Monday, August 9, 2010

Operation Beautiful and A BBQ

Hi lovelies!  Well, here we are at Monday already and I’m back to work tomorrow so I guess vacation is over.  That makes me sad!   We didn’t do as many day trips this year as we usually do, but LOTS of R&R was enjoyed and I truly savoured every bit of it.  Maybe now I’ll get back to some regular posting! 
Friday was a bum day but in a good way.  We made a trip to Costco and I had groceries to do.  Other than that I just chilled.  Breakfast was a new (to me) hot cereal that I bought at Wegman’s: IMG_2974 IMG_2975
Funnily enough, after eating this I read an blurb about it in Prevention magazineIMG_2977 For me, raisins just seem to go well with the flavour of chai so as you can see I added some.  There was also a drizzle of cream.IMG_2976 Lunch was some leftovers thrown in a bowl; steamed broc, a little bit of chicken and cuke slices with roasted red pepper dressing and a bagel thin LC cheese on the side:IMG_2981 Googly eyes!!!  LOL  I bought the LC in the US, but I think I can find this flavour here in “green” packaging.  IMG_2978
We enjoyed dinner outside again!  Grilled pork chops (from Costco…they were so thick that my hubby cut them in half cross wise and we froze the rest), grilled zucchini and a side of cantaloupe.IMG_2983
There were cherries, too, enjoyed while reading the newest edition of Clean Eating magazine. IMG_2984 IMG_2982
I spent the rest of the evening getting food ready for our deck “christening” BBQ!  More on that in a wee bit….when darkness fell we started a fire in the fire pit and sat around chatting about our vacay.  The kids have really been enjoying the later nights!IMG_2989
I had one of DS, too, but I think the little bugger deleted it because it’s not on the camera anymore!  Grrr…
I hit the kitchen as soon as I got out of bed Saturday to finish chopping, mixing and blending.  I finally sat down about 9ish for some eats.  I’ve really been enjoying the bagel thins so I toasted one and topped it off with almond butter and homemade zucchini jam (recipe to come);IMG_2992 Coffee was also a must!IMG_2991
Early in the afternoon DD and I went to the mall in hunt of the new Operation Beautiful book!  I went online and saw that the Canadian release date is August 10, but I was determined so I went to the bookstore and inquired about it,  turns out there were 2 in back, one of which ended up in my greedy hands!!!IMG_2995
Excited much?  LOL  Before I could get it home I HAD to stop to get a picture of me, the book and “Canada”!!IMG_2998
I just noticed that although I randomly picked this sign…AKA, it was the first one we drove by…’s actually very fitting as it was taken at the “Food Research Centre”!  HAHA!  I’m just about done reading it and so far I think it’s fantastic!  Caitlin did an awesome job!  The real reason I wanted this book kicking around the house, though, was so that it would fall into these hands…IMG_3002
BINGO!  She actually sat down with it as soon as we got home and I know that some of the notes in there spoke to her because she read a few to me.  She really liked how creative some people were.  We’ve decided to make sure we have post it notes on all all the time so we can leave messages together.   While she read that I ate a late lunch.  IMG_3000
A simple lunch of granola, raspberries and this yogurt:IMG_2999
By 4pm I was putting the finishing touches on dinner.  I made a HUGE Caesar salad (of which there were no leftovers!!):IMG_3005
A Hungry Girl recipe called “I Can’t Believe its Not Potato Salad” salad;IMG_3006 I’ve made this one a few times before and it never fails to be a hit.  It’s in the second cookbook; 200 Under 200.  I also made a quick quinoa salad by combining 1 cup cooked quinoa, 1 each red and orange bell pepper, 1/2 cup chopped red onion, 1/2 cup chopped feta, 1/4 cup walnut pieces and to dress it was a mix (I didn’t really measure) of olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, chilli powder, honey, salt & pepper:IMG_3007
My hubby grilled burgers and sausages and some Yves veggie burgers for me.  The next picture shows everything all together, but part of it is in shadow…oops!IMG_3004
I loaded my plate with a burger, quinoa salad and “potato” salad:  IMG_3010 TOOT TOOT!  All aboard the delicious train!!!  LOL  For dessert I made a orange creamsicle cake (recipe to come, too!)
Again, this is something I’ve made before just like this and with different variations.  I haven’t met someone yet that didn’t like it as it’s the perfectly light end to a meal.  Here’s a closer look…IMG_3012
A little later on we enjoyed coffee, tea and a bowl of these crisps that I found at Costco:
Katie eats these so I knew they would be good!  All in all, everybody had a great time and really enjoyed the ambiance of our new outdoor space!!IMG_3014
DS (with KC) and my parents down the left, DD and my in laws down the right and my hubby at the end.  :)
It was a late end and DS had an 8am soccer practice that we had to get up for.  Not fun, my friends, not fun.  Long gone are the days that I can survive on 5hrs sleep!  I won’t go through all my eats for yesterday because most of it was leftovers!  Imagine that, eh?  I did enjoy a package of Nature’s Path Apple Cinnamon porridge with a few walnuts before we left for the field:IMG_3015
Here’s my little man in action!IMG_3016
After practice we drove out to the farm with a pit stop at Knapp’s for a peach nectarine pie.  I enjoyed a small piece:IMG_3020
AMAZING!  I’m loving peaches now that they’re in season.  I also found a new jam that they’re making and just HAD to buy it:IMG_3018
Oh, yes they did!  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure it’s da bomb.  How could it not be???  Lunch and dinner were odds and ends of the BBQ so I won’t post them again. 
I had meant to get this out last night but the kids were invited across the street for a swim so that became my priority.  I’ll be leaving today’s “fun” for tomorrow’s post so this doesn't get any longer.  Plus, I want to quickly do a post with the zucchini jam and cake recipes for you. 
Have you bought the Operation Beautiful book yet??  Please share your thoughts with me!!
Bye for now!!


  1. Too awesome you found the book in Canada! I'll have to check out Chapters later this week. So awesome DD is reading it too :) Looking forward to the recipe posts soon!

  2. the end of vacation is always sooooo stinky! I'm glad you had fun though. Looks like you totally made the most of it with all of your family time. I can't wait to pick up my copy of Operation beautiful! Great desserts- both the orange creamsicle cake and the peach nectarine pie (love a crumbly topping) look fabulous.

  3. I made "I can't believe it's not potato salad" last week using cauliflower. So yummy! :)


  4. Hey girl! Love that your daughter is reading the operation beautiful book...I think it should be implemented in the public schools (in health class or something!) I think my book will be arriving tomorrow as I ordered it awhile back on :)

    Delicious eats as always! your creamsicle cake looks scrumtious! Hope going back to work isn't too rough for ya :)

  5. I'm so happy to see DD reading OB!!! I got it before it actually got released and LOVE IT!!! So inspiring right?!

  6. Krista!!!

    Love the barbeque cookout recap and that cake looks so good! Im glad you posted the recipe too in your newer post, that is one to def jot down!!!

    Oh you found those sahale biscotti crisps!! Yay! Im glad you liked them, they are so addicting!!!!

    I LOVE that your daughter is reading the operation beautiful book, I think it is such a beautiful and amazing book for girls her age to have especially! So sweet the pic of her reading it! U are an AMAZING mom and I know you know that! U do such a great job raising your kids, your hubby does as well! U make a great team!

    Hope you have a great night love and thanks for the love!!!

  7. That's awesome that DD is reading the book! I wish it was around when I was 12 or 13 years old. Those were the WORST days of my (short) life so far.

  8. I like living vicariously through you when you go to the US and pick up fun foods down there. I'll probably have a list a mile long if I ever head down myself for a little cross border shopping.

    Great BBQ to break in the new deck. I'm sur eit was tons of fun.

  9. great BBQ dinner you've made... isn't it fun to throw a party for your family and friends? I found it soooo rewarding! :)

  10. I just bought the book the other day!! I spent most of the morning reading through it- it's so incredible! The "Fat Talking" section really got me thinking- learning that it's actually kind of coded in us to do so..I never thought of it like that.

    And your Friday's lunch looks like a face. It made me smile :) haha


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