! 
New Year’s Eve was pretty low key.  We usually don’t go out because it’s gets WAY too expensive to pay for tickets out plus a babysitter.  Besides, I had lots of prep to do for New Year’s Day dinner.  I baked a chocolate cheese cake, prepared a new cranberry sauce recipe,  made the strawberry sauce for the cheesecake.  I also spent quite a bit of time relaxing on the couch watching movies like Eclipse and 17 Again.  Of course I loved Eclipse (I’d already seen it) but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed 17 Again!  I got a good few laughs outta that one!
On to New Years Day.  I had my parents, in laws, sister and my brother & his girlfriend over.  On the menu was a 15lb turkey, stuffing, roasted potatoes & butternut squash, string beans & buns.  This is what my meal looked like:IMG_4707 The cheesecake was a hit and there were no leftovers to be had!IMG_4708 And lunches have looked like this all week!IMG_4733 IMG_4738 IMG_4728 IMG_4732 IMG_4652 Gobble Gobble!  LOL!  Here are a few of the pictures that were taken that day:
 IMG_4706IMG_4700 IMG_4715 IMG_4692 IMG_4697
Now it’s time for some of the other great eats I’ve chowed down the past week.  Breakfast, as usual, as been oats:IMG_4741 IMG_4647 IMG_4651 IMG_4656 IMG_4687 IMG_4723 See how I snuck those waffles in there?  When I haven’t been eating leftover turkey for lunch I’ve been enjoyed farm fresh eggs:IMG_4744 IMG_4649 IMG_4657 All my dinner photos are really dark, but I did make a great stir fry last night.  I snapped a better picture of the portion I took for lunch today,IMG_4743 YUM!  Well, I think that’ll be all for tonight.  My hubby and DD just ran down to Tim Horton’s for some eats because dinner was a looong time ago!  Soon after our snacks we’ll be turning in.  It’ll be a 6am wake up call for an early game!
Bye for now!


  1. GOOD TIMES KRISTA! Wow, I hate that phrase, but it really seems to apply here! That cheesecake looks amazing! You and your bestie are so cutsies! We've seen her on the blog before, right? What a beautiful family :) Happy New Year sweetie!

  2. Glad your 2011 s already a successful and FUN one!! And look at all that yummy food! Wow. I love Thi food, and I love traveling with my family too, believe it or not.
    I just got back form a trip to PA for work and I stayed at a hotel that had a Starbucks in it. IT was...AWESOME.

    Good luck to your son in the tournament!

  3. I have been missing your posts! Sounds like you've had some good times. Love your top that you wore out to dinner with your friend. The cheesecake you made looks GORGEOUS. Waffles are such a fun switch up for breakfast. Hope the tournament goes well

  4. i really really like your sassy top in the first few pics!! :)

  5. Sounds like you've been busy! I haven't had Thai in ages, and now I REALLY want some...

    Hope the tournament goes well!

  6. You sure have had a busy first week of 2011! Looks like a ton of fun! :) And I agree about going out for New Years to actual parties and what not, it's too expensive and too much hassle. I don't mind staying in with the family watching the ball drop. :)

  7. Nice that you and your hubby got to enjoy a little date night sans the kids! Those shrimp rolls look so delicious too. And by the way, all of your outfits are always sooo cute :-)

  8. Looks like it's been a great start to the new year, Krista! Yummy eats, especially the Pad Thai! By the way, I loved 17 Again too! :)

  9. i want one: grande NF gingerbread misto!!

    love all the pics of you...such happy pics and you look great, as usual :)


  10. Ah, looks like you had a great time with your friends and family for new years!!! meals look awesome and omg your daughter is getting so tall!!! and more gorgeous everyday!

  11. Happy oh-so-belated New Years Krista! Love all that thai food there. Yum!


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