Monday, August 30, 2010

Angry Cat

Hiya!  How was everyone’s Monday?  I’m not gonna lie peeps….it was rough getting out of bed this morning!  I’m just not used to being a party girl anymore.  LOL!  It was still a pretty decent day, I will admit!  The sun was out in full force, work went by lickity split and I enjoyed some good eats.  How can that be bad, right??
I didn’t feel like an elaborate breakfast this morning.  Actually, I just wanted a bowl of cereal, but I ran out of almond breeze.  Bummer!  Nature’s Path hot oatmeal in raisin spice to the rescue!!IMG_3231
I added some ground pecans and chopped peanuts to it for some bulk and chowed down.  :)
I had a delicious vanilla almond Luna Bar before heading to the gym:IMG_3233
I like this flavour; nice and mild.
We’re back to regular hours at work now so I had my hour lunch break back.  I decided to do an incline walk on the treadmill (4.3mph/7.5% incline) and managed to hammer our 3.2 miles in 45 minutes.  Let’s just say it’s obvious that a half hour in the gym for 8 weeks has taken me back a step.  Today’s workout was HARD!
I whipped up some tuna salad this morning for my lunch using a ½ can of tuna, Fage, Dijon and S&P.  I ate it on a toasted English muffin.IMG_3234
Looks gross, right?  I know!  But trust me, it was GOOD!  After eating that I dove into these gorgeous LOCAL strawberries that my friend brought me:IMG_3232
I’m sure gonna miss berry season!!
I had to take my oldest cat, Octavius (Tavy for short) to the vet for an appointment after work.  He’s okay, but at 14 would be considered an old geezer (72yrs old) so he gets to go for a car ride once a year to make sure that all is well.  Did I mention that he HATES the car?IMG_3235  
Stink eye or what?!   He hates the cold metal table even more!IMG_3241
That is one pissed off cat!!  HA!  Then he tried the ole, “Maybe if I hide they won’t find me” trick:IMG_3242
That didn’t work either!  What a crazy animal!
While DD and I were at the vet my hubby got some dinner cooking.  Chicken thighs on the BBQ, veg and I had some rice, they had mac n cheese.IMG_3244 
I bought this rice to try and really, really enjoyed it!IMG_3243 One minute in the nuker and you have perfect, non sticky rice! IMG_3245  Not that rice is hard to make by any means, but this will be great for busy nights this coming winter.
After dinner I made my way to the health food store for 2 reasons; I ran out of almond breeze (as I mentioned earlier) and I had a coupon for a free loaf of Silver Hills bread.IMG_3247
I had Steady Eddy last time so I thought I’d give Mack a go.  I hear he’s sporting a helmet these days!  I also bought some more tempeh bacon and ginger chews:IMG_3248
And as promised in my review, I do purchase plenty of Nature’s Path products myself!IMG_3250
Just ignore that rip!  It happened when I took the price tag off!  Seeing as my favourite oatmeal in the variety pack was the flax plus I thought I would like the hemp.  I’ll be trying that out tomorrow!  And the granola is DD’s absolute favourite ever. The last item was a splurge item:IMG_3249
I ate one for dessert on the way home.  All I can say is “Coconut Bliss; where have you been all my life???”  Seriously, if you’ve never tried these bars, you MUST.
I also stopped at the deli next door to grab some reduced lunch meat;IMG_3246 The ONLY reason it’s reduced is that it’s the bum end of the larger pieces that they can’t cut with the slicer anymore.  My kids certainly don’t care!  I also bought some unpictured cheese called “cassata”.  It’s supremely hard to find in my area but brings back awesome childhood memories of the “Cheese Man” coming up the street selling wheels of the stuff.  Mom used to make us huge sandwiches with the cassata on fresh Italian bread.  Mmmm!  My Dad found out that Market Fresh started carrying it and let me know.  It’s very similar to mozzarella, but much creamier. 
I’m gonna sign off now and go watch SYTYCD Canada.  How was your day?  Anything exciting happen?  I’m just about caught up on blog reading from the weekend so if I’ve missed anything exciting, please tell!!  :)
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Bye for now!!


  1. Awwwe poor kitten!! Chloe hates the crate and car rides, too. Although she's getting used to them. But the first 20 minutes or so is straight meowing and staring at me..I swear she looks evil. :/

  2. Great deals! I haven't tried coconut bliss yet. The price tag scared me a bit. Maybe I'll splurge though!

  3. fun pictures of your kitty... he definitely doesn't like going to doctors. :) I guess nobody likes.
    You've got some goodies.. i'd love to try that coconut bliss bar. I've tried their ice cream and I really like it.
    monday was tough here, hope tuesday gets better.

  4. I don't think there are many cats that enjoy car rides. Sienna whines the entire time she's in the car. Which, was usually quite a long time because I was often taking her on the ferry.

    I still need to try the NP Peanut Butter granola, because well, it's freakin' peanut butter!

  5. I've never had that Luna! I will have to try it. I love that your cat tried to hide at the vet- too funny! Hooray for all your great shopping. I want to try that peanut butter granola! My Monday was pretty good- on work travel, coming home today- can't wait!

  6. I don't think I've seen that Luna bar before--but with vanilla almond, I don't think it could be bad! I have had my eye on the coconut bliss bars for awhile too--they are just SO expensive. But I am still hoping they will go on sale sometime!

  7. Hey love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im so glad you had a great weekend! those vodka mudslides you and your friends had looked so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! totally worth not feeling so great the next day!

    Loving the mad cat, lol! Your cat really looks so mad!

    Love ya girl and yay for ginger chews!!!

  8. Those coconut bliss bars are incredible! Great minds think alike, Krista -- I had tuna salad (on a mini bagel though) for lunch on Monday too! :)

  9. After seeing all your oatmeal I decided that I need to get my booty in gear and get back to eating oatmeal! Love the mad I cannot believe how mad your cat looks! Those berries look so good. I am bummed berry season is over.


  10. Hmmm I will have to go looking for that rice to try! The whole dinner looks great!

  11. Tavy is obviously afraid to see the vet but he must be thankful that you are taking care of him that much, it's inspiring to see a pet owner like you. And oh, by the way, Coconut Bliss is one my fave dessert, it's healthy and yummy!


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