Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back to the Food!

Hi all! How has Saturday been treating you? I’ve had a really good day! But let me post yesterday’s food first. IMG_1271

  • 1.25 cups water
  • 1/2 cup Mother’s Oats
  • cinnamon
  • raisins
  • carob chips, walnuts and hazelnut sprinkles


This was perfect fuel to get me through the drive to T.O. and DD’s appointment. We dug into our packed lunches as we left the hospital. I had half a pita stuffed with deli turkey, Swiss cheese, lettuce and wasabi ginger sauce: IMG_1282

Then I enjoyed a mini Lara bar: IMG_1283

Insert Lululemon shopping trip here. Before leaving the mall we popped by Starbucks where I bought myself an awesome new “cup” which I had them fill with a NF, 1/2 sweet iced green tea latte:


YUM! On the drive home DD and I dug into a bag of green grapes and a random piece of chocolate, language unknown! IMG_1299 IMG_1298

In my treat bag from Manon there was a jar of homemade honey mustard dressing that I was eager to try. So for dinner I made a huge salad with romaine lettuce, tomato and cucumber, tossed with a few tbsp of the dressing and then topped with 4 falafels: IMG_1306

Here’s a shot of the dressing. This was some of the best I’ve ever had!! IMG_1305

Let’s see….oh yes, my sweet end was a double chocolate biscotti.IMG_1307

The kids asked for pancakes again this morning so I had some, too. I made the Bisquick ones and like last time, used Almond Breeze and Egg Beaters in place of milk and eggs.IMG_1309 I used some raw chocolate coconut spread on mine as well as strawberries and coconut. IMG_1308

These stayed put in my belly until we were done our first round of hockey for the day. When lunch rolled around I had a salad very similar to last night’s dinner:IMG_1310

Still great! We took one of DS’s teammates home with us after practice as his parents were tied up and couldn’t get him to the out of town game. Seeing as DD spent the day at the farm we had room. Speaking of the out of town game, I made myself an iced coffee to go.


Getting good use of my cup already! The boys lost the game but it was just an exhibition so no biggie. DS did score 3 goals though! Too bad only 2 counted as one went in the net as the buzzer went to end the period. Bummer…LOL!!

I was starving when we got back home at 5:30 so I made a quick dinner using my spiffy new Rachael grill pan…again! IMG_1313

Chicken sausage and asparagus. I also had some WW couscous on the side.


Simple and good. My sweet end was the last orange molasses muffin from Manon. IMG_1315

Now I’m off to get caught up on all that you guys have been up to. I’ve fallen so far behind on blog reading!! Tomorrow is DS’s First Communion so I may not have time to post. If not, enjoy what’s left of the weekend, okay?!

Bye for now!!


  1. I wanted that reusable Starbucks to go drink container SO BADLY last summer. I'm gonna look out for it this year :)

    Good to know BIsquik works with almond milk and egg beaters!

  2. I love falafel balls! Did you make them from scratch?!

  3. Loving the starbucks cup!!!!!!!!

    Yay for DS's Communion tomorrow! Congrats!!!!!

    I know it will be great!!

    Love ya girl!

  4. Love that Starbucks cup. The falafel look amazing - I have been craving them as of late. Hope Communion is great tomorrow for DS and the family.

  5. I love falafel on salads!! I also have them in wraps quite often.. two of the best ways to eat them! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. the starbucks cup is really cool.
    falafel salad? that's perfect, you just inspired me to do something for dinner tonight (tofu falafel? )
    Have a lot of fun today at the DS's Communion. can't wait to read the recap! :)

  7. I really like that Starbucks cup! That would be perfect for me with all the driving I do and iced coffees I like to make and drink!

    have a great day at SD's Communion! How exciting!

  8. Do you like Rachel's pans? I need a new set and I was debating between hers, Paula Deen's or Bobby Flays...

  9. Man do those pancakes look grand, glad your kids asked for them so you could enjoy some!

  10. Wow, those pancakes look perfect! Can't go wrong with a little chocolate topping:)

  11. I hope DS's First Communion went well!

    Yummy eats, Krista, especially those falafel salads!

  12. wow girl what an amazing post
    double choc biscotti and those pancakes..yum!

  13. Glad to see your getting good use out of those mini Lara bars--and iced coffees are my go to drink in the summer. Speaking of which, I need to make one right now :-)

  14. Food all looks great, especially the biscotti! I've fallen behind too and am not posting this morn...tomorrow should be a big one!
    Have a great week Krista!

  15. thank you for your comment! <3

  16. Hope the communion went great!!!!

    Yes coconut oil spray is awesome, first time I bought it! Love ya girl!!!

  17. The grill pan looks like a great kitchen addition. Especially for something like sausages :)


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