Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Breakfast = Pumpkin Pancakes

Good morning!  It’s been a beautiful weekend so far which is such a treat because the forecast originally called for rain.  Has it been lovely in your area? 
This morning was the first in a long time that we didn’t have to set the alarm to get up and be somewhere so I relaxed in bed for a bit deciding on what I wanted to make for breakfast.  I was feeling pancakes, but wanted more than just the plain ole, plain ole.  Looking for inspiration I flipped open Quinoa 365 and found the perfect recipe! 
IMG_6431  IMG_6429 IMG_6430
Seeing as this is the first weekend of fall, what could be more perfect than pumpkin pancakes??  I set to work on the batter and proceeded to pump out 18 beautifully golden, fluffy ‘cakes!IMG_6434  IMG_6433
I gotta admit; I was getting a little anxious to eat about halfway through the batter!  HAHA!  Patience is not a strong virtue of mine.  But finally I was down to the last 2 that were destined for my plate.  I knew right off that my toppings of choice would not only include the pecans as suggested in the recipe, but a good glug of this raspberry syrup I picked up last night;IMG_6428
Raspberries, sugar and lemon juice make up the list of ingredients and I just knew that the combo of pumpkin and raspberry would be delicious.  My plating skills are seriously lacking, but here’s what my breakie looked like:IMG_6437
GET IN MY BELLY!!!  These pancakes were just awesome.  AND (!!) I have 16 left to go in the freezer for quick weekday breakfasts.  Cook once, eat twice…..or 8 times, right?!
What is your favourite pancake flavour?  And what do you like to top your flap Jack’s with?
Bye for now!!


  1. YUMMMMMMMMMMM! Those look fantastic. And raspberry syrup? What a fun topper! Favorite pancake flavor? I like oatmeal banana. Deliciousness. I usually eat them plain or with just a hint of syrup

  2. Those DO look fluffy! I like syrup on mine too or maybe peanut butter if I'm feeling crazy! xo

  3. Those look FABULOUS!! I love pumpkin anything! lol!

  4. Perfect pancakes!! I can't wait to start putting pumpkin in everything!

  5. Honestly, I'm not much of a pancake person, but if I had to choose a fave flavour, I would go with just straight up buttermilk pancakes. I like simple pancakes so I can embellish with toppings like peanut butter, jam, maple syrup, fruit, or even just butter.

  6. Those look fantastic!!! I love the raspberry syrup on top too! Yum! My favorite pancakes are definitely banana blueberry! Or cranberries! Omg, cranberries leftover from Thanksgiving in pancakes? To.die.for.

  7. The pancakes sound great and the syrup fantastic! Love that you froze the leftovers. I used to freeze pancakes all the time. I'll have to do that again!

  8. Quinoa 365 looks awesome i've been wondering what else i could do with my belly i mean quinoa. Sorry, the "GET IN MY BELLY" is still making me laugh and apparently on the brain. I'm glad i found your site. Excited for more fun posts. - Krystal

  9. These sound great! I need to get that Quinoa book. My mom has it and I am always borrowing it for ideas.
    I love making fall pancakes. Last time I made a batch but cut it in half thinking it would be too many anyway, and Nick ended up eating ALL of it!! I couldn't believe it. Forget leftovers!
    And, I agree, patience is not one of my strong suits either.....


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