Friday, April 2, 2010

Hot Like Summer

Hi everybody!! Have you all been out enjoying the fabulous weather like I have? I guess that’s assuming the weather is grand wherever you are. As soon as this is posted I’ll be heading back out to enjoy the last of the daylight. Here’s yesterday’s breakfast: IMG_1044

  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup kamut flakes
  • cinnamon
  • peanut hazelnut butter
  • carob chips
  • kefir


Sitting in the office yesterday was torture. I wanted to be outside so bad that I could’ve screamed. I’m sure we all have days like that, though. I snacked on a chocolate chip zbar: IMG_1045

I decided to go home at lunch and sit out on the deck soaking up some vitamin D. My kitties joined me which made it that much more relaxing. There’s just something about a purring, content cat.

I ate lunch back at my desk. I packed the last of the pork tenderloin and couscous salad from the other night. IMG_1046

I ate this cold and actually liked it better that way. My co worker surprised me with a small iced cap from Tim Horton’s: IMG_1047

I don’t drink these often so this was a definite treat.

Before leaving work I ate some mango and a blood orange: IMG_1048

I paid Walmart a visit before grabbing the kids to buy them some Easter treats. Our Walmart just turned into a super store so I wandered around the grocery area. It would seem they’re carrying a few neat items that I might have to try soon. ;)

Dinner was late….for us. We had BBQ-d chicken breast, green beans and I ate some leftover butternut squash, too. IMG_1049

Dessert was this most cute chick a dee cookie! IMG_1050

Almost too cute to eat! :)

I woke up today at the same time I would to go to work. Blah! I wasn’t hungry right away so I played on the computer for a bit. When the hunger came on I made a batch of Hungry Girl pancakes: IMG_1053

These beauties were topped with a bit of coconut butter and defrosted blackberries. IMG_1052

Freaking amazing, I tell ya! By 10am all 4 of us were out for a great bike ride. We hit the pavement and some trail. My new bike rides like a Cadillac compared to the bruiser I was using last year. I do think my bum will be tender in the morning, though! HA! We rode for a good hour and when we got back home my legs were feeling pretty good so I went for a quick 15 minute run around the block. The first half was all down hill, the second all up. By the time I made the driveway I was out-of-breath. Whoa. I felt great, though. A nice cold shower helped! Lunch followed: IMG_1054

Egg white, Sabra hummus, LC cheese wedged all between a burger thin and a yogurt topped off with granola. T’was good, but not quite enough so I ate a little bunny: IMG_1055

The afternoon was spent doing some gardening, playing hockey in the driveway with DS (which ended abruptly when I beaned in the head with the ball!) and some gardening. There was some relaxing, too.

I made a really good pasta dish for dinner tonight….shrimp marinara. I simply sautéed some onion and garlic, then added a can of diced tomato and tomato paste. Spices included dried oregano, basil, nutmeg, chilli powder, S & P. Just before the pasta was done I stirred in about a 1/4 cup of hummus and all the shrimp off a shrimp ring, tails removed. This was served with a pillow of freshly grated parm. IMG_1056

There was no talking at the dinner table tonight! I finished off with a little milk & white chocolate: IMG_1057

So, tell me….what have you been up to today???

Bye for now!


  1. Sounds like a good day! :) Love the chocolate... I haven't had white chocolate in a looong time...

    The toddler and I "practiced" looking for Easter eggs today. So much fun! :)

    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Looks like a good day of eats! Today was soooo hot eh!? Are we gonna be paying for this mid April!? :)

    Today I had a great workout, and then I was pretty lazy for the rest of the day. Thats what happens on a day off of work :P

  3. YES! Totally enjoying the weather. We went out to a roof top bar in Charleston tonight for dinner. Just incredible. I've never had a blood orange. I'm looking for them at the farmers market tomorrow. Those cookies are so darn cute. Hope the rest of your weekend is fabulous

  4. (Once again, I'm a little behind on posts... grr.) WOW, 87 people entered your bar giveaway!! That's a lot of lurkers. Too bad I missed it! I had a good (ironically, indoor) workout today but I'm in love with the warm sunshine, too.

  5. oh those pancakes do look amazing!

  6. summer is soo close and I can totally feel my spirit is up because of the warm weather. I'm jealous of you biking outside, I wish I could do that!
    those cookies are really too cute to be eaten! ;)
    have a great weekend!

  7. lately, I've been up to babysitting and studying (being unhealthy)
    I love the blood oranges- are yours maroon or am I colorblind?

  8. Aaahh this weather does wonders for the body and soul, doesn't it?
    I love the sunshine, nothing ups my mood like good weather!
    I just adore what you've eaten today! The couscous salad looks phenomenal once again, and so do the pancakes and the adorable little chick and bunny cookies!! How precious are those?!?

    Have a fantastic weekend, love!

  9. For me iced capp's scream summer! I just had my first one of the season the other day :-) Loving the outdoor photos too--so refreshing!


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