Friday, June 12, 2009

Different Form of Cardio

The sun must’ve been listening to me whine this week because it was shining brightly all day today. And the extra bonus was that I was off work today so I got to enjoy it! I set my alarm for 7:30 because DD and I didn’t get in from the recital last night until 11pm. Both her numbers were in the first half so our family members left at intermission which opened up a seat for the girl. This is the first of 6 recitals that she’s been able to actually see part of the show. By the time we got home I was hungrier than I’ve been in a LONG time. Six hours without food is much to long for this girl. Once DD was showered and in bed I slammed back a big bowl of puffed wheat and millet. There was still some almond breeze at the bottom of the bowl so instead of throwing it out I tossed in 2 handfuls of Honey Nut Cheerios. Sorry, no picture….I was just too darn hungry to stop and take one!

As promised I ate something other than oats for breakfast this morning. I decided to make and egg sandwich…..
I used a ¼ cup of egg beaters that got set on top of a toasted English muffin. Between the folds of egg there was nestled some jalapeno Havarti cheese. Mmm…This put me at half way through my June challenge of eating something different for breakfast!

I dropped the kidlets off at school and came home to do some blog reading and email checking. I had planned a run this morning but when I asked my hubby if he wanted to join me, he said he was thinking more along the lines of a bike ride because his knee was bothering him. Absolutely fine by moi! Once our tires were topped up with air and our helmets were secured, we were off! I can not remember the last time we went for a ride just me and him. It was fabulous. We ended up doing 9.3 miles on a trail by the river. What a fun cardio switch up! Stat time;

Time: 1 hour
Avg Hr: 138

Max Hr: 187
Calories Burned: 450

Distance: 9.3 miles

You see that max HR? That was me slugging my ass up to the top of the hill that we live on! It almost killed me. No joke. But I made it and I was PROUD! I needed something cold after that so I made up a smoothie that consisted of 1 cup frozen berries, a hunk of cucumber, some water and a big tbsp of my homemade cinnamon maple almond butter;
To die for…and extremely refreshing after our ride. My hubby was horrified at the addition of cucumber, but I had no spinach and wanted something green there! :) Next up was a shower and then it was off to the grocery store. The hubster came along so the bill was a good $40 more than usual. What is it with men and inflated grocery bills?! Ah, no matter. It’s all stuff that will be used.

I made a humongous salad for lunch that was mucho delish. Here’s what was in it;

-Savoy cabbage
-a tomato
-the rest of my cut up kiwi and nectarine
-the leftover Yves hot dog
-Sabra hummus
-cranberry walnut gorgonzola dressing
An odd combo, I know, but it turned out excellent! I couldn’t resist of Cadbury mint thin for my sweet end.
We ran a few errands before going to get the kids from school. Then I sat on the deck playing around with my new laptop for an hour or so.
It’s gonna take some getting use to, but I love it already. I have to get myself hooked up with some wireless now so that I can connect to the Internet without being plugged in. I was so absorbed in my new toy that I was almost late leaving for Pilate's!!! I grabbed an apple for the road and took off.
I can’t believe we only have 2 more classes left. The past 6 months has just whizzed by. I went straight to DS’s ball hockey from Pilate's so I had to make something to eat for on the way. I went with a grilled SOL burger on a WW bagel with your standard ketchup, mustard and relish. There was some lettuce on there, too;
Tasty! Well, it's 9pm and I've spent WAY too much time fiddling with the laptop. I had wanted to show you my new PB2 stash and a new product that I'm eager to try but it's time to publish this post already so I can go enjoy the rest of the evening on my front porch! I'll fill you in on the deets tomorrow. Hope you've all had a great Friday!!

Bye for now!


  1. That salad looks delicious, I love the sweet and savory combo!

  2. Egg sammy looks delish!! And a lot healthier than a McMuffin that's for sure :) yummy! can't wait to hear about your pb2 mmm

  3. Mm and egg sandwich sounds like a great option for some breakfast variety! Enjoy the rest of your night :)

  4. I don't know if I could get behind the mix of flavours in that salad - I'm really picky with adding fruit to salads, only certain ingredients sound "right" to me. But if it worked for you, sweet!

    Did I mention I'm jealous of your new laptop? I may have wandered into Future Shop to peruse my options. I'd love to pick one up now, but I may as well wait until after I move, because really, I don't NEED it now.

    And my HR totally spikes whenever I have to do a hill on my bike. It's crazy!

  5. I'm curious how the cucumber tasted in the smoothie! I'm also jealous of your new laptop...mine is a few years old but giving me major troubles as of late. Have a great Saturday Krista!

  6. the new breakfast combo sounds delicious!!! I love love muffin with egg and cheese combo! the best savory breakfast ever! :)
    it's so nice that you biked with your hus.... a change of workout and being with the one you love is great! :)

  7. I have recently been eating "fake" egg mcmuffins lately! Something about the combo is uber good! =) And how fun--a new laptop whoohoo!

  8. Grilled sol burger? That's new to me! It looks great! Your smoothie sounds delicious too. Actually, I bet cucumber taste great in a smoothie because it adds some liquid, health, and crunch from the skin. The almond cinnamon butter sounds amazing too :)

  9. Glad you didn't waste the leftover cereal milk ;) (I remember your comment on my cereal milk question, haha!)

    Niiiiice new laptop! It's so shiny!! Way to go on that hill! Show it who's boss!

  10. I love egg sandwiches with tomato ketchup :))
    I love it when I get new gadgets and play around with them finding out what I can do with them. I'm such a ners.

  11. ners, I meant nerd, I can't even type now.

  12. Glad you had such a nice day off of work! And even more happy that the sun came out for you. Your new laptop looks great- I bet you're super excited :) Have a great weekend


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