Sunday, April 11, 2010

“Cheesy Flakes”

It was another beautiful day in the neighbourhood, but aside from a short shopping trip, I didn’t do much but read and watch TV. Breakfast was good, but started out as a bit of a disaster! IMG_1153

Innocent looking Hungry Girl pancake, right? Let me tell ya, getting these babies on the plate was a feat in itself! As I pulled the bag of frozen blueberries out of the freezer to add to the batter, the seal gave way and the whole bag of berries ended up falling out of the bag, through the freezer grate and all over the kitchen floor. AHHHHH!!!! What a MESS to clean up! Anybody know how to get blueberry stain out of tile grout??? IMG_1152

Anyways, I topped the pancakes with some coconut butter and cappuccino flavoured agave.

The fam went out to the farm without me today because the horses we suppose to be getting their feet done which doesn’t particularly interest me. Turns out the guys truck broke down and he didn’t make it out. :/

I made a nice fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, grapes and an orange. I served myself some at lunch time with Archer Farms honey almond yogurt and some granola: IMG_1154

Yes, it was amazingly tasty! I also ate a fruit and nut bar: IMG_1156 After my quick trip to the store where I bought a pair of spring pants and a beautiful purple top (I’ll take pics when I wear the outfit) I came home, got comfy in a chair on the deck and read for a few hours.

The fam had pizza for supper so I re heated a bowl of chilli for myself. I sprinkled some nooch on top tonight and had a toasted burger thin with some buttah on it: IMG_1157

Funny story about the nooch….last night when we all had chilli I asked the kids if they wanted some “nooch” sprinkled on top. DS asks right away what it is so I tell him “cheesy flakes”. That was all they needed to hear before they proceeded to load up! LOL! My sweet end tonight was a Newman’s chocolate bar that I split in half with DD: IMG_1158

After dinner I helped DD with a school project she’s been working on. It’s a book report type deal, but they have to “wrap” a cereal box and decorate it with details about the book. We opted to cover her box in felt because I think that paper or tinfoil would rip too easily. I’ll post a picture when it’s all done. Soon I’ll be settling in to watch The Amazing Race and Undercover Boss. Then the weekend will be officially over. Boo!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Hey Krista! Sounds like a nice relaxing day. The fruit and yogurt bowl looks so tasty! Try using a magic eraser on the grout! It really works for taking out a lot of stains out of random places.

  2. mmm newmans own chocolate. Yummy!

    Sorry about the messy morning :( Sounds like an unwanted Sunday morniing ordeal!

    Hope you have a fun week! I hate when the weekend ends...but this week is a short work week for me. Friday pd day for kids! wahoo! :)

  3. Looks like a delicious breakfast and a great dinner too! I love pancakes for breakfast! Hungry Girl has so many interesting and fun versions!
    I loved doing school projects like that!! God, I can't wait to have kids so I can do things like that again!

  4. Cheesy flakes - I love that! I have done that with blueberries too, what a disaster ugh!

  5. so cool that DS tried the cheesy flakes! such a cute name!
    looking forward to see the end product for the project! ;) sounds fun!

  6. Making unintentional messes in the kitchen is never fun! :-(
    Glad to hear you had a nice Sunday otherwise!

  7. Use a Mr clean magic eraser, it should get the stain out. It get's everything out for me!
    The fruit/yogurt/granola is awesome, one of my favourite meals.

    Have a great day!

  8. oh so jealous of that chocolate bar!!

  9. Those pancakes look super tasty and hearty, way to go!

  10. Oh I missed you girl!!!!!

    Love the pancakes!!!! Pancakes are always good in my book!!!

    The newmans chocolate bar looks good too!!

    How have u been love??!! Anything new and exciting?!!


  11. I've thought about buying a Hungry girl cookbook. It sounds like you are really liking it :)

    Cheesy flakes is the perfect way to explain them to keeps. There's no need to know its bacteria...or good for you!

  12. Sorry about the blueberry mishap! I have to say, those pancakes do look delicious though! I clean grout stains with a baking soda/water paste using a toothbrush to scrub. Hope that helps!


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